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That which is Cosmic Awareness is available, please proceed.

Today is 15 November 2015. Will Berlinghof is the voice of Cosmic Awareness and Calista is the Energizer and Questioner. Welcome Awareness, I have a question today about the situation in Paris on 13th November, Friday, the 13 November, and I just ask you to give us some information about that. Thank you.

That which is Awareness will start with is the declaration that this was indeed a false flag event. That indeed it could be even understood to be false flags for there were several events that occurred under an umbrella of organization to ensure that all the attacks carried out on 13th of November were simultaneous.

That this indicates a strong level of organization and it is seen by this Awareness that it exceeds the capacity of ISIS cells or ISIS individuals to have planned such an event in such a short time despite what is being said at this time. It is of course ISIS or Islamic state that is behind this alleged attack on Paris and the Parisians, but again this Awareness states it was not ISIS as such that planned this attack on the free world, on France and on Paris; but rather others who planned this in advance, had it ready to go for Friday the 13th. That the date itself, Friday the 13th, which many ascribe to being a day of bad luck, was specifically chosen for the purpose of cementing in a belief that Friday the 13th is certainly an unlucky and unholy day.

Can I just jump in here...because you saying that it is a false flag event and it is ISIS, but it's not ISIS.

This Awareness would clarify. It is saying it is being blamed on ISIS and that ISIS is claiming that it has carried this out, but this is false. There were others who planned the event, who armed the ones who would participate in the attacks, and that it was deliberately set up to be perceived as an ISIS event.

Oh, I see, so and it doesn't seem to be like any of the other false flags that have happened, like Sandy Hook or the Boston bombing because there doesn't seem to be any actors involved in this, apparently the deaths are real and the injuries are real.

Indeed the deaths are real and they are innocent ones who were targeted to provide the high drama that was needed, that was planned for by those who indeed were behind the actual event, the actual attacks, simultaneous attacks that occurred on this day in Paris, France.

So if this was not ISIS that did the attacking, who was behind the attacks and why?

That this Awareness would point out that a few weeks before the actual events in Paris, that there was a gathering of the secret agencies of several countries in Paris. There were those from the CIA, high-level members of the CIA, that were in Paris for this meeting, as there were members of MI 6 as well as the Mossad, as well as the officials from France's own Secret Service, and that these ones met several weeks before. That the claim that they made at the time was that they were there because of the Paris conference that will soon be taking place and coordinating their efforts to ensure the safety of all the dignitaries that would be gathering in Paris, but this was simply a cover story.

It is seen that these ones were the ones behind the actual planning and the orchestration of the attacks in Paris on 13th of November.

We are getting news now, it is being said that France's security has fallen down in this area and that's why this has happened, but obviously it was planned all along, but that the public are being led to believe that it was a breakdown in the security of France.

Is it not interesting in many cases of false flag events how it is that exactly this type of breakdown occurs?

Well, look at 9/11, that surely everyone knew it was happening there but they said it was a breakdown in security.

911 and the breakdown of security is certainly one very prominent case, not only was there a breakdown of security, but any planes that could have intercepted the aircraft coming in on the towers, the Twin Towers in New York or the Pentagon, were diverted to another location far enough away, allegedly, while staging an exercise of preparedness. That these ones then could not have reached the cities that were targeted in time to have shot down any rogue planes, but this too was part of the planning.

Obviously it was planning that was done far ahead and we're seeing now that there are nuclear weapons being prepared on the coast of France in Normandy, and that's been done very quickly and...

This is the erroneous. The claim that there are nuclear weapons is erroneous. It is not that there are nuclear weapons, it is that there are nuclear power stations there and that there has been already action of putting into place missiles that could shoot down anything that was approaching the power plants. That this is what is seen by this Awareness, not that there are nuclear weapons there.

Thank you for that clarification. So whoever is behind these particular attacks in Paris right now, what is the reason for this, what are they setting up?

To understand this, one must also understand what has been occurring in Syria and Iraq over the last couple of months. This especially so since the Russian forces have been involved in Syria, have backed the legitimate ruler and people of Syria. That they have been highly successful, the Russians, the Syrians and the others that have joined them in destroying ISIS bases, in destroying the ammunition depots and equipment storage places, thus also destroying much of the equipment and arms of ISIS over the last two months and that they have been highly successful in this effort. So much so, that it has literally disabled ISIS as an effective force in that region, but this is not being reported.

