Monday, July 13, 2015

ACCEPT YOUR DIVINITY via Alec Christos Gabbitas


                                                                                   July 4. 2015
Greetings beloved friends and beloved fellow travelers on this sacred journey of everlasting life! Wonderful it is to be one with you, together bathing in these energies of unbiased, unconditional, unadulterated love as  our co-creation reflects ever always  the pure divinity of All That Is. Many a time have I been by your side and at your shoulder as your continuing journey onwards stretches out before you, likened to the fine crystal thread of the busying scarab weaving a wondrous web co-creating a silken tapestry of life for all to participate in.

I would, and still do at times, work with the words of the poet, thereby affording all or many the opportunity to taste the fruits of all that I may choose to share. I would oft times talk in parables whilst walking my pathway on earth years ago and it was ever for those who would find comfort in the flexibility of speech, the gentleness of the love and caring that was apt to flow from my humble being. I can change the format as and when I  please, as indeed can you dear ones, but it is always the message to be shared that is paramount and not the messenger!
A messenger or channel comes forward in many guises and it is dependant upon which hat  she or he is wearing at that moment of significance.  Many channels, including the one that I am proud to work  through this eventide, are adaptable to speaking in indeed ‘many tongues,’ and likened to many of you whom read these words allow the energies that are appropriate, at the given time, to utilize her/his channel. Words can be uttered in many tongues but the underlying truth and essence is the message of love, the very glue of this our local universe. 

Take all that is being proffered you by this veritable army of ‘sooth sayers’ and allow the words that flow surely and purely from the heart, to touch yours and for you to feel the essence, the rightness, in that which is being offered. We have afforded you on endless occasion the paramount importance of using daily your very own safety mechanism, your very own yardstick, your very own so precious  gift of discernment. It is a duty and essential obligation for the true and genuine aspiring ‘master in the making’  to recognize  and honor self , to recognize and honour others, to recognize and ACCEPT that this is your DIVINITY, this is the pathway true that is open to each and everyone as we reach  for the stars.

I am your friend of old and brother to you all. I have chosen this opportunity at this now moment of  time to reach out to you with only purest love in my heart that at times, even though my pathway or journey may be‘further or lesser’ than some, do I feel the need to ask of you a favor! Beloveds, see not but the ‘speck’ in another’s eye. See not only that which maybe a judging mind might perceive to be true. See not the lack in another but merely the sheer beauty of  their true essence. See not the pace of another for this is not a race, it is a co- creative divine experience. See not only that which gratifies your sensual pleasure and  blessed be for a soul recognition. See not only the cloth of another’s cloak and always strive to feel the quality in the heart. Be not envious or covetous of another’s seeming ability and accept that he/she is still on the same pathway yet  maybe but a step along. Be gentle and loving with yourself and honor another with the self same gentleness. Accept as truth that which you feel in your heart and soul and lay to rest the comparisons. Be assured that he/she whom appears to be a ‘thorn in your side’ was placed there by you.

Be still and mindful of all the abundant wonders and gifts that you can receive from another, knowing that no one is loved more or less than you. Know that you are both equal and opposite and that collectively you encompass all things. As you gaze at the reflection another might afford you then be blessed for you see with the heart and know that you are one. A helping hand, a smile, a gentle caress lays the foundation in love for the new world of tomorrow. Know that all IS in perfect divine order and as you gratefully and graciously accept your own divinity does the jigsaw puzzle of life fall ever more into place.

Be still and Know That I Am God, be still and know that I Am your companion on the road and ever will be for we share a common destiny! I leave my love encompassing each and every one and I am blessed and honored to have shared this precious space with you. Follow your heart, listen to your own inner instruct and know that you are here in your sovereignty. Allow not preference to outweigh your divine intuition for you have indeed the whole world in your most worthy hands. 

                                     ACCEPT YOUR DIVINITY.....‘Jesus Christ Sananda’

(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for Sananda to the Universal Mind.
(Please copy and share giving due credit                      

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