Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”Live is Easy – if WE decide for Love and Joy” (22-09-2016)

The Sirius Siblings of Light:  

”Live is Easy –
if WE decide for Love and Joy”


Beloved brothers and sisters of planet earth - we welcome you in the Light and the Love of complete unity – we are the Sirius Siblings.

We communicate to you from the realms of reality – where joy and love can flow freely.   Here on Sirius this stream of pure joy is presenting us happiness and satisfaction.
The highest target – the highest value here is to be – in joy. Everything arises by reason of joy. We are living very consciously and a heedfully the principle of joy.

To come to the point: We do the same as the universe. The universe is a place of joy - of harmony – if one understands the fundamental laws and sees the correlation with all life.

 And it is really easy – if one understands and appreciates the principles of life.
All we sent out – will come back to us and all life will have its sources in love. There is nothing more to say to that. Life is easy and every moment holds the best and most beauty for all of us – if we choose the love and joy. Remember – beloved Sisters and Brothers – remember that – we create – we bring something into being in love - from the bottom of our heart. 

We love you and send you this words of encouragement. 
We are the Sirius Siblings.

In Love, Joy and Confidence........  Shogun Amona 

Translated by PetraSt

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