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Final Thoughts On Preparing For Ascension by Steve E. Lightworker

Messages of Light 20121218  Steve E. Lightworker: Final Thoughts on Preparing for Ascension

Please be aware that this document is intended for awakening individuals who are already familiar with the general concepts of spirituality and ascension, most commonly described through various channeled communications.  The concepts in this message are simply re-introduced in a way that will hopefully help Lightworkers remember and consider some important points around this ascension period, to get the most out of their efforts and experience.  This message contains suggestios that are hoped to help many, but it is also understood that each soul has the right of free will, and that not all of the following information will be agreeable by all who read it.  Therefore, it is important to remind the reader that if a topic or suggestion does not resonate or feel like “truth”, to please skip over the section, or move on from the text altogether.  The suggestions  offered within this message are based on a culmination of experiences by the author since his awakening in the 1990s, and in no way can be claimed as “absolute”.  They are simply offered as guideposts to help during these final days leading up to the ascension date of December 21, 2012.

Beloved ones,

It is certainly an exciting time for those who realize that we are in the final week leading to the ascension energies! As time continues passing faster and faster, many of you may have been feeling the effects of the increased energies, and you have probably read your fair share of ascension materials. For those of you who follow various news sources relating to ascension, you probably became aware that December 12th was the start of the last full moon cycle, and will be the last major energy window until the 21st of December, when we experience the great Galactic Alignment, allowing the Divine energies of the Creator to flow through and wash the planet with the highest vibrations we have had in over 26,000 years.

What will you feel on December 21st?  Will you be aware that anything is any different from the past day? Week? Month?  For many, December 21st will be an ordinary day.  However, for the Lightworkers who are aware of these incoming energies and auspicious galactic alignments, there is great potential for incredible personal change, especially for those choosing to have an ascension experience!

How can we prepare for an ascension experience, with just days to go?  For starters, do not worry about how much time is left. Rather, consider spending time focusing on your heart, and what is desired for your personal life experience at this time.  These thoughts are, in part, your spiritual preparation, and it is indeed lightwork. For when you raise your consciousness, you help to raise the consciousness of the world around you.  The reality you see through your eyes from day-to-day is simply a mirror effect, reflecting your inner-beliefs back at you.  So if you believe in Love and ascension, you will likely be experiencing a life that contains moments where Love and ascension are being reflected back into your life!

Believing in something does not have to be time consuming, as the concept of “belief” is simply a strong decision made from the heart at any moment.  So ask yourself: What do you believe ascension is?  Is your mind’s definition what you want to see? Going back to the mirror example, many who are familiar with the Law of Attraction will understand and accept that what we put out into our world, we will get back.  If we love others, we will be loved back.  If we give of our time, people will choose to give their time to help you. This works for money and love, but also for fear and anger.  So if you know yourself to be holding any fears or angers, resentments or jealous feelings, this is most definitely a time to sit quietly with yourself and to think about the reasons behind them. If you are able to forgive each of these negative feelings that come to mind, you are not only forgiving the reflections being shown to you in the outside world, but you are then forgiving yourself, as everything on the outside exists within you, as well.  We may even have moments when we come to realize that many of us are having similar life experiences as we reflect experiences off of each other. What makes us seem different/separate from each other is that we choose to express these inner behaviors, perceptions, and beliefs in different ways. When it is understood that we all are One, and a part of God Itself, then we can truly see how forgiving another person is also forgiving oneself.  That forgiving yourself makes it very easy to then forgive anything that you felt has happened to you.

Many of you are already working out these feelings by sitting quietly in contemplation, or watching a candle, or even staring out a window looking at the clouds.  Others may choose to go for walks or to paint while getting lost in deeper thoughts.  Finally, there are those who choose to deliberately sit still, who choose to meditate while making the conscious effort to keep the mind free and clear of all mind-chatter.  Actually, these are all examples of meditation, and everyone will have their own style and preference for getting in touch with their heart and beliefs.  These forms of meditation are the most important tools you have in these final days leading to the ascension period of December 21st, 2012.

Why is meditation so important?  When you sit with yourself in solitude, you are making the conscious decision to go within yourself.  When you do this, your mind begins to shut off from the outside world, and your consciousness begins to focus inwardly.  Taking it a step further, when one is thinking inwardly and focusing on their heart, the thoughts that come to mind can soon be felt as thoughts coming from one’s own heart.  And as mentioned, our beliefs reside in the heart.  That is why we grow to have faith in our personal matters even if we see physical evidence pointing to the contrary!  Belief is one of the most powerful forms of expression we have, which is why it is very important to find where you currently stand with the ascension concept.  Again, what is ascension to you? What do you feel about it? Are you afraid of it, or do you accept it with all of your heart? Do you imagine it to happen a certain way?  Thinking about ascension while in a heart-centered mode of contemplation or meditation will help you uncover your feelings on such matters.  And as you come to realize what you accept or reject, you will firmly establish your belief system and help to bring it into your reality!  As is generally accepted, we are all co-creators of the Creator, and our imaginations and beliefs are the keys to manifesting our thoughts and desires through the universal Law of Attraction.

