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Your valiant efforts are to be most royally honored

03/23/2011 by John Smallman
When the moment for your awakening arrives great joy will envelop the planet, because it will be a magnificent event of great significance, and one towards which you have been heading for a very long time.  Deep within yourselves, below the level of your conscious awareness, you have always known that you would awaken because, at that level, you have never forgotten that you are one with God, dearly loved, and only playing games in the illusory reality you made for yourselves during a momentary lapse in your awareness of who you are and where you have your eternal existence.

You truly do exist eternally, in infinite joy, in God’s loving Presence, because there is nowhere else, and consequently you are eternally safe in that state. The apparent reality of the illusion in which you experience so much suffering, anxiety, and dissatisfaction demonstrates the enormous intensity of your collective imagination to maintain and support it.  And of course once you make the decision to dispense with the illusion it will indeed dissolve.

Events are occurring all across the planet that are causing immense suffering for those directly involved, and this is causing a great upswing of compassion and love in the rest of humanity for those experiencing that suffering.  Yes, there are still many who wish to blame, judge, and punish those they believe to be responsible for so much anguish, but the love that you bearers-of-the-light are pouring into the illusion is destabilizing it so that the ability to maintain the energies of blame, judgment, and vengeful punishment will collapse.  The time for those painful and illusory energies is drawing to a close as the energy flow of divine Love enveloping the planet strengthens and intensifies.

You are dearly loved and greatly honored for the tasks that you have undertaken as light bearers within the illusion at this point in humanity’s evolution.  As you have discovered, it is a very demanding task emotionally, and as you observe the worldwide misery all around you, and also undergo the suffering involved with your own issues and spiritual growth, it can seem very daunting, and at times you may well feel that you can no longer carry this heavy burden, even though you are well aware that you volunteered for these duties.

Know that you are lovingly supported in every moment by God and by your angels and guides.  At those moments when the burden seems truly unbearable, sit back, make a positive intention to relax totally, and then accept gracefully whatever situation is draining your resources, and as you do so ask the Holy Spirit – Who is the individual and unbreakable direct connection that each one of you has to God – to help you by boosting your energy.  Very quickly you will find your burden easing if you truly relax and allow Him to assist you instead of driving yourself forcefully onward as though you were alone. Frequently, as a result of His loving support, you will find that you do have other options in whatever situation is presenting you with difficulties, as you allow yourself to be intuitively guided instead of soldiering on in the direction that your rather inadequate human reasoning suggests is the way forward.

Your joy at the moment of awakening will be mind blowing, infinitely beyond anything you have ever experienced as humans, and you have most certainly earned your eternal place in the brilliant light of God’s most glorious Presence. An ecstatic welcome awaits your awakening – which is divinely assured.  Your valiant efforts, which cannot fail to succeed to bring this stage of the divine plan to completion, are to be most royally honored.  So do not allow the difficulties and suffering that you are presently undergoing to divert you from your goal for even an instant as you race down the home straight to the brightly lit finishing-line which is coming into view.

With so very much love, Saul.

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