Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chinese: Ashtar Command by Gabriel


Greetings from the Ashtar Command,

Your leaders have resolved and we already have a key date for Disclosure. Our allies have worked well during that time to achieve this success.



We are pleased with this achievement, which is from all of us. The communication will be given by President Obama in the coming days, and this will shock many people who still think that our existence is the result of someone’s imagination.


We are asking to the ones that believe in our words sent through our channellers from long ago, to calm them.


There will be many questions to be answered. There will be a flood of people wanting to take part in major political conferences, seeking explanations about the reason of a so long secrecy.


We ask that you remain calm and trust in God. The appropriate measures will be taken on those that has concealed such information from you, as it has always been scattered everywhere and yet many refused to believe in it, though there is so much evidence.


Our history is marked on your planet, with our buildings. As a small example we mention Easter Island…

Our fingerprints exist everywhere and this is undeniable. Those who belong to the cabal planned a manner to introduce some excuses for you, concerning the clues we have left when your planet has gone into quarantine. For a time their plans have been successful.


Each of you has a mark on history, as you served the two sides. Now you have the divine opportunity to ascend permanently to the Light.


Beloved ones, the years of waiting came to an end and with them the joy of the task accomplished. Now there is nothing to stop the wave of information that will spread out across the globe every day.


Remember that our presence will only be possible with your “endorsement” because the planet is yours and we need your permission to land.


We encompass everything you have been told throughout the week and say again, we are about to make great displays above all European cities.


We will fly over major cities, making displays and having always a mother ship nearby.


We will show that we are a well organized team, we work in synchronicity and that there is nothing that can hinder our performance.


The dark ones already know of such events but there is nothing that can stop us because we have higher orders to neutralize any attempt that could harm our presentation in a peaceful way.


In some cases, they will attempt to create fear by broadcasting through a TV station and asking for your support to their attack. Some people will support them, but it will be only a small amount compared with thousands of people expecting us with open arms.


We will not come to fight and we will never tire to state this. We will come in peace. Know that we have the required technology to prevent any attempt of attacking the thousands of ships we have without causing any loss of life.


We can neutralize missile/rocket launches, as we did recently in Korea ... We can simply prevent certain weapons from being fired against us. Our weaponry is powerful, but in no way we would use it to threaten your lives.Be aware that we respect Life.


Apparently all is calm in your world, please be with your hearts at peace when the Creator gives green light to start these events …


Dear Ones from planet Earth, we are literally among you.

We are eagerly waiting for the announcement we have been promised to, since we received the information from our allies that it will be on “X”day.


We look forward and ask all and everyone of you to vibrate in the Light because when this happens, nothing will prevent the wave of information to be spread.


We send our love to all of you on Earth.

God bless you.

We are your Family of the Stars. We are all One.

Chaneller : Gabriel

Translated by U2觉醒


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