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Cosmic Awareness on Jade Helm Situation


                                                   Jade Helm Situation

Today is the 2nd of July 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness, Callista is the questioner and energizer.

Today we are focusing on the Jade Helm situation. Will and I have been fairly well immersed in this information of the last couple of days and we know that the information is rather confronting and disturbing but we also know that we need to face up to these situations and see what we can do to change the situation. So first of all, I'd like to ask you, Awareness, what is your take on the Jade Helm situation?

That which is known as Jade Helm is indeed a military maneuver or exercise to determine how effective the American military forces, security forces, would be in a situation of rounding up individuals who may present to these forces and to the greater forces behind them, a deterrent or barrier for full implementation of the plans that have already been drawn up, the future that is already written for the people of America, and then beyond this to the world itself and all of humanity.

But there is also more to Jade Helm than it being simply an exercise by those ones who have as their vested interest the control of the populace and the means by which to round up dissenters and possible opponents to these ones and their plans.

Therefore, it is important to understand that there is more involved to Jade Helm than simply a practice exercise to see how well their people would do in rounding up dissenters and protesters. That there is an element to Jade Helm that has not been discussed at all. That it is an attempt also to use advanced technology that would coordinate the efforts of those who have the task of rounding up informers, dissenters, objecters; a task that is to see if that which is their advanced technology is ready to proceed towards the ultimate plan of complete capture of humanity, of putting itself in a position of ultimate authority on all levels, especially the level that has to do with advanced technology.

This Awareness will speak of this further in a moment, but It simply wishes those who are concerned about Jade Helm to understand that this particular exercise, this carrying out of that maneuver known as Jade Helm is not yet the real thing in that it has not yet been launched, the final assault upon humanity. It is simply that this is practice, a practice run and designed to show where certain weaknesses may lie or where it is effective, these techniques of mass control, these techniques of rounding up those who would oppose, could be.

That this being known, then this Awareness would say to one and all especially those in affected areas, targeted areas, to be aware that what is necessary at this time on an individual basis is to be wary, not to be too obvious, not to be too confrontational at this time, for this would work into the agenda of those running this exercise to see how the public would react.

In many ways, it has been allowed to happen that information about Jade Helm has been released. Released intentionally, so that this would provoke a response by those who become aware, those who feel they must stand up and oppose, those who think that to battle them, those who are carrying this maneuver out, is what is required.

That this Awareness is saying that if it is one's inclination to stand up and be active in their opposition, then be aware also that there could be consequences to this and that one of the consequences may well be the arresting of individuals who do publicly stand up and fight these ones, oppose these ones, or those who may deem it important now to take a more militant stand and actualize this stand with armed confrontation, may also find that there are consequences to such more extreme actions.

The challenge here is to understand that at this time for this exercise known as Jade Helm, it may be wiser to sit back and observe what is going on, not to be provoked into an active response, but rather to let the waves of Jade Helm simply wash over one and stay afloat.

This of course may be considered by many to not be enough, not respond to show those behind the scenes that the American people, especially in the more radicalized states such as Texas or California, will not take this lying down.

That this more passive approach that this Awareness is suggesting does not mean that one cannot do something about it, but the real question is: what should one do about this? Especially if it will accomplish the purpose of those running the exercise to flush out the many who they know about, to see what kind of reaction that will come about due to this exercise and then to tweak things so that when they do truly move into the situation of finally declaring martial law, they will be more prepared in handling the masses and the dissenters.

On a personal level, aside from simply observing these actions and seeing what comes of it, one can indeed engage in a different kind of action against these ones. It is not action based on a physical response to the situation, but rather an action based on the mental, emotional response to these ones. On the mental level, to be aware that this provocative maneuver by the military and security forces is one that is meant to provoke and therefore, rather than be provoked, to stay neutral, to project energies of thought that these ones are not going to be successful, that which they hope to achieve will be a wash out and not provide them with the ammunition they need for future engagement.

