Sunday, November 9, 2014

English -- Mother Mary: ´Love is Everything and Everything is Love` (3-11-2014) by Shogun Amona

Mother Mary: ´Love is Everything and Everything is Love`

I am greeting you in Love and Lightbeloved HeartsI AM Mother Mary. I AM here at present and if you are now opening your heart with a deep breathyou can feel my presencebecause you knowwe are always thereon all levels we are sending our light and loveto connect and align the worlds with one another. WE ARE permanently present in the inner worlds and from here we act and we whisper lovingly thoughts to youwe encourage you and send unconditional love to all that you are manifest. We know your true angelic nature and we see the being of lightthat you really are.

Your light is full of glamour and beauty and we hold you in high regard and your true core. When you are movingwith you focus - into your heartyour heart-jewel –  then the worlds are connecting with one another and everything begins to breath togetherto pulsefollowing the one great heartbeatthat is the source -  and all and everybody are beaming in his true dimension. The love that is in your heart is preparing the path and indicating the direction with confidence.

The love is exploring all the paths and only love can bring all these paths together. Therefore open up your hearts to the lovethat is in you. Love is simplebecause love iswhat it is. Love is everything and everything is love and we are all safecarried and held in it. WE ARE lovepure and unconditional lovehere and now and always.  I AM Mother Mary.

In Love, Joy and Solidarity ......Shogun Amona

Übersetzung:  Petra ST

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