Rather what is now underway is a building up of the reputation of ISIS, taking them out of the arena of the Middle East so to speak, and now creating a threat that is worldwide.

The taking down of the Russian airliner was to introduce the possibility that ISIS could put a bomb on any plane anywhere and destroy it. This upping the prestige and effectiveness of ISIS. That this Awareness would also say this event, the shooting down of the Russian airliner was not an ISIS event even though it is claimed to be so.

But it is not even a bomb, is it?
That it was not a bomb but this Awareness does not wish to go deeply into that matter at this point. What It wishes to state is that also the attacks in Paris were meant to escalate again and enhance further the effectiveness of ISIS to strike at targets anywhere in the world.

This Awareness states that this is psychological warfare. That they, those who are behind ISIS, those who created Islamic state, those who have a hidden agenda have seen that the effectiveness of the fighting forces in Syria and Iraq, the ISIS forces are being dismembered, are being shut down, but they still need ISIS to be the boogeyman that can evoke such terror in the hearts and minds of the peoples of the world, the free world as it is called sometimes.

That this is still needed. The psychological warfare is to present the scenario that ISIS has now the capacity to strike anywhere, escalating the need for vigilance or allegedly, the need for vigilance.

So, do we see the reason for all this may be that the Western governments can close their borders, perhaps?

This is but one aspect and it is seen that this did occur and is presently so that France has closed its borders, as has Belgium. That this too is part of an overall plan of shutting down nations, closing their borders upon the perception of an alleged attack upon the lands of the various nations of the world. That this would be very effective for the USA, for example, if they too perceived or received energies of intelligence stating that there was some imminent event in their nation that was about to be pulled off, and that they then could shut down the borders and close off the air lanes and the land lines of access into a nation such as the USA, or any other nation such as France, as now is the case.

That this Awareness would also state another reason why there has been an escalation, for this event in Paris was more than a singular attack, more than a one person or small group false flag event, it was several false flags under the umbrella of one larger false flag. That part of the reason for this is to create such fear that the peoples of those nations, of any nation, would call out for some sort of action.

That this is the classic "problem/reaction/solution" approach that these ones, those in power, that these ones are used to using, have often used. They already know what they wish to achieve but they must create a problem, a situation that will get a reaction from the people, and then in response, seemingly to the demands of the people for greater security and protection in this case, that they come forward with their solution.
That in this case, the solution as much to do with creating an even stronger police state presence. It is not unusual right now to see on the streets of Paris armed military at their monuments, at their sites, roaming the streets, and that this is what is desired by those in power to create the next level of the police state, where common citizens will accept armed troops in their streets, in their capitals, in their cities and that this is a next stage or level of the long term plans of those who are behind this event, and the many other false flag events that have been taking place.

So is this all part of the formation of the one world government?

It is certainly a goal that those in power in some areas of the world are trying to establish. They are moving towards one world government and that which is commonly known as a New World Order where a heavy police state is part of the common situation experienced by all. Also in line with this would be the formation of an international task force, that has the responsibility not only for a nation's security but globally as well. But if this task force, this unified task force is allowed to be, then it will soon become apparent that theirs is not really the purpose of protecting the citizens of the world, but in actuality ensuring that the citizens of the world become the slaves of those who have it in their mind as part of their plans to create this New World Order.

So what can the ordinary individual person do about this situation? I know most people just wanting a nice happy life, to be able to get on with their life without interference, so what can these people do?

That it is perhaps too easy to say: "do not believe these ones", but that is exactly the first step. Do not believe what is reported on your televisions, over the radio waves, over the Internet, over the lines of communication behind the newspapers, and the press. Ask questions, be observers to the events, hone the ability to sense the truth of events. These events are becoming more and more obvious. If one does not look at them from a place of neutrality, detached from the emotional impact of such events, then one might be inclined to believe the lies that are being put out by those with a hidden agenda and hidden purposes. That one must stay neutral, one must ask questions, one must develop that sense of priority and discernment to the events that are going on.

On a more esoteric level, and that this is one that is far harder for most to accomplish, but is still needed, is the realization that even though events are taking place that have serious impact, that one is still the creator of their own lives. What this means is that the life experience that the individual is having is unique to them. If they embrace the lies and the deceptions that are being put out then the individual will unconsciously use their own creative power to support the lies, then the individual begins to interpret their reality as one where there is danger, where there is an enemy, a false enemy, the true enemy not being perceived.

As Creator beings, as spiritual beings, when you do this, then you energize these events even more and then there is the likelihood that you may be affected by such false events.

