Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Appeal to the Shadow (Dark) Government

Appeal to the Shadow (Dark) Government
Author: Vera Gurkalo



We are sending a powerful stream of Light
for shadow (dark) government of our planet -
Those who run the rulers of the West and East
Ascending aggression and confrontation.
Dear shadow government - all it’s participants !
You were necessary to mankind in Experiment of duality .
And you adequately coped with this difficult task,
Plunging humanity into a very low vibration.
And we are all grateful to you for it !
We have known these vibrations , got experience of living in them
And, most importantly , the experience  to exit into the  Light -
In the higher vibrations .
You know that the Experiment is finished !
And it means that you have to leave the planet
According to the contract with you.
And you know it too !
We awakened participants in the Experiment
We remind you about this.
And we understand how it is difficult for you to do.
So to help, we are sending you our Energy of Compassion -
Energy , which boosts the planet today
Through opening of man’s Heart
From all Open Hearts of all people of our planet
Pouring onto you invigorating flow of this Energy .
This is also a stream of Love and Gratitude
For your participation in this Grand Experiment ,
Without you it would not be real.
Now you have a choice - to leave the planet
Or , filled with Light , join us and actively participate
To get out of this Experiment.
We will be happy to accept you in our ranks
And co-create with you our New Reality
In New Universe of our World-Creation.
Translated from Russian to English by Elizabeth

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