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Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn -- The Crystal Codes 2014 & Beyond A Clarion Call to the Law of One


The Crystal Codes 2014 & Beyond
A Clarion Call to the Law of One

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light ... and I welcome you in a field of unconditional love. We speak in this moment of the paradigm of perfection, and the coding processes of humanity and earth. We speak of the portals termed Crystal Skulls.  The Ancient Crystal Skulls are conscious libraries that  linger, in defiance of you society's carefully nurtured notions of what constitutes 'reality' and what is 'fantasy'. But we tell you the science behind these remarkable ' sentient beings'  is beginning to unfold before you... and this  is the but tip of the iceberg. of that termed the Crystalline Age.

Dear Human, in Year Two of the New Earth, 2014 , your scientists have announced breakthroughs in the ability to modify quartz in such a way to store massive amounts of data in a medium that is virtually timeless, capable of holding data for hundreds of millions of years. Innovations are being made in which data can be stored using coherent laser light to record in quartz in what they have termed as  5d (five dimensions). Your scientist have referred to this breakthrough of quartz as the 'Superman Crystal'. ( This in reference to the Fortress of Solitude Crystal depicted in your cinema of a holographic crystal that seeded both DNA and records onto your planet.)  This factual discovery is in fact a preliminary  benchmark to rediscoveries of attributes of quartz that have been known in more advanced civilizations on the earth, and is known by the Sirian-Pleadean-Arcturian Alliance. But for the shape depicted, this is an attribute of the Ancient Crystal Skulls and the 'Fortress of Solitude' allegorical to the Hall of Records.

You are entering the Crystalline Age. And the remarkable discoveries being made in this era are  no accident. What this involves is far more than you currently understand or accept in main stream. We have told you before that the new 'Lightworkers' will come from academia, from the scientific.  Indeed this will be a natural progression of integral science, and that is an extremely benevolent step. In these new 'discoveries', specific aspects of reality that are currently considered as pseudo science or are summarily dismissed as airy-fairy delusions of 'New Age' metaphysics will have an unquestioned entry as fact.

It will be through science that the integral circle that combines science to the sacred will be united. It is through science that humanity will 'rediscover' in a factual credible manner such essentials as multi- dimensionality and the crystalline nature of higher dimensional physics. Through the science of plasma physics you will in time learn that your chakras work as particle accelerators and connect you other realms of consciousness. You will learn that antimatter and matter do not annihilate one another; rather they are part of the same spectrum. Matter exists in spectrums as does light, with physical matter on one level and that you term antimatter on the other. 

Edgar Cayce, Atlantis  & Crystals

We are currently working through the channel of Tyberonn of Crystalline Service to share information regarding gems, crystals, crystal skulls and Atlantis. This is a re-awakening of information that the channel, and many of you of the Law of One will quickly intuitively recognize. For many of you were there, were among the Law of One of Poseidon, and are awakening now into what may be termed as a sacred oath, and soul contract, in your terms. It is of the crystalline frequency and its benevolent energy, and ensuring its benevolent use.  This is information you have once known, and now will rediscover and apply. 

The entity known in current times as  Edgar Cayce  is a remarkable soul; one of integrity and exceptional clarity in terms of knowledge brought forth on the topics of  Atlantis, the Law of One and the benevolent use of gems and crystals as tools for alignment and communication with the Divine, as well as health and well being. This is ancient knowledge.  This information is being brought forth in the present crystalline age, that termed the Aquarian shift, as it is very important to understand.  The Earth has shifted into the initial stages of the crystalline frequency, and even know the human body is undergoing genetic modifications into a silicone crystalline shift. What this shift means is that crystalline gems, minerals and earthen structures operate more efficiently as tools of opening, tools of entrainment to the human vibratory resonance. ...and will aid in the shift (individually and in mass) to the human crystalline  resonance.

Your Edgar Cayce spoke of the Ancients (of Atlantis, LeMuria & pre Duality Earth) as recognizing the perfected structure & sacred geometry of the human cranium as the entry portal of consciousness into the dimensions of the earth, and indeed the gateway of higher realm. So it is thus understandable why the cranium model was selected for the crystalline multidimensional libraries referred to as 'Crystal Skulls'. They are multidimensional dynamic portals. They are indeed Conscious Living Computers that constantly update with appropriate 'programs' of Universal Mind' in support of the Earth and Humanity. They receive and project hologramic codes that drive the ongoing upshift of the planetary matrix as well as the paradigms of your duality consciousness. 