So it's really important to stay out of the emotion of fear because that will just feeed the whole situation, and to be able to step back and look at it from a neutral perspective. But can we also appeal to the High Selves of those people that are perpetrating all these things, can we appeal to them and ask that they be shown a different way of operating?

One can do so but this does not mean that it would be effective. What is much more recommended is that one truly begins to understand the unique capacity of each human being to create their own reality. That working from this angle, then it is possible that in one's own creation of one's own reality, that the perception that the leaders will be reached and some will break ranks, may exhibit itself in your own personal reality, whereby suddenly there are ones that are speaking up, there are ones who are breaking ranks, there are evidences being provided and brought forward that prove the lies and the deceptions that are underway.

This Awareness is not saying one cannot send energy, conscious directed intent towards world leaders that they break ranks, but start with your own perception of your own reality as one where there is no place for such actions and such leaders and where leaders of consciousness and conscience start to come forward.

Yes, I do understand that. That's like the macro and the micro sort of mirroring each other, so if we clean up our own individual acts then we will see it manifest in our world also.

It is so. That as one cleans up one's own life, one's own beliefs, one's own programming, when one holds that one is not a victim but rather the creator of one's own life, one's life will begin to change and the exterior events of experience will reflect this.

Okay. Thank you Awareness. Do you have anything else to say about the Paris situation?

Nothing more about the Paris situation at this time, except that it is a staging of events that will bring forth more events, more false flags, with a heightened response of the military and the police. But again this may only be a deception to draw more and more into the fear that is being created in the world at this time and that it is therefore even more important at this time to remain neutral, to be the observer, to question, to search for the deeper answers, and at the same time, to create in one's own reality a different timeline of experience, whereby those who are leading such attacks, are not effective and will be exposed, their actions revealed, and the truth brought forth.

That the truth will set one and all free and if one employs the truth at the most personal level, then the truth of their lives will be of a nature that provides freedom for them, and that if this escalates then those who are doing such things will truly be exposed and vanquished in the end.

So it looks like on one hand, it's a really good opportunity for us to learn again, more discernment, and to look beyond the face of what is happening and to see what is really happening underneath, and there seems to be a lot more people that are doing that now, a lot more people questioning and looking to the real agendas behind all these events.

This is so and that the last wave of energy that went through, that this Wave X energy that recently passed through, has shifted much, and this Awareness certainly can say: more are beginning to awaken and more are beginning to question.

Remember that there is another level to all of this and that is the level of Spirit Itself, Divine Source Itself, and that these energies are in entering into human consciousness more and more each and every day, and that this too is that which must be remembered when one is being bombarded by such dark events. That there is new light coming into the world and that more and more are awakening to the light of consciousness and Spirit.

Thank you Awareness. Well I hope that, I know there are so many people out there who are really concerned about what is happening, they don't want these sorts of things to be happening, and I hope that they take some comfort from what has just been said and to realize that they are not alone and there are many, many of us who are wanting a much better world and a much better environment and to be able to help our Mother Earth pull through this whole situation and humanity with it. So I'm just I'm just intending that everyone will realize that we are making a difference, and we are getting there and this is a wonderful opportunity to show the sovereignty of humanity.

Hold that this is true, believe that this is true, live it as your truth, and it will be so. There are shifts that are happening and greater shifts that are coming and those that are in power who are doing such deeds, such devilish deeds, horrendous deeds, know this as well, and it is why they are becoming more and more desperate, for they understand they only have a short time now to try to accomplish those long-standing plans, the Master Plans, and that their time is running out. They are on the descendence, Spirit, humanity is on the ascendance, it is rising, it is growing, it is becoming.

So what we are seeing is the twitchings of a body that is already dead as far as those nefarious ones are concerned?

This is so, but the nefarious ones do not understand that they are dead, their power base has been shattered, they are the corpse that is still twitching. Do not mistake the twitching of the corpse to be that of an animated being or body. They do not even realize themselves how far things have progressed and are still acting in old ways, habitual ways, ways that have in the past been successful for them, but these ways are no longer as effective, even if the claims are made on the televisions and the radios and in the press of those in this world who think that that is reality. It is not reality any longer, reality is shifting and it begins with each and every individual as they begin to see through the veil of deception and sense the brightness that lies beyond.

Thank you very much for that Awareness. I have no further the questions or comments. I just ask if you have anything else to say?

That this Awareness is also complete. It is done.

Thank you.

Channeller: Will Berlinghoff

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