Thursday, February 7, 2013

English -- Lord Emanuel --07:02:2013

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7th February 2013


Greetings! I AM Lord Emanuel and as ever, my deepest honour is to be with you this day. I am so very pleased to be with you this day and I am grateful that you have joined me. I Bless you. I wonder what the weather conditions are in your part of the world? Warm, cold, dry, wet, windy, calm, harsh, comforting? Whatever the weather, go and take a look Dear Ones, notice what is going on outside your window, what is happening on the surface of your Mother Earth where you are today? Are you moved to be among the weather? Do you feel an increasing need to be outside, to feel your feet upon the Earth? To commune with God? Have you ever noticed how after a good walk you feel energised, renewed, refreshed, like something has been achieved? Dear Ones, have you ever noticed how a windy day 'blows the cobwebs away' or a sunny day, fills you with energy and enthusiasm to be outside?  Ever stopped to wonder why?

Just as you are the Individualized God I AM, all of nature is of God Impersonal.  My Dear Ones, there is the Great God/Goddess I AM, All There Is, there is you, the Individualized Great God presence I AM That I AM and there is God Impersonal throughout all of Creation.

And there you have a sacred triangulation of, the Holy Bond of God the Father/the Holy Bond of God the Mother, the Holy Bond of God the Individualized and the Holy Bond of God Impersonal. Nothing can break these bonds and it is this that you experience out in nature, outside upon the body of your Mother Earth, the Sacred Union of God the Father, God the Mother, God the Individualized and God the Impersonal. You are One and it is this Oneness that you experience out -of- doors. This is the re-vitalization that you experience, this is the energizing, you are literally communing with Oneness you are in Oneness.

Dear Ones, it is imperative that you take some time out of doors each day. If you do not already. Make time to spend time in nature. If this is something that you do already then time to start understanding what is actually taking place and in that understanding reaping the maximum benefit from your time outside from your time communing with All There Is. Start to be consciously aware of your footsteps upon the body of your Mother. Breathe in deeply as you do so and ground that breath deep deep deep into her body, right to the very crystal core of the Earth. Breathe deeply in through your nose up over the top of your head down your spine down through your feet and into the earth, feel the Divine Love, feel Divine harmony enter your physical body and anchor deep within the Earth.

This can be done with every conscious foot step. My Dear Hearts, tread upon your Mother with reverence and humility and respect, for she is your Mother, your body is comprised of the same elements and from her you can receive deep healing from elemental energies. As you walk, ask to receive these healing energies from the Earth. Take your awareness to all that surrounds you and know it is all God Impersonal, every single thing before your very eyes is God Impersonal and is there for you. Just for you.

It is all there to help you, support you, nourish you, nurture you. Sweep your hand through tall grass and 'see' with your hands, 'hear' with your hands, feel the Love it has for you. If you are near trees, go and sit with them, pick one that draws you to it and just sit. In this place and stillness you are communing with God. All that you need is available to you in the stillness, all the wisdom you seek, all the answers to your problems, all the healing you require, all the nourishment your physical body needs is all around you, is under your feet.

No matter where you are in the world, take some time in nature today my Dear Ones, even if this is something that you would never normally do, go out and sit in stillness, in nature. Take your time.

Take all the time in the world to breathe in Creation, steady your deep breaths until you are breathing with the Universe, lie on your Mother and feel your heart beat synchronize with that of the Universe.

This is Oneness and in Oneness you shall rise, thou hearts a garden of eternal gratitude and humbleness for the greater powers life gives you. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. I Love you Dear Hearts. I Love you.

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