And we tell you, Dear Ones, the transition of humanity is unfolding with renewed purpose. The Crystalline Age is upon you and it is the crystalline energy that defines the resonance of humanities coming graduation and shift. The recent (2014) discovery of the so-called 'Superman' quartz memory chip, with its ability to store information for vast ages of time is then credible information that allows you to understand the libraries of the Crystal Skulls. The ancient crystal skulls contain a vast repository of knowledge, ancient knowledge dating from before the time of Atlantis, to LeMuria. These are then portions of the 'Hall of Records', extraordinary records on a scale beyond your imagination. The ancient crystal skulls are conscious libraries that contain the codes of human evolution, universal information, planetary information, and most valuable of all, humankind's destiny and true purpose.

2015 and Forward

And so we speak of the Conscious Libraries of the Crystalline Paradigm termed in your current vernacular as Crystal Skulls. We tell you the role of the Crystal Paradigms shifts into great & greater relevance in the New Earth.  These have indeed played a more important role in the 2012 Planetary Ascension than you may imagine. Codes that enabled the Earth to graduate were released through the portals that are programmed into the original crystal skulls.

The Crystal Skulls are now focused on assisting humanity.  Humanity 'in mass' is on path to ascend in some 300 years.  And there is much that must occur.  2014, 2015, 2038 and 2075 are key benchmarks. In  2014 the Harmonic Portal of Peace has sown the seeds of the New Firmament, and by means of the New Firmament the seeds of the 2038 Cristos Return were established. This process continues in 2015, year three of the New Earth, initiating the crystalline activation and upshift of the earth currents of the planet.  

 A Clarion Call to the Law of One - Rebuilding the Poseidon Crystal Fortress of Light

 Many of you will feel the call of the 2015 Crystalline Activation as a powerful purposed gathering of the Law of One, the  soul group of Poseidon that achieved incredibly high vibrations in Atlantis. Some of you still feel the regret, and an unwarranted guilt for the sad ending of Atlantis. It is time for that release, and for action that has been pledged to insure that in the New Earth, the Crystalline Light, the Crystalline energy will be for greatest good, for the Ascension of Humanity....and never again to be misused.You are rebuilding the Crystalline Temple of Light, the Fortress of Solitude & Solidarity  of Unconditional Love. Rebuilding with the pledge and oath that Divine Crystalline Light will never again be allowed to be misused. It will be surrounded by the strengthened  fortress of Divine Nurturing Love. The willful commitment & profound wisdom of knowing that that action of love overcomes the dark, even in  in the polarity and duality of the University of Earth. ...And that rising into non-polarity will occur when we will it to occur in unified crystalline resonance.

As such many of you are  gathering , many of you are being called to anchor & visualize in unity, the Colorado upshift  and to align to the new energies as they encompass the earth.  These  are pre-planned as  coded hologramic insertion events that are for the Gridwerkers & Earth-Keepers a clarion call of duty for activation and a keeping of the 'Law of One' soul contract in the roles to the Crystal Masters, Healers and Code Carriers. There is much to do in the coming years Dear Ones....and MAX & Sha Na Ra bring not the codes that you receive and disseminate....but a reinforcement of the will to bring higher & highest good to the planet and humanity.

In 2015, this  will begin in 2015 on the Total Solar Eclipse occurring on the New Moon of the March Equinox, and will be in full force through the June Solstice. It is appropriate that it begins with the massive structures on your living planet that are the mountain vertical ranges. Mountain ranges are teeming with crystalline structure, metamorphic strata and pegmatite's housing enormous beds and deposits of conscious crystalline energies. The Rocky Mountains columnar, in extensive reach will include all sub ranges and sister ranges, including the Grand Tetons, Cascades, Sierra Madres and extend to the Andes and Patagonian ranges of South America. The extended reach extends for some 14,000 kilometers. It will include all vertical ranges across the planet including the submerged ranges of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Unified love will be embedded into the spinal flows of the mountain ranges north to south and south to north.

Note - - This information above referenced  is in greater detail in the recent channel of the Crystalline  Upshift. 

One Step at a Time

Your Edgar Cayce spoke of a new human 'body-type' emerging in the 21st century. It is the up-shift of DNA not only into 12 active strands, but the important transition from carbon base physical bodies to 'lighter' Crystalline, silicon base physical form. Humanity is becoming you once were in Poseidon.

