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ENGLISH: IMPORTANT message from Ashtar, March 8, 2011 through Susan Leland

Ashtar addressing the March 8, 2011 teleconference:

"Well Good Evening everyone! This is a jolly time for all of us. Change - that can be a frightening word, and indeed it is causing a lot of fear on the part of those who don't want these changes. You know who we're talking about, the ones who have been, oh what you call prime participants, and their ancestors, and their programs, in what you call the secret governments, the control of the Planet, and so on, and so on. (It) makes no difference - they created communism, they created the so-called democracy existences, they created empires; they created slaves. (It) makes no difference; they controlled and created the World as they have wanted it to be, to their highest advantage.

"We shall share what is happening by giving you an illustration which Sekhmet, and we Mentors, have been giving to the three women here on Maui. There are what are called luxury resorts along the shorelines, and we have been telling them that they are a mixed bag. Yes, on the surface of it they seem to be all fun and frolic, but those who have been owning and running (and coming to) the resorts are among those who are resisting these changes. They have been so entrenched, and so much in enjoyment of their wealth, while they have been taking as much as they could from the vast majority of people on the Planet. They have not a thought of Compassion.

"They are scared. They can't even forgive themselves. They cannot even Love themselves. They bow to their false gods of money and power, and they're scared. And so they're coming to these places of luxury trying to escape, spending what money they have left, because they know in some part of them that things are changing, whether they want them to or not. This is a first on Planet Earth, these changes. They've been told all along that there would come a day when the changes would be complete, and they've been invited to come in, and be a part of the Renaissance, the Golden Age, the coming back to the Light and the Love, which is where the Planet started anyway, but they have been in denial.

"You all know what denial is. You've all done some denying of this or that, here and there. Denial is when you put resistance into something. Choosing a different focus is not denial, that's not resistance. Denial is where you focus on something, and you resist it. Humm! Well I've just been giving you a little bit of 'Yes I can 101' that Mother Sekhmet is teaching, so I shall return to the story.

"Anyway, these dark hats are losing the power. Why? Because you're all awake. You're beaming Love, and you're beaming Light, and you are helping others on the Planet to do the same. It's like you hold out a hand, and you say, 'Come on Brother, come on Sister, come on Beloved, we're all Family of One here. We're all the perfect children of Mother/Father, and we have one place to go, and that is up!' Because we know it's easier when you consider directions, or when you put a direction into it. It is back to the Light. It is up, up, and away out of this 3D tar pit, out of the muck, and into the Joy. And even the very highest realms of 3D are a delightful place to be compared to the lowest ones.

"Now some of the youngest generations of these ones have tried to do things at various times, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. You know about the plane that was shot down over Long Island Sound - that's an old story, it happened a while ago. These ones have so little Compassion for themselves, because they are taught to be absolutely without Compassion, to climb and claw their way no matter who they hurt, even their own children and grandchildren, that that plane was shot down, and it had these wonderful ones, who had waked up enough that they were going to go to Europe and tell the story about the controllers. Well, the controllers couldn't have that, so they killed their very own, and this is common among these beings. When somebody gets looking like they might tell someone, they are immediately deprived of their human body, and that is how it is, and that is how it has been, until now.

"So let's look at the Light side shall we? Let's get up and out of death. That's where they have been, and that's where some of them still want to be. Now can you imagine being so resistant to change as to do the things that we have just been discussing? Nevertheless, some of them are still there. Well guess what, the up, up, and away ship is going to leave without them. And not only that. You've heard the great Masters Tara and Rama tell you what is being told to them, but it is all done with Love, and with the highest of Light. It is being done (to the dark hats) with their permission, this un-creation of them and their souls, if it is absolutely necessary. If they would rather do that in their resistance, then their request shall be granted by guess who?

"Well that's Mother Sekhmet. She and we, and you, Beloveds, are doing everything possible, humanly and beyond humanly, to put out the vibrations of Love, of Forgiveness, of Gratitude. Yes, thank them. They've shown you the Light. In their darkness they show the way to the Light and Compassion, and yet they are still in resistance.

