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Message from the Earth, by Mark Stearn. 17th April, 2011

Message from the Earth, by Mark Stearn. 17th April, 2011.

My children all is as it needs to be at this time. There is so much transpiring around the surface of my form that cause many to question what is the current period all about? My old body is but a shell. My new form is growing quickly. This is what you term as New Earth. There is really only one earth although you could say at the same time that there many layers to my form which are often called alternate dimensions and realities.

I am not going to comment on first contact or make any predictions regarding the world events or how next year is due to transpire. Look first to your own heart for all answers that you seek. These are not found outside of you although many continue to search no matter how many times they are told that the answers are found inside. Each beloved aspect currently residing in my house are a beautiful expression of multidimensional truth. There is so much that makes you all up.

There is no doubt that the way you have been brought up and also the way society is at this time that you feel that the power is taken from you. Your personal power is resting perfectly accessible just as is your true nature in your beautiful consciousness. These vital aspects of your being are already there and you need not look for them. Rest within. The more you do this, the more familiar you will become with your joy that is forever waiting for you to play.

I am in a cocoon right now. I am cleaning my form from the inside out. I would guide all hearts that tune into me at this time that trust is a vital component of moving along in the current ascension experience. I am ascending all the time you know. I am growing in leaps and bounds. My form is growing also. I am no longer the old world. Many still attempt to function in the old world vibration only to find that they are constantly walking into things.

As I was saying about trust. Many experience that so much is taken from them that they at the end of it all the only thing that they can do is to trust that the answers come as to where next to turn their attention. I would ask you all to continue to use violet flame energy in your personal work and also in planetary meditations. It is true that this energy is a sacred gift from the heart of the unknowable and it is a wonderful boost to my process that appears so erratic and severe to so many. I am simply doing my clearing of house.

Humanity can only awaken at this time. All the signposts are there. All is now coming to light. Nothing more can be hidden. This is actually a most exciting development. You are freeing yourself up of cumbersome strata and learning to rest in truth. Do what works for you. This is most important. I will continue to build my vibration. I am so very grateful to your star family who are assisting me in my shaking loose of old debris and that which no longer serves. Once more before I sign off my dear children. Learn to trust. Rest in your true nature and know even for an instant that all is indeed very well.

Mother/Father Earth.

Blessings, Mark.

'It matters not how you connect with the silence, as long as you do!'
'Be sure to take time to rest and play today for this is the love of' your true nature!'
~ Mark Stearn.

Copyright: Mark Stearn. 2011.

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