Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”This is truly a moment of infinitive Grace” (11-11-2015)

The Sirius Siblings of Light:  ”This is truly a moment of infinitive Grace”

Beloved Sisters and Brothers of Earth – welcome in the love and light of the One-Being. We are the Sirius Siblings.

There are many events on your level of being and in your time space – that makes clear that the changes are in process and the birth of the New Earth is now clearly visible for the bulk of the people.

Your connection to divineness is affecting at the same time on the inner level and is bringing in the elevated encoding of light – that activates your soul and leads it to its destination and task. We also observe the many indigo-master-souls – that now begin their duty in the fullest and like the many crystal and rainbow children that completely bring in their soul quality.  

Gaia – the Juwel of Universe – as she is called – is shining brighter than ever and this light attracts many stellar and inter-dimensional life-forms – to lead this ascension on all levels to great success.

What is happening is – that all levels of being are “born” into a common level. This represents a process – that did not exist ever before – in the whole universe. This is truly a moment of infinite grace – grace – that is pouring out nonstop from the heart of the source to lift all life into the vibration of the essence.

The vibration of the essence is love – love – that touches all and leads You into a state of unlimited harmony – bliss – and ecstasy. If you have once experienced this state – drunk from this angelic nectar – then there is no way back. Instantly the elevated vibration of love will unfold in you and bring you to full soul blossom. The elevated frequencies of light and love bring you – what you have always been looking for – a feeling of deepest fulfillment and security beyond words and description. Surrender to the love and grace and trust – in this way that the highest and very best comes into your live.

We love you above all things. We are the Sirius Siblings - your sisters and brothers from the stars.

In Love, Joy and Unity........  Shogun Amona 

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