Saturday, January 29, 2011

English, Mantra Lord Krishna

24/01/2011 The Code. Lord Krishna.


Means: “Fulfill me” and with it the Energy is drawn into your Reality.

Lord Krishna fulfill me and I came to fulfill You.

The Gift of the “Universal Code” will be revealed and given to Humanity.
You can find the full Mantra here:

Begin to use it, this mantra of all mantras:

SU = Seal

REI = Omnipotent
JA = in Eternity

OM = one Creator, in vibration, in every form and in no form

ISTHAR = given to human Sons and human daughters, in Eternity

OM = one Creator, in vibration, in every form and in no form

And so it is.


I came and I am among You. The Life starts anew with this year, because this Earth stands before taking leap into the Light and humanity is finding itself in the Reality of Existence.

Now the lightness, joy and charm, fulfillment, abundance returns to all Human Children;  the time in which suffering was spreading and made people worry is over.

Dark forces will be compelled to withdraw and they are losing all of the wars with Lightworkers of Heaven, who are both on Earth and in Heaven.

Stop doubting, stay in trust that everything You have for Eons been waiting for – is being fulfilled.

Many Times stood under the sign of these expectations, many messianic prophecies have already been fulfilled long time ago, because WE have been here, WE have appeared and allowed to be recognised by many people of many Times.
Today WE come united to You, because the last prophecy is being fulfilled: the end of Times has began!

WE were leading everything in this direction, preparing the ground in arc-curved way, almost infinite. This loop is closing right now.

The obligation of Lord Krishna is to announce, that together with the bringing of mantra the last prophecy is being fulfilled.

The Earth will be lifted from Time and Space and thus the end of Time and the end of Space are guaranteed.

For a very long time the messages were pointing at this Time, because that is what is written in the first and the oldest Human Chronicles. But to date You lacked faith and patterns were not clear, very distant and almost incomprehensible.

It was our obligation to come to You in order to remind You about it, so this Knowledge will not be forgotten. For the enlightenment of an individual is a part of this prophecy, and the End of Time brings forth collective impulses which are very needed to do this.

This is the sound of
the mantra of all mantras which was now released. This is the tone, that evokes vibrational model which instantly rises Human into the High Light creating direct Realities and Abundance, through which the Heaven opens to You in a way that was not seen before.

Each Plane of Existence has its own specific sound, vibrational model, tone which is Light that creates Impulses of Love and now The Gaia Terra X^x has reached the level where these words of Creator may be used.

However, they do function if and only if Your intentions are pure and clear and suit to Your Blue Pause. If it is not so, the sound will not be emitted because it is the pre-tone of Creator of this level – 5D

Everything has its own time in Time and this event defines the Junction Point of Time Turn, The End of Time and Turning Point.

It will once more accelerate everything and once again – Beloved Humans – The High impulses of Light will come to You.

The Old World is coming apart. The Prophets have spoken about it and everything what was given long, long time ago is now being fulfilled. Now will You be fulfilled, now You vibrate up and down in the Creators tact:


Lord Krishna is the Beginning of Time and the End of Time. Lord Krishna is The Herald of this joyful message which says that You are authorized to build New World in new ways that are given directly from The Creator, from the Primal Origin of All Existence.



Jahn Johannes,
Translation: Boogy

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