While you take time to think about what ascension means to you, it is possible that additional feelings may suddenly crop up, some of which are fear-based.  What about my family? Where will my children be? Who will feed the dog?  These are all questions that are important, but they are not of benefit to be weighing on your mind at this point.  In most cases, a majority of people will be waking up on December 22nd, realizing the world is still continuing as usual.  There may be a significant number of lightworkers who have chosen other types of ascension for themselves, but for those who are of such a specific mindset, it is likely that preparations will have already been made.  It is really up to your own understanding of ascension and its potentials for personal transformation that will help you feel how much you need to prepare in advance. For the most part, however, it is suggested that you simply remain responsible, and prepare in whatever way you “feel” is right at this time.  For some that may mean do absolutely nothing, and for others, they have arranged for extra help from friends or family.  Everyone is on their own spiritual path, whether it is an older grandmother, or a very young toddler. No matter what happens during the ascension process, everything will reach a conclusion the way it was designed before each soul agreed to come into this third dimensional existence.  Having faith in this now will help you get back to focusing on what “you” want during this ascension period.

While sitting with yourself and contemplating ascension, it is also possible that many will look back and think, “I haven’t prepared for this! How am I going to ascend when I’ve been so busy with a family, my job, and bills to pay?” Or, “Am I ready for ascension? What happens if I am not worthy enough to ascend?”  Please be careful about watching your emotions during these final days. If you energize the idea of ascension with one of fear or lack of ability, you will simply continue attracting experiences that give you more fear or lack of ability. Remember that what you put out, you get back. This applies to emotions, as well.  Particularly at this time, it is important to try to center oneself and to not get caught in any negative patterns of thoughts or emotions relating to ascension.

With respect to the question, “Will I make it? Can this really happen?” In this case, please give the following some consideration:  While we have clocks on this planet, they are not much use outside of the planet.  Time is simply a man-made tool to organize movements through space, on Earth.  If you were to imagine you could beam yourself to another planet, it would be very likely that time doesn’t exist in the way humans keep track of it. Why is this?  Various sources explain that outside of Earth, all events happens in the one moment of “Now”.  For many, this is a difficult paradox to accept, since we live in a sequential pattern of minutes and hours.  But if this concept is taken a step further, it is easy to see that in this one moment, we are everything that we ever have been, and everything that we will ever be.  For purposes of this discussion, this would mean that we are ascended already! It is just that we have not moved around in space enough yet to have reached the point of being in that ascended space we would call “the future”.  You might wonder, well, how is it that I cannot see everything from the “past” and the “future” if it is all in the “Now”?  The answer proposes that we live within an electromagnetic veil, which protects us from experiencing our pasts and futures.  Why? Being able to see all of our pasts and futures means that we would already know why we were having the experiences on Earth right now.  And if life got too tough, for instance, wouldn’t it seem easy to simply understand why this is, and choose to leave the body or Earth for a better life?  So being under the veil helps us maintain the illusion of being separate, so that we may live one life at a time, focused on the issues that make up our learning experiences.

Now what does this have to do with ascension?  Since we established that much of humanity has already ascended into various “future” scenarios, then it would make sense to say that much of humanity is currently “tuned in” to a timeline of existence that has yet to experience ascension.  One could certainly use the imagination to decide what that future event would look like, but when focus is brought back into the present moment, it is understood that we used the imagination to “see” the future event–that it did not actually occur yet.

This is incredibly important to consider, as the exact thing that is most needed at this time is imagination!  Indeed, at this time, it is understood as being most helpful to the Seeker when the imagination is used to attract events.  By imagining what you wish for ascension to be, you will effectively be able to “tune into” the ascension timeline that you desire.  It is no more difficult than that.  In other words, setting your intentions, and visualizing those intentions each day, will help bring your desired experiences into your life, until those “future” moments eventually become your “present” moments!

So how does one go about attracting their ideal ascension experience?  For this, we draw upon a few techniques.

Make a decree.  Write down on a piece of paper, “I AM _______________ “.  Whenever you state “I AM”, you are sending powerful creator energies into the universe, asking for the universe to bring back what “you are”.  In my personal example, I have stated the following: “I AM ascending into 5th dimension ethereal while transmogrifying with Gaia”.  In this case, the term “transmogrify” means that the physical body will continue with Gaia, without having to go through a physical death process in order to ascend.  Many on the planet would prefer to continue with Gaia, thus, many will transmogrify with her.  I stated it, however, because while it may happen by default for most, I am decreeing it, so that I ask for it specifically.  Being specific with the universe and reading this statement multiple times per day helps to bring the experience that is in alignment with the decree.  Think about how many times you’ve gone to order a food item off of a menu, but have changed your mind a number of times before making a final selection.  This is a common behavior, which is why it is understandable that writing it on paper and repeating it is one of the more powerful ways to manifest something, and reduces the chances of changing our minds after so much energy has been invested.  Decrees are useful tools for staying focused, and you can make your decree as small or large as you like.  Whatever it is you desire in your ascension process, you may decree as a part of yourself!

