Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”The Stream of Disclosure is increasing permanently“

The Sirius Siblings of Light:
  ”The Stream of Disclosure is increasing permanently“

Beloved `Brothers and Sisters´ of the Earth –  we welcome you in the love and light of the All-One-Being - We are the Sirius Siblings. In these days of your time matrix many things and developments – that are happening now will bring you clearness in many areas of the human-being. Clearness is developing now – wherever the light of remembrance falls in,  transforming the shades of forgetting. A lot of information and a lot of knowledge – which was hidden from you in the unknown – reveals now and the stream of disclosure is increasing steadily.

This process of disclosure is exactly layed out – that you can understand and integrate the information – because a lot has happened here – that pushes against the limits of imagination and even beyond in some areas. The planetary matrix is still fed with separating information – mainly through the mass media. Here is your call – beloved earth sisters – to stay completely in the love and supply forgiveness into the field of Gaia.

You are here for just doing this  – while preparing yourself for your individual ascension and further awake into that – which matches your true core. Be full of certainty – that All will manifest in divine meaning and that All find their positions – so that avatar and disclosure can happen with increased speed and in widespread expansion. The source itself support this process on all levels and sends grace and forgiveness in every possible area.

We rely on – that All will be dissolved in and through love. Allow that the love of your heart is leading you further and imagine the New Earth – this way everything will assemble itself in a wonderful way.  We thank you and send you our love – our sympathy and our support. We are the Sirius Siblings.

In Love, Joy and Unity........  Shogun Amona 

Translated by PetraSt

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