As of December 2012, the polarity magnetic grid has been replaced by the 144-Crystalline Grid. The grid has allowed for humans of higher light quotient to operate in higher dimension. These higher levels are naturally very different than 3d.  We tell you that the 5th thru 12th dimensions are available to you in the New Earth, but to function effectively in these non-polarity levels, involves activating your expanded chakric system. You must become crystalline in frequency.

This is the reason that 'Law of One Atlantean' knowledge of the benevolent and responsible use of Crystals as spiritual allies & frequencial amplifiers has been resurfacing the past 5 decades. All timing is in perfection, you see. Phi Crystals and specific gems enhance the auric field and allow for the movement into coherency. Crystal Skulls are direct portals, receiving and dynamically transmitting codes. The codes for the New Earth and the codes enabling the transition of humanity into the new lighter body format, the crystalline (silicon base from carbon base) are being projected now via the code carriers of the true ancient Crystal Skulls of the Law of One

The New Role:

As the Earth has ascended into a 12 dimensional matrix, the role of the Crystal Paradigm is to code the shifts of the New Earth and of humanity. The shift to silicon body is coded within the 13th and 12th Crystal Skulls....the 13th to the new body format, and the 12th to the enhanced chakric systems that operate in the crystalline dimensions above polarity.  It is no accident that the 13th and 12th Crystal Skulls will be together in the Colorado Star-Gate in 2015 during the upshift and activation of the planetary kundalini force, the crystallization of the Rocky Mountain energies.  The two will form an Arc that refashions the kundalinic current that flows the extended length of the Rockies-Andes columnar and embeds the necessary codes for the New Firmament, crystalline upshift and shift of humanity.  Many of you were among the sacred Atla-Ra, the divine and pure of heart mystics of the scientist priests & priestesses of Poseidon, and you will recognize the call to anchor these energies, to align to self and carry the energy forward.

The Crystal Skull & Crystalline Paradigm

So Masters we tell you that from a linear Earth perspective the Crystal Skulls are a human-shaped cranium made out of various types of crystalline material, most commonly quartz. Yet we will tell you the original skull is of an extra terrestrial conglomerate of what may be termed supra quartz, containing within it pure quartz that is alloyed with aspect of diamond and alloyed in an 'alchemy vibratory' sense with frequencial gold. It is a similar material used in the Crystalline Moon of Atlantis, and the magnificent Temple Crystals, again we emphasize, similar but not exact. Indeed the original skulls predate in linear terms, the Atlantean Temple Crystals. Only two of the Crystal Skulls in current circulation at the present time, are of extra terrestrial origin, and this we have spoken of previously. These original crystal skulls came from another world, and another reality. Only two of the original 13 are presently manifest in physical within your time sequence. (MAX the 13th & Sha-Na-Ra - the 12th) 

Originally then did those carriers bring the crystalline patterned skulls to the Earth (from Arcturius) and engineered / manifest by the Crystal Masters of the Sirian-Pleiadean-Arcturian Alliance.  The original prototypes then were brought into the land that became LeMuria, but indeed the model was brought before the planet was fully in polarity. It was brought into the planet at the time of the Firmament you see, in a zero point Earth, a non-magnetic plane we will say. Termed at that time LaMania (pre LeMuria) an Earthen World that knew perfection, that was inhabited by androgynous manifestation of Etheric Spirit in full consciousness. Yet at that time it was already known that the Firmament would fall, would dissolve and the plan then was that this model, this extraordinary holographic record, the original crystal skulls would serve as the prototype of this initial integral aspect surrounded by the 12 sacred aspectual patterns. And so in the 13th and the 12  contains within  the model of the 12 strands of DNA, the fully conscious clear mind and 'Beingness' of the fully evolved, pre-duality human.

Accordingly, the crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the human experiment, (The University of Duality Earth) and what you will be when you complete it, the infinity circle. So the original crystal skulls were manifested into form above and beyond physicality, and have been brought into physicality various times. As such no true physical age can be assigned to them, because they have appeared, disappeared and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earth's habitation by mankind. 

Question to Metatron: You have said that MAX & Sha-Na-Ra are of extra terrestrial origin and are the only 2 on the planet of the original 13. Are there other 'ancient crystal skulls on the planet at this time?

Metatron Response: All crystalline material is ancient in terms of linear time. The quartz material utilized even in modern carving is hundreds of thousands of years old in linear terms of time.