"Now things are moving despite this. Yes, we know that there is some connection between some of the Earth things that are happening, and some of the shakings and so on. We have told you all along that Mother Gaia does need to make some changes and shifts, so that she can ascend with you, or shall we say so that you can ascend with her. Be not in fear about these. Send Love. It is not that the tossing of a human being into the volcano of Pele is going to stop the volcano from erupting. That's somewhat of a fairy tale. It is Love and the vibrations of Love, high vibes. That's what keeps Mother, Mother Gaia, as calm as she can possibly be while still effecting her changes.

"And we're going to tell you something else. We did allow the destruction of Christ Church and other places on that Southern Island of New Zealand, because we want you and the entire World to know to what great lengths these ones would go. Imagine, they want the island for a refuge, and yet they're willing to self-destruct, or destroy the island, same difference. Can you believe it? That's how out of balance they are, and how deeply entrenched in these programs, that they would destroy the very place that they want to go to, and we did mitigate in case you were wondering. The whole island could have gone down, or been engulfed in tsunamis.

"Well that was the part of the thing. They thought if they could sweep it clean of all inhabitants then surely it would be given to them. No, because the voices of the world are speaking out for Love and Freedom, and they're saying to these ones, 'You're done; you're absolutely done; no more are you going to control; no more are you going to tell governors, and senators, and parliament members, and judges, and presidents, and prime ministers, and kings, and queens what to do! You are not going to rule behind the scenes, and by the way you're not so secret anymore. Everybody knows the names of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers as being among these ones. Well, the Koch brothers are becoming a household word.' Send them all Love!

"Everybody is hearing the story of how the Koch brothers almost single handedly - well they had a few, humm, let's say cohorts, to say friends is not entirely accurate, because really each one of these people, as we have said, not only will they kill their own family members, they think nothing of destroying their friends, as far as their human lives are concerned. So, we'll just say some cohorts, some partners in the dark, came together, and because they thought that in so doing they were really going to take over, and they'd have all the money in the World, they let loose with a lot of money that they wouldn't ordinarily let go of in order to buy the elections in the United States of America; to keep the slave labor factories going in countries outside of the United Sates of America, while Americans were going homeless, and freezing, and not having enough food to eat. And then they blatantly bought, and we're going to say it right here loud and clear - they bought the Tea Party into office, they gave this money to the Tea Party candidates.'

"No matter how high in ideals the Tea Party candidates were, or are, they bought those elections, so that the Tea Party candidates could be their newest puppets. Well in some cases it's working out, like that one called Walker,* and in some cases it is not, because there are many, many, Tea Party candidates who are taking a second look, and they're saying, 'Wait a minute, this has gone too far; guns are not the answer; destroying the middle class is not the answer; taking away the programs that are so in place that without them millions more will be tossed into poverty, that is not the answer.' And they are starting to move away from that program, and you will be hearing more and more about them.

"And coalitions are being formed that do not have party minds. Now this is extremely important, because you know that political parties exist Worldwide, and it has been the game of politics that these ones have been supporting, and they have been playing both sides. You all know that they played both sides in World War II. They supported Hitler as much as they did the Allied Forces. And the only reason that the Allied Armies were finally victorious is because Hitler was starting to show signs of being so far out there, that he was getting beyond their control. He was rebelling a bit with some of the things that they wanted him to do. And because Hitler was very powerful in ways of rituals, metaphysics, and so on, they decided they'd better let the Allies win. But the Allies paid a big price. And even now some of you have guilt for the bombs that were dropped, the killings that were done, even though it was your ancestors who may have done them.

"You did a great job! Let go of it. That's what we're here to tell you. You've got to relax, and get your brains out of the monkey mind mode. Relax and find that inner Peace, that coming together with the totality of Who You Are. You are so beautiful, Beloved Ones! There is no reason for you to feel imprisoned in some kind of a low 3D box anymore. And we are in full support of each and every one of you. We are with each and every one of you, and we ask that you call upon us in your meditations, or just when you're driving down the road if you want to.

"Ask to feel a little tingle. Look up into the clouds, and when you see some that you know are really ships, say 'Hello!' Come out of your house on days where there are beautiful cloudships, or even no clouds visible. You know, when there are really no clouds, that's when you see the darting ones across the sky, speeding across, and they're usually kind of a silver color. They're reflecting Light. Communicate with them. Ask them to pause for a moment, and they will, and most often will just suddenly, as you blink your eye, they'll disappear. What they're doing is a couple of right turns, and just moving up a little higher into higher dimensions.