As you focus on this decree, the universe will begin responding in kind, and you will soon begin changing your energies such that you are connecting with new timelines that offer you the scenario you have decreed.  Think of this like changing the frequencies of a radio, where you can switch from one song to another.  In human terms, we are the radio, and we are tuning to different reality timelines.

Finally, when you have written your decree, look at it, and take a deep breath. Clear your mind, and read the decree 3 times.  Why 3? Because it is a metaphysical number of completion, a sacred number.  On your last reading, exclaim, “So be it, so it is, it is done”, and loudly clap your hands one time (or three, it’s up to you).  This last part “seals” the intention. It is simply a statement where you fortify your intentions with a physical action to show the universe that not only are you set in your intentions within the heart, but you are now outwardly choosing to manifest them into your existing reality.  An alternative to clapping the hands is lighting a candle that is run under cold tap water (to clear any prior energetic ties) prior to reading the decree, and having the unlit candle sit next to the decree when you announce your intention 3 times.  This will “charge” the candle with your energetic intentions, and as it burns it will serve as a physical symbol that you chose to bring your decree into your existing reality.  If using a candle, consider lighting a smaller tea light or votive candle after reading the decree that you can burn until its natural end. You may snuff and light the candle as you wish, as well.

Finally, take time each day to BELIEVE.  Imagine yourself already ascended. See that timeline of potential already in alignment with you. Read your decree and energize the statement even further with your affirmations. Reciting a statement adds energy, and creates a “thought form”, which builds in energy the more it is given attention.  While thinking positively, try not to slip and worry about what will happen or what won’t.  Each human on this planet is here for their own unique experiences that have been largely decided ahead of their incarnation.  These experiences are as unique as snowflakes, and each ascension experience will also be as unique.  Do not be concerned about doing something right or wrong, as you will have done your part to state your intentions and to sit with yourself to focus on attracting the experiences you desire.  Anything that happens outside of your intentions are most likely part of your greater life path, and it would be of tremendous benefit to continue accepting and expressing gratitude for whatever occurs, especially with respect to the ascension process. In other words, expect great things to happen, but expect to also be ok if very little happens.  Each of us are on paths that may or may not benefit from certain experiences, and due to being behind the Veil of Forgetting, it can sometimes be very difficult to understand why we are dealt certain cards in life, whether they be judged as positive or negative.

Try to keep it simple and follow the advice to intend and visualize what you desire. Ascension is about raising your loving vibrations enough to match that of the higher 4th and/or 5th dimensions. The best way to raise one’s vibration is through the act of love (and loving oneself) and meditation/contemplation.

“Ok, so what if I wake up and nothing changed?”

There is so much information out there on ascension, so it is difficult to know what is actually going to happen until it does. Even if you wake up on December 22nd and life seems the same, please take heart in that there will still be chances to ascend. The ascension energies will continue with high intensity until the 23rd of December.  This period is the same period in which many are calling the “3 days of darkness”.  These three days do not “literally” mean darkness, although this reality can occur for those who are energizing and expecting it as part of their ascension timeline.  The 3 days of darkness is said to represent the ascension window in which each of us chooses to change our vibrations and move into a new state of living. It is said to be a very magical period full of flux and potential.

After this period, the ascension energies will slowly diminish until September 21, 2013. So even if many of us “miss” the first round, there might be those who come into our lives afterwards to help us accomplish what we may have been missing, in order to ascend the way it was originally intended.  Once the knowledge is passed, all it takes is remembering how to change one’s focus and frequency. Once you learn how to shift, it will be similar to changing the radio station, and you can instantly tune into another timeline. These moments of personal ascension can happen at any moment when you are more fully prepared and have gained the additional understanding that you may not have yet acquired.  So please realize that ascension doesn’t have to all happen exactly on December 21st, as many as gearing up to believe!  And since we are already ascended in other timelines of existence, all it takes is to learn how to tune into that timeline, which can be done at any point of one’s life.  It is just that December 21st is a high point for supportive energies to help humanity make the choice and to switch.

With that said, take these final days to find some time to go within and to really connect with your heart. Find out when the ascension energies will be entering your timezone and make it a point to meditate at that time to welcome in this special period of time known as the “Precession of the Equinoxes” and the “Galactic Alignment”, which happens once every 26,000 years.  To think that you are here for that is quite amazing in itself!

One final note, should you decide to meditate or go within for introspection, consider saying the following affirmation 3 times in a row during each session:

“I am the light, the light i am. (Say this 3 times in a row)
I am love, love I am. (Say this 3 times in a row)
So be it, so it is, it is done.”

Try to feel joy and gratitude within your heart while stating these affirmations, and not only will you be helping yourself to raise your own vibrations, but you will be helping those around you, Gaia, and you may even begin noticing a rush of love and new experiences coming back to support the “new you”.

Steve E.

Lightworker :-)


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