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Communing With Divine Intent... August 30. 2015

Communing With Divine Intent...                                                          
 August  30. 2015

Greatness comes with expertise and finest technique as the pages of life's open book open to the avid reader. There's nought that will be lost as the earnest seeker feels with his heart and sees very little with the physical eye. There is ever only the clear sightedness of the one that pursues that which he/she has seen via the inner warmth and that one is ever always at the very pinnacle of awareness and aptitude. Brave indeed are they whose own lives are as a book of learning, and the pages need not always to be filled with endless words of plenty.That which holds the kernel of wisdom come only from the heart of hearts and they are much sort after by the pure channel whose goal and ambition is the realism of the upper echelons of knowledge. And then converts and ply's them into wisdom, by an activating life of action. 

Keeping one's feet firmly or surely on the ground aids the searching soul to move onwards and inwards as the world of E-motion cranks again onwards showing each one what best can be done, in every and varying  situation. Life is indeed a process of learning and finding the way that best suits ones' personal destiny, which awaits everyone and everything. Life is indeed a merry go round of events and eventualities, that is best aligned to by the pilgrim or disciple of love. Riding the stormy waves and billowing winds of change is an art form and it is far better to align within these motivations with keen-ness and awareness. Patience also is indeed a virtue of lightness as love pervades all, marries all, in the oneness of unification. They who have attuned to the universal flow will fly high in these climes of imminent change. 

Greetings and blessings to one and all as we align our energies with yours and enjoy yet again this festival of communication, at One. Joyous once again are we as we enjoin and share this so sacred space. We merge and meld as the a One-ness of love and delighted beings and the awakening heart amplifies grandly the loving connection that is the joy and rightfulness of one and all. Where there is love there indeed is the glowing vibrancy of light
and the hearts and souls of all en-grace and embrace each one to form a nucleus of being.
When two or three hearts or more are gathered in alignment then will there be ever a galaxy of light-filled loving energy that illumine or magnify all present and marries into at-One-ment!  . 

                                                           *** Aristotle ***     

"Times are paramount and never more ready for they whom wish to enjoin in that sacred one-ness, communing with divine intent to send vibrant healing light and love to all those fellow travelers whose lives are being journeying afield as they take flight to pastures new.  These ones whom in there thousands walk a harsh road to questionable destinations that might afford them a little love, a little caring, and a place to BE: A place to lay their weary heads and a place to feed their children and babes in arms. How determined are these precious souls to entertain such a brave gift by the collective in migrating to lands far away..
All heaven, as is on earth, is surveying these scenes in these times of trial! Love indeed in abundance is all that you can gracefully gift them with. Give them your precious light & love from your mighty hearts. It softens the sharp edges to smooth somewhat their journeys and trials upon their divine pilgrimages.Thank you Mother Father God for our loving caress."

 (c) Alec Christos Gabbitas with the Universal Mind and Aristotle. Please copy and share.  .                                                                                                     

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