"When you see all the Star Trekkie movies, and Star Wars - remember Han Solo and his great ship (the Millenium Falcon)? Warp speed? What do you think that is, if not moving into a little higher level of dimensionality, so that ship literally disappears from the screens of those who are watching, unless of course that ship (which is watching) goes into warp speed as well, and then the chase can be on again.

"But we're not here to talk about Star Wars adventures. We're here to tell you all, that you all have a place on the ships if you choose, you all have a place on Ascended Earth if you choose, or you can do both. You have missions, and you all know what your missions are, or at least you know that you're here for a reason and a purpose, and the big picture on that -we can sum it all up for everybody - is to be a part of this, because you came NOW for this. And you came to get together, you came to find each other, you came to join together, and you came to take care of whatever you brought with you in the way of baggage to resolve. (Do) you know that every time one of you moves into such a high state, high dimensionality, that when you cause a shift within your own being, a shift into a higher dimensionality - do you know what happens? You pay it forward to the whole world and the Universe beyond!

"You are awesome, Family, and we cannot tell you often enough how we love you, and how we appreciate your Courage and your perseverance, and yes, your Patience. Oh, we know from the human perspective you might say, 'I am an impatient person, when is this all going to come about?' And then you hear, 'No dates.' But giggle and laugh when you hear that now, because the dates are coming into view faster and faster. Look at your calendar for March. Look at tomorrow. Oh boy, the ninth wave! Look at the date for the equinox, and notice how close the full moon is. Oh boy, that's going to be a weekend! There are so many energies of Love and upliftment coming to Planet Earth right now that really, all you have to do is just open your heart a tiny bit wider, and they'll come rushing in, not more than you can open within your fields of energy, but they can park on kind of a stand-by. It's like gifts are coming in so fast, don't bother to try to count them. You can leave some of them unwrapped. Your Higher Self will see to it that you only unwrap that for which you are ready, in each and every moment, that which you're ready to actually use and benefit from. This is not for you to go on 'overwhelm.'

"Sometimes, and we're only bringing this up, sometimes it's possible to overdo. Most commonly it affects your physicality. That's why we are suggesting that as part of the, shall we say the Ascensionitis remedy, that you get extra sleep, because your physical is changing so much. Do you sometimes feel that buzz, that communication of the crystal, the crystalline grid, the Crystalline You? That's pretty high, it's pretty uplifting, and yes, it can be a little tingly at times. Respond, talk to yourself, 'Oh, Beloved Body, what a glorious day this is as we step out of bed, and I greet the totality of who I AM. And I rejoice that I AM even more crystalline than I was when I went into this bed last night. Thank you for all of the adjustments and attunements, and fine tunements and balancings that have been given to me during this night. I thank first myself and all of my glorious team of Guides and Practitioners from the Stars who have been with me. And we have journeyed together, and we have accomplished a lot within my energy fields! And now we go forth to this wondrous day, this day of change, this day of upliftment and this day of flying high!'

"Well you can do something like that if you want to. Doesn't that feel good? And we are recommending that during this month of March, particularly between now and the time of the full moon. This is a creation time. This is a vision time. This is a time for you to ride high on these energies, to welcome them, to welcome us, and to be together in such delight, in such Joy, and to know Who You Are, without any doubts, without any resistance to change.

"And, if you get a little scrunching in your tummy, love it. Invite your ego once again to come up into your heart. Give yourself lots of time-out to create your visions, to enlarge perhaps upon what you already know about your mission and purpose here. What are you going to be doing in the next moment to bring that vision into reality? This is the time to do it, Beloved Ones! Whatever it is, give it your all. Give it your focus and invite all of your helpers and guides. Invite the Ashtar Command. Oh, and the Arcturians really want to be part of this, because you know they're helping a lot with the crystalline grid for the Planet, along with the Kryon Group, and others, so greet it and be joyful, and create your visions and put yourself into that crystalline state.

