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The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”Time lines – that indicates now great changes” (through Shogun Amona) – 04-11-2016

The Sirius Siblings of Light:  ”Time lines – that indicates now great changes” (through Shogun Amona) – 04-11-2016


Beloved sisters and brothers of Earth – we welcome you in the love and light of the Oneness – we are the Sirius Siblings.

We are happy and thankful – to come in contact with you this way. Many important time frames string together on the galactic and on the Earth level.

Please understand – that time – in the way how you experience it on the Earth level – is quite relative to what – is happening on the galactic and interdimensional level. If you look at time it is like a funnel – a line – that appears depending to the level of consciousness – longer or shorter – and if time arrives in the now (reality) it is nothing else than a point. Time develops – if seen through the pure consciousness of the source – from a line into a point - to a zero time – or how you like to name it.

At the moment the time lines – that indicate and set great changes into motion – are now in a very favorable and promising sequence. For sure you have discovered – there a many factors in play – that have an influence on the outcome and the quality of such events. Be aware – that you and your awareness – your conscious intention – are representing the strongest and the most significant energies.

You are creator beings and if you are in a complete alignment – so to speak in love and harmony – then you are really powerful. Therefor we ask you – to direct your attention and your focus at – everything that presents you joy and love. In this state you are really very strong and this way your energy field transforms anything within you and radiates far out into your environment and your surrounding.

Connect yourself with Gaia – with the heart of the Earth and allow yourself to be held and inspired by nature – by animals and by lovingly energies – that are always there. We love you as our sisters and brothers – as our cosmic playmates and fellows. We are the Sirius Siblings – Your sisters and brothers from the stars.

In Love, Joy and Confidence........  Shogun Amona 

Translated by PetraSt

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