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ENGLISH - Captain Helena to Amiable Contacts Through Zilanthrah January 24 2011

Captain Helena to Amiable Contacts
Through Zilanthrah January 24 2011

It is with joy that we greet our dear Amiable Contact group. We feel the unmistakable uplifting energy of Amiable Contact and we wish to reciprocate and to touch base. 

Change occurs continuously and moment to moment. Emotionally, physically, mentally you are feeling challenged. When you see events unfolding, do not hesitate to take part. Your actions have changed the reality of earth and continue to do so. By voicing your opinion or by taking an action that you are directed to, you are meeting those challenges! There is nothing to lose yet there is much to gain. Your self assuredness will grow. Unity on a larger scale will be the outcome. Simply put, it is imperative that you express in these times, especially when your seemingly downtrodden and browbeaten brothers and sisters require a balance of loving energies. Share your energies with them. 

The energies of opportunity abound at this time. This energy is designed and directed toward your individuality. What this means is that the time to step into your mastery is now. Now is the time to celebrate your sovereignty. Your energy carries an aspect of the ascension process as a whole. The group of like minded beings that you are with is no coincidence, no accident. It is very specific and intentional; designed to bring you together.

Your group has been created through the synergy of your intention. You are individuals, yet you are so much more than that. You have much in common; more than you might think. The intention of Amiable Contacts is an impressive one and one that links you together. You have had a similar experience in times past, one that unified you and created important change.
You are more than ready and willing to meet with us. And you are able; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It does not matter what your physical state is, you are ready! The common thread that binds you all together in this project is LOVE. Love for humanity, love for all that was, love for what is and love for all that will be. You know where you come from and you know where you are going.
You are in for a special treat in this project. You will be propelled into personal empowerment of a higher frequency and you will perform your mission without hesitation and with joy. Enthusiasm will radiate from your cells. Our enthusiasm for our group project began as soon as we became aware of Amiable Contact. We would not miss it for anything!
Do not hesitate to dream about it; to imagine how it will be for you. You will take command of your work. You will present yourself unabashedly and gracefully. It will come to you with ease and it will be spectacular. We will be delighted to witness your transformation. We will be pleased to act as your guides and to walk arm in arm.
There will come the time when Amiable Contacts will gather together, if this is what you wish. Focus on how this celebration might occur.
We will reach new heights of mastery. We will express without hesitation our knowledge, our wisdom and with humility. As you know, with pure intent, all things are possible.
The importance of acting as liason between planetary civilizations and humankind speaks volumes. And you will be busy; the kind of busy that is joyful and full of meaning, for to change one’s reality and the reality of an entire civilization is a magnificent accomplishment.
And you have done it, dear ones. You made your intention and you followed up. You did what was necessary and in your own way, which has led you to become part of this honorable group. Through the pitfalls of being human, you have remained steadfast. You have grown a hundred years in ten. 

So, why not celebrate what you have accomplished? Celebrate who you are. Celebrate those who love you and whom you love. Celebrate what you have learned. Celebrate those who have affected you and those you have touched. Celebrate your long journey. 

When Amiable Contact occurs, it will be time for celebration amongst all. However, you do not have to wait till then. Celebrate away! Feel your joy and anticipation around the Amiable Contact project! We love your celebratory vibrations and we celebrate with you! When in that frequency of enthusiasm, you are so much nearer to your wholeness and your divinity. And nearer to us! 

At this stage, you must surely recognize the fact that you are capable of accomplishing anything. See this from a fifth dimensional perspective and see how it makes you feel. Reaching that perspective and vibration is reason enough to celebrate. As you are integrating your higher perspective, light a candle in acknowledgement of the project. See yourself and your Amiable group together, partaking of one another’s celebratory vibrations. Ah, the synergy created will be something! We find this part of Amiable Contact so delightful, so blissful! 

As you evolve from the actual event of the Amiable Contact experience, you shall become anew and will function in a fifth dimensional way; truly it will be a new way. 

You will be tapping into your higher wisdom and intelligence, therefore our working together will always be something to look forward to as an Amiable Contact. Being in one another’s presence will be an extraordinarily pleasant experience. We will learn and we will grow while we incorporate new ideas based on decisions that we make together. We treat one another as equals and with great respect. We are excited for you to learn everything about us. 

We will convene regularly, as we do now. However, you will be consciously aware of every single occurrence. Although we meet in the higher dimension regularly now, you do not retain memory of it during your waking hours. When you feel the urge to rest or to just be still, know that your presence is required in the 5th dimension. An amazing Unity of the Amiable Contact project occurs when we meet in the 5th dimension. Members of the Amiable Contact project work together here as a group and the synergy created is fantastic! 

Serving in the 5th dimension in this way is part of your service. We convene regularly to discuss the Amiable Contact project, as well as other matters ongoing on Earth. This not only serves your greater good, but the greater good of all. 

Serving the greater good of all is how we base our existence. The opportunity to learn and to grow is boundless. And full of promise and wonder. 

The Amiable Contact project serves the greater good of all. If you would like to imagine new ideas for yourself or as a group, go into meditation, request information on how to celebrate, on how to learn and grow, or ask how your guides see the different aspects that interest you being carried out. How might you work together here and now while still in this reality? How do you spread your wings and reach the highest, grandest and most loving possibilities with regard to Amiable Contact? Or with regard to unfolding events that have a global effect? 

Look at how far you have come as the fore runners – and now, go further, reach higher. Imagine yourself taking another leap. And take it! And know that this energy of your intention and the energy that you put out there affects all living beings. Now there is an accomplishment in itself, no matter how small it may seem to you!
Our experience together in Amiable Contact is a beginning. What awaits is an opportunity to experience a way of being that is full of the promise of our Creator.

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