"If you have crystals outside of your body, program them to further enhance your upliftment. Use your wands, and whatever - use your hands, your wands, use your hearts. Oh, Beloved Ones, this is the month for empowering - keep on with it, and after the full moon, know it. That is there for you to continue to affirm, because the energies are going to keep flowing in. The energies are going to make it so, and more and more in your being. And anybody who goes to April the first will not be fooled, will not be fooled into thinking that these changes are not happening, and that all is hopeless, and you know, 'gloomy doomy, let's get out of there,' but rather will be enlightened and knowing! And your opportunity to create this as Truth for the entire Planet just gets more powerful and powerful in every nano-second that passes. You wonder why we're being so passionate, it's because we are with you, Beloved Ones. And we can feel, we can feel you and your loving energies, and we know that we are partnering here in this, and we know that all is Truth and Joy and Love in all of our beings!!!

"If you watch the news, bless the ones who are bringing you the Truth, and send them your Love. They're flying high. By the way, we understand why Rama did not want to come right out and say who he was talking to. We're not going to do it either, but here's a little flash. He has an 'O'** in his last name, just in case anybody was wondering a bit. Now that's real cool, but it's red hot, because it's energy, it's Love flowing. There you have it, so now you know. And by the way if Master Rama wants us to, we shall ask that that line be omitted from the transcript that goes out, but for you here, Family, you can know. We'll check in with him and see what his wishes are. This is huge, this is huge! This is coming together in Oneness. We Are All One!

"Now, for those who are not awake, we are addressing them. Those who are on the Ascension Path, but are not awake to it, don't know about it, don't really want to hear about it at this moment - this is a big month for them. You might say we're marching along in Peace, peacefully. We're doing Peace marches. For those who are in denial, just send them Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. We're taking care of the other communications along the way.

"We even are communicating with some of the ones like Walker.* He's just a pawn, remember that. We have told you before that St. Germain has some rather interesting ways of appearing. He's got the energy and capability to do it. Don't try it. Don't try it just yet. Eventually you'll be able to do that -walking through the walls. Maybe some of you already are, but don't push yourself to do that today. St. Germaine is taking care of that for you. He has a flare for drama, just send him your loving support, because he's out there making a lot of announcements right now.

"All righty, so you've got the picture. We are a blend, by the way. You may hear that there is somebody else sharing this Voice, and that is perfectly all right. We're all here. We're all in Love. And we are so in Love with you, and co-creating, coming and giving of your time and energies, even though you may not be flying quite as high as we are, all though we certainly hope you are taking advantage of our offer. You know it's free, we don't even ask that you have your baggage inspected. Just come on aboard and fly with us!

"We've got more to do here. We're coming together here for the purpose of empowering you even more, and as we do that we are going to empower even more, your visions, your intentions, your creations, to be in harmony to be actualized, and realized, and manifested within this very short space of time. Will it all get done during the month of March? No dates, but remember we're marching, ah hah, we are marching, and indeed we shall be springing during this month into entirely new realities which will be for you most enjoyable!

"For those who are in resistance to change, because they have been in power and control, it will be most uncomfortable. And for those who come to you wanting to know what's going on, 'What do you know that I don't know,' for instance, and who are just going to be waking up -it might be their second or third or who knows what, wake-up call - but they're finally going to get up and open their eyes. It will be, 'Well I'm liking this change, I'm liking what's happening here.' Now there are some rough spots. Send some Love in particular to those brave ones in Libya and the other countries. Some of them have not even erupted yet. They don't know that they're going to start gathering here, there, and everywhere around the World, but we see them doing it, and it is a necessary part of the process. It's called cleansing and clearing. It's called loving, forgiving, being compassionate and grateful. It's called allowing the Great Peace to be the background, the focus, which writes the program of protest. And make no mistake, all who have stood for Peace throughout all time on Planet Earth, are here, whether they are in human uniforms, or not. They are here in support.

"You yourselves, Beloved Ones, have at sometime or another stood for Peace, in some kind of a situation, whether you've been Braveheart, or Brave Mother, you have stood for Peace. So welcome its familiar comfort, its familiar upliftment, and its familiar Joy into your hearts. As we do our Exercise tonight, we call them Peace Exercises, because that is what they are. That is the entire scenery, and focus for the exercise, but we're going to fly, so we hope you're all aboard and ready to go!

"And I, Ashtar, with great Love, and with all of the loving beings here in this company, all of us from what you call the realms of the Stars, and the Heavens, and the Planets beyond Earth, honor you and thank you for being here with us in this evening of Love and Joy. And so it is, Beloved Family! Salut!"

*Governor - for now - Walker of Wisconsin
**Rama says to tell everyone - he talked with President Obama!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, March 8, 2011. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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