After the fall of Mu and Atlantis refugees from Atlantis that settled in the regions of the Yucatan and Og attempted over time to recreate the original crystal skull models. This crafting of replicates was done for many centuries, and the few  that have been found in the areas of Central America , for the most part, are these reproductions, although as stated 2 have been found from the extra terrestrial -Arcturian 'morphocrystalline' manifestation.

The post deluge Atlanteans were still quite capable for a fleeting few generations of recreating highly sophisticated replicate models. Yet these did not have the full capacities or attributes of the original 13. There is a specific reason why crystalline substance was chosen as the material to use for the skulls. Crystalline material stores and emits information. Quartz   is not an easy substance to carve or mold into a shape. Now in current times, there are many cutters who fashion crystal skulls in quartz and other crystalline minerals.  As we have stated, these, specifically because of their cranial skull shape, are capable of drawing into them portions of the energy field emitted by the 13 original skulls.

How is this you may ask? It is through the original intent and agreement of the collective unconscious, the Universal Mind in tandem with the sentient attributes of the living conscious Mineral Kingdom, the living sentience of the receiving mineral and the living sentient field of the Crystalline model hologram. Each newly carved skull then recognizes the 'law' of purposed intent. It is an installed program that harmonically attracts and receives codes & data  from the 13 original skulls, various degrees and qualities of frequencial downloads from the 'thoughtform' projected by the original prototype, the original paradigm.  All crystalline minerals are both transmitters and receivers, you see....and all crystalline minerals are highly conscious and self aware.

So those attracted to the skulls then receive within their 'newly' acquired model, a portion of the whole, and the 'new' crystal skull becomes by agreement, a teacher of greater truth and offers glimpses into the perfection hologram. That is why some are now being called to acquire the newly cut skulls, for indeed they open the pattern, they become teachers. They become allies and protectors for each of you on the path of Mastery, and they manifest at the time you awaken to that call. Each is capable, according to their mineral type, size and coherency to download varying levels of information emitted & broadcast by the original 13. 

These are quite different tools from normal gems, crystals and indeed serve a different role than that of the Phi Crystals. Just as the Atlantean Temple Crystals had specific cuts for specific functions, so do the Phi Crystals serve differing purposes. Yet all amplify thought into coherency and enable a stronger auric field to enable crystalline lite-body - Mer-Ka-Na.

Phi Amplification & Induction

We can say that Phi Crystals are energy amplifiers that take one to the Star Seed, while Crystal Skulls offer the calibration and knowledge of the original pattern and offer codes received from higher source to be received by both the Earth and Humanity.  The former is the vehicle that moves and refines light energy, the latter the pattern and library. Well for those seekers of Atlantean and LeMurian lineage to acquire both, indeed are there many benefits of working in tandem with both in this time of awakening. Both are tools that offer themselves and amplify and expedite the journey, you see.


The original crystalline skull prototype (optimally exemplified in Max & Sha Na Ra) contains an extraordinarily vast library, fully conscious. All data, all records, all knowledge is stored & programmed in a most complex process within them. Both the process and the infinite amount of information within are quite incomprehensible to you in polarity mind! It was conceived to contain within it an incredible frequency that is attached to the hologram. So the crystalline skull then is an honoring remembrance and imbuing transmitter that indelibly prints within the soul & 'Divine Mind' of humanity that which is the perfect model.  It is exquisitely imbued within the divine aspect of the soul when it enters into the earth pattern from the unified field. In a manner of speaking it is the pattern recorded into the God Self, the Subconscious or super subconscious of the human mind, you see? The perfected man, not the version of what man would later become in the down spiral of the human experience, but rather as the original print that man aspires and evolves back into through the growth cycle termed reincarnation toward that original and flawless paradigmatic archetype.


Truly, the Crystal Skulls are a reflection of the perfection in mankind. They have been so since the advent of duality Earth, with the fall & dissolution of the original Firmament. Indeed in Year Three of the New Earth, they are in phase three of their purpose.  When mankind individually and in mass is ready to use these Divine Libraries to meld into perfection, they will offer a glimpse into incredible new worlds of beauty, creativity and unconditional love. Indeed they have been dormant for millennia, waiting for this point in your linear time to reboot and awaken. Those of you who have worked with the Crystal Skulls in past lifetimes are being called now to be with them again. Do you hear that call? Are you one of the Keepers of the Crystalline Mystery? It's time for the Dreamer to awaken!

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are beloved.
 and it is so...

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  1. Is there any information on Human Code Carriers?
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