Friday, November 7, 2014

English -- Archangel Gabriel through Kris Won

Archangel Gabriel through Kris Won

Wednesday, November 5h, 2014 


         Blessings of Love to you all!

                May the very vastness of Love of our beloved Creator surround you and fill you with peace, light, and brotherhood, dearest brothers and sisters. 

        It is the Archangel Gabriel speaking to you, one of the closest ministers to the Celestial Throne of the Creator of this Universe,  Who in all His Majesty and Glory wishes that this message come to His Children.

       Since "Angel" means 'Messenger', we, Archangels, are in charge of bringing to humanity the most relevant messages, those which hold the most importance. 

(Note from Kris-Won:  I am having now a vision of a multitude of beings who are descending smiling and in happy conversation down a long, twisting stairway of white marble.)  

       In these moments as I am speaking with you, there is a multitude of energies, of forces known and unknown to you, like magnetism, electricity o the light, and others that are still unbeknown to you that are circulating everywhere, left to right, up and down, inside to outside, from further in to further out, etc.


       Some of these energies are innocuous, including many that are beneficial, such as the light of the Sun for the plants and trees, or the force of gravity, so that you are not sent flying into space.
       But there exist others that could be very damaging to mankind and which are so, so powerful that they could annihilate any trace of life on this wonderful planet.  
      What happens with these energies that are so dangerous to all of you? How does the Universe protect itself from them so that they don't damage some of the living species to the point of total disintegration?  How can the annihilation of all forms of life threatened by its fatal influence be avoided? 

       Well, the Universe makes use of other type of forces that are antagonistic to these harmful energies in order to continue maintaining the balance in all existing ecosystems, and further assuring the perpetuity of those species. 

        If the only existing theory were that of the strongest extolled by Nietzsche, all the minor forces would be absolutely absorbed by the strongest ones, as if, at a cosmic level, the black holes were allowed to engulf all matter in existence in the Universe; if no limit were set to all its power, the Universe would be an Apocalipsis of chaos and destruction. 

       And since as Above, so is Below, also at a planetary level, in your world's sphere the Universe is also mobilizing certain forces to counter the destructive action of some Machiavellian minds in high spheres of power, who have been playing to be gods when they are not. 

       Without the intervention of these forces being mobilized by the Creator, the humanity of Earth would find it very difficult to solve and avoid its complete annihilation, the result of the greed and ambition of some elitist groups within said humanity. 

       That is, you have required the assistance of agents external to you and your world, precisely to save you from the madness and alienation of you yourselves.  Tremendous paradox.
       The greater Force that has arrived to the planet to save you from the madness of said human beings, is called LOVE.  Without the LOVE that has arrived from above all the way here below through portals, tunnels and subtle dimensional walls, through courageous and compassionate dimensional travellers of a very high vibration, nothing that lives on Earth at this time would exist. 

       Absolutely everything that is alive would be only a memory of the Space Gardeners, who would frown proving that a new attempt of a planetary humanity to ascend en masse had completely failed.        

       But as you can tell, it has not turned out that way because the Universe makes use of certain subterfuges in order to bring a seeming chaos into order and achieve the ascension of a planet severely punished by the pollution to bring it to a New World that is more pure, more stable and that vibrates much higher than before.  

       Well, and I do not wish to elaborate further, it's enough for now to have this general view of what is happening in your physical world. The topic would fill a really voluminous book, but that book will be written by you on a day-to-day basis, sometimes with golden letters, and sometimes with red ink. 

       Those of us who contemplate from Celestial heights sympathize with the attempts of many of you to raise your consciousness more and more, and do not doubt that when you do that we descend to your physical plane to help you achieve it. 

       And we will keep on doing because it is LOVE what moves us to extend our redeeming hands towards you, hands anxious to assist you and that you sometimes accept, and sometimes, in your ignorance, you discard them believing that you do not need our help. 

       Keep on visualizing a world more and more pure and perfect, populated by happy creatures who make an effort to help and get their brothers and sisters ahead, without thinking only and exclusively on themselves.  And when it is so, we will be there to sustain you in that effort, you can be sure of that.  

In the Love, Compassion and Spiritual Peace of the Unmentionable,

                            Archangel Gabriel

         Source:   Arcángel Gabriel
         Channel:     Kris-Won

Translator: Gloria 

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