Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Operation Blue Sky & Purple Earth

Operation Blue Sky & Purple Earth

Worldwide Meditation for clear blue skies and clean environment!

"Cleaning the atmosphere and eco-systems of Mother Earth!!!"

People of the Earth - please join in for a powerful meditation to clean the Earth's atmosphere and eco-systems.
In times - where chemtrail spraying - geo-engineering and electromagnetical and industrial pollution takes overhand -
WE - the people of the Earth should come together and meditate for a clean and healthy world with clear blue skies and healthy enviroment.


Blue Sky & Purple Earth Meditation:

Short Instructions:
First of all - calm your mind - relax - take a deep breath and center in your heart.
Now - feel love in your heart - and in your body.
Imagine a purple flame inside your heart - and your being.
Now you can use following prayer/affirmation:
"Dearest purple flame - beloved angels of transformation - please come here and transform all synthetic - atomic and electromagnetical substances and all toxins of all kinds in the atmosphere and eco-systems of Mother Earth for the highest good
and benefit of all mankind and all life everywhere.
Please transform all impacts and effects and accelerate the awakening- and ascension-process of humankind - according to the divine plan - here and now. And so be it!"


Now - visualize the purple flame - encovering the whole world and the surrounding atmosphere and send love and appreciation - directly from your heart. That's all.


You can do this wherever and whenever you like... :))
Remember - it is all about your intention - your heart will guide you!

A Co-Project from the Galactic Federation – Ascended Masters & Earth Allies (hosted by Shogun Amona/First Contact Team) 

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