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ENGLISH: St. Germain through Nancy Tate, May 5, 2011

Wake up Call: St Germain, May 5, 2011

My dear ones, there is a matter of importance that I wish to speak with you today about. It is that which is coming for all of you in the times to come. If this time is feeling to you as if you are in a whirlwind, I say that in a sense you are correct. The whirlwinds of the tornadoes on earth and the earthquakes that are shuddering and rocking the earth are but bits and pieces of the revolutions that are taking place within the bodies of Gaia and all of you.

Yes, I say all of you, for without feeling the eruptions physically that throw off parts of the structures of your body, energetically you are being cleansed of all of the debris of the evolutionary process you have undergone on earth since you first came here. This is causing various disturbances in your lives as well as on and within the immediate inner sub-structure of the earth.

Because of this the pure light energies that are coming to earth and all of you are clearing away the debris and allowing the continuance of the release, until there is nothing more that can interfere with the absolution of the duality that you have been living with. Now is the time when you are coming to the place of an inner calm and outer glow that will resonate throughout the universe in a way that has never before been expressed.

I say this because when you were in the universe before on the various planets and in the various expressions of your being, you had not as yet garnered and brought to your beingness the experiences that you have gained while on earth. Some of you have taken these experiences with you in between lifetimes out into the cosmos and applied them to other experiences that you had expressed before coming to earth. You have done this in order to streamline the totality of what you are bringing to your beingness, and therefore that of all of existence.

Some of you may ask, “Why are all of the animals, including the insect world seemingly coming together in a way that brings no harm to each other, but a great deal of love? I say now that it is because all of life, in any form, is being uplifted in a way that speaks of the Oneness of all of existence. It is now that this is coming back into the state of total harmony and love that carries forth in all that is expressed.

I see you all now in this time of evolvement on your planet in the dregs of completion of the timeliness of what is taking place. I say timeliness for with the coming out of the debris of the buildup of duality expression in your beingness, we see all of a sudden the outright expression of that which was considered to be real on one point and yet to be non-existent on another. This is the very reason that you are undergoing this transformation right now. You are being able to see on a conscious level why this is taking place in this manner, rather than waiting in past lifetimes, to see the differing examples of what you are capable of. It is a matter of being able to see the real you in the light of the old idea of you.

You are so blessed in this respect, for now you will be able to address what is coming for you in the next months especially, and also the next years, what it means to be able to see the whole picture and at the same time, be able to address what is right in front of you in the moment. You will be able to put in a finer perspective what you have only glanced at before, and in that respect only given that glance-full of honor to what you have been creating. In being able to see fully now in a glance, you will be able to give your full attention, in that glance, to what you are creating now. In that you will be creating as the Masters that you innately are. That is where the difference will become clear in your lives, and you will find yourself creating your lives in a way that represents the mastery that creates perfection.

I tell you this, for in the coming months you will be meeting with many challenges that you will be given the opportunity through which to see the broader picture. In that way you will be able to keep a presence of mind that will not add to the calamitous goings on in and around your world. You will be able to retain a certain amount of harmony with all of life, and in that way you will add to the retention of the beauty of the planet and your inner glow of life. You will be readying the planet for the new way of being, and you along with Gaia will be the guardians of your world in a way that so far exceeds the way it has been, as to be on another plane of vibration altogether.

It will bring you back to your original expression on earth at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. You will begin to remember how it was to live in that vibration and to experience each other in the ways of Oneness. It is a far cry from the old paradigm of duality. You will gain such a high idea of life, as to see for yourselves how wonderful it can be to live in a glow of knowing. On another level you will look around and see the results of the release of all the old upheavals that have gathered within the hearts of all of you and of this home you have lived on for so long.

Gaia is with you 100%, as always. She has lived with you, danced and sung with you; she has experienced so much with you. She has laughed and cried with you; she has grown and fallen back into submission with you. All of it is coming to the surface now, and as it does, I say to you that you can withstand it. Mother Earth and all of you who choose to will remain on and inside this planet through it all. There will come a time when some of you will go to the inner reaches of earth. Some of you will go to ships while the transformation is taking place. You will all at one point come back to the surface in celebration of the beauty that is before you.

Then those of you who choose to will go out into the universe and regain your foothold in the other parts of this great and glorious nebula that is surrounding us all. As this takes place all of us who have been with you guiding you in this lifetime of change, will be with you, right by your sides. We will join in your celebration of this new beginning. We bring to you the oneness of our knowing that you are equal to us and us with you. I stand now beside you, as I always have, and say to you, “Welcome back to yourselves.” We are in for a tremendously interesting evolutionary period and there is no way that we will not want to celebrate every moment of it, for it is what we have been striving for, for such an evolutionary period.

I am St. Germain, enjoying this reunion with this one after the hiatus publicly with her. This is the time when we all are coming back together, and I say now that it feels so good to be in this point of our lives together. Hold on to your hats, for we have a time to come when we will need all of our strength. I tell you now that, that strength is endless and you can do it! Bravo for coming this far and for your continued dance through life.

Blessings to you all!
Thank you Dear St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

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