Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Smile, laugh, crack a joke, even when you are by yourself. Laugh at it, laugh at yourself.

Remember how the vibration of humor uplifts and raises your energy. And once again, we urge you to do all that raises your energy.

St Clare We Are Blessed

Through Zilanthrah 22 09 10

Greetings, our most beloved partners in this ascension process. We come to you on this day as you approach the Full Moon. Be aware that the incoming influx of energies are coming specifically to suit those changes that you are experiencing presently.

As you reach a new stage and are ready for your next level, the influx of energies are coordinated to match your individual and collective stages. And with the shifts occurring during each of these stages, it allows for the energy to become raised. So you see, it is a give and take between you and the energies directed to you from various places throughout the universe, which originate from the Great Central Sun as they work their way through the various coordinates throughout the universe on their journey to planet Earth.

You might even celebrate on the full moon, once a month, in celebration of your different stages of initiations and graduations. You are well deserving of celebrating the great and many changes that you have gone through and continue to go through. Those who are not aware of what occurs have no idea still, yet it affects every aspect of their lives. If only they could become aware of why they feel the way they do, of why they are experiencing what they are. What a blessing that would be!

But as you receive these energies and make your shifts individually and collectively, it does set the pathway for them to follow. They have no idea of what is being done for them. All they need to do is to speak a kind word, smile at a stranger and to partake of very small service daily, which would create an opening in their awareness that would raise their vibration and would continue to raise their vibration. It is very simple yet there are those who choose to not see and to not hear. But it is their path, be wise, let them be, as it is their choice to not smile or to say hello. It is in these simple small acts that they can make their choice. If only they knew…so simple, yet with their choices, it creates for them so much complexity. These complexities tend to be turned on others. There is blame involved, there is guilt created; yet it is theirs to do. Love them from a distance for in withholding love for these ones, you withhold love for yourself.

For those blessed with love in their lives, whether it be a partner, children, parents and friends, you are the most blessed of all. And in these times we tell you that the expression of your Love for those you care for is paramount, for it allows the energy of love to grow and grow. It is like passing a torch to a beloved one’s hand. They are able to pass it to another’s hand. In this, love is amplified. It grows, expands and spreads. See it being carried in the jet stream current, in the waves of the ocean that are carried from shore to shore. You know that what is most important is Love.

The influx of energy being brought now is one of such great Love, a love energy as never before. It is for you; embrace the Love that comes to you from the most high of places, for it is the expression of the most magnificent One. Share it, express it and pass it on. By acknowledging it, you send it back to All That Is.

And most importantly, love yourselves for the goodness that you are. Love yourself for the faults that you take so seriously. Lighten up in these times and know that by doing so, it carries you through difficult times. See humor in all that you can. And really, what is there in your life to take so seriously that it creates such emotional and physical stress? Remember the circle of life; it can never be broken. It revolves as the wheel that is the Great Central Sun. And you are what makes up this great wheel of life. Your part in important changes that occur regularly are incomparable.

You are doing it. You have reached ascension status and you are in your ascension process. Is that not something to celebrate? No matter how distressed you may feel, no matter how tragic the state of your planet and the state of the suffering of humanity may seem, know that your planet and you are blessed with the journey of ascension. Painful as it can be at times, it can be just as joyful, peaceful, abundant, hopeful and loving. Because you carry all of these attributes of divinity within yourself, you can reach inward and access them at anytime, so why not do so! Smile, laugh, crack a joke, even when you are by yourself. Laugh at it, laugh at yourself. Remember how the vibration of humor uplifts and raises your energy. And once again, we urge you to do all that raises your energy.

Be blessed, walk in the comforting Light and know that it is done. Indeed, all is well. Ignore news reports of all kinds which carry fear. A life on a planet of fear has passed. Say goodbye to it. Create your own daily news reports of humor, of upliftment, of good times.

A promise has been made to you, a promise that is being kept, a promise that is coming to fruition. Never forget this.

We see that you wander off the path occasionally, some on a more consistent basis than others, and it is yours to do. And that is all part of your choices. At times it seems impossible not to wander from the path. It is all right.

We are aware that you wander less and less from your path. So you see, you have done it. With the way that time has been set up in your dimension, things appear to lag on forever. This will change. You are aware of all that we mention here today, so this is just a small reminder to continue and to keep your heads up. Look to the light and enjoy the moments. Turn to us for comfort, we are here and our desire is to serve and assist you in all ways that we can. And turn to your loved ones, for they provide special love and support for you.

Know that there are an untold multitude of beings from faraway places who love you and who highly approve of your journeys and what you have done with them.

See these new energies as the time of old doors that have closed and new ones that have opened for you to create what you desire. Manifest a bold reality of what is to come. Do not allow yourselves to open those doors that have closed. Lean towards the open doors of opportunity, for they are vast and full of all of creation. It is for you to choose what you see when you open and walk through that door. In this time of endings, it is a time for beginnings. Take all that is good in your new beginnings and love it. Express and embrace your love for your own creations.

I Am St Clare. At this particular moment it was time to connect with this one to provide support and comfort. We are aware and pleased that others shall identify with these words. All is well.

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