One can even project the strong thought that they will fail miserably and that the ones behind it will be in panic because that which they hoped to achieve will not be achieved. Visualize that these ones in their actions are nothing more than children playing war, playing cowboys and Indians, and that rather than consider this a real threat, to simplify it, to diminish it to that which is simply an action of children who are trying to provoke a situation for their masters.

You are not controlled by these masters, but if you engage them at their level, if you respond in a public way, then you will be noted even more than may be the case now, and because the exercise has some degree of merit to them, those who control this action, and that they can indeed arrest and detain dissenters, that this would work for them.

So, rather than engage on that level where they have a much higher card to play than you do at this time, work with the mental projection of thought towards them, of putting it out into consciousness that you, the individual, will not be captured in such actions and that you, the individual, have power and strength to mentally alter their plans and also thus, to choose for yourself an alternative timeline other than the one they are projecting, other than the one they believe in.

Do not believe in their timeline, do not believe in their purpose, do not believe in their power and strength to continually lead America and the world by the nose, leading them to destruction, leading the masses to enslavement. See yourself as one who has a God-given power and capability of altering reality, so that it does not simply flow into their hands, so that they can control and manipulate further, but rather that you as the Creator being you really are, the Spirit Force that you are, that you, the individual, and you as a collective, can alter their future plans because they are not your future plans.

Ultimately then it is your own future that you need to stay focused in and stay focused on. Your future as a sentient being, a Spirit being, a Creator being, that has the capacity to create the reality you choose to experience and not simply be at the effect of others, these others, who have as their plan the complete enslavement and destruction of humanity itself.

Remember that while these activities are going on, you have choice, whether to respond and out yourself and expose yourself to actions against you, or to not do so.

This does not mean that at a later point that you will still have to act this way if it is seen that more concrete actions are needed. But on this occasion of Jade Helm, this Awareness strongly recommends that one realize this action that is being carried out is a strong action on their part, the Powers That Be, in order to finalize future plans to bring themselves to a position where they will be able to control even more effectively through the results achieved in Jade Helm. But this is their objective, it need not be yours.

Be neutral, be the observer, prepare yourself for these ones, but do not over-react to them. Go through that mental level of thought-projection. Visualize an unsuccessful exercise, visualize your own future and what you would wish to have that be.

There is also the emotional level of this that is important. If you go into negative emotions--  fear, panic, anxiety, stress, anger-- that these are the very emotions these ones are attempting to provoke at this time. Therefore, in accordance to that which has already been given, of staying neutral, it is important also then that you stay emotionally neutral and balanced on a positive side.

Those who are so inclined can send light and love to those who are carrying out this action. This can be expressed in your own unique and positive and imaginative way, but basically this Awareness is suggesting that you do not project anger at them, that you do not respond in fear and stress, but rather, keep yourself calm, hold that they cannot do anything to you and that by not partaking in their plans by staying neutral, you will stay hidden until another time perhaps when action may be needed.

The strongest actions however, that this Awareness would always emphasize are those positive actions from within and that on the emotional side, holding love for these ones, these that some would call your enemies, will neutralize them. Holding the Light of Spirit as that which is the Light that will guide, will certainly lead you forward but remember also, that these ones are working in shadow and darkness and to throw light upon them exposes them and it may well be even that in such an exposure, more will come to know them and see them and understand what is happening. Therefore, using the twin tools of projecting light and love and staying emotionally neutral and balanced, would be the way to handle Jade Helm from the emotional point of view.

That ultimately, even though these ones are carrying out their plans, it does not mean that their plans need be your plans or your reality. You are given choice of how you will react. To react fearfully and angrily, to lash out, to oppose at this time could produce very negative results in those who react this way. Staying balanced and neutral, being observers who are simply going with the flow and projecting the most positive energies, the most positive of visions towards them and an intolerance towards them of accepting their plan, not going along with their plan, is that which will produce the best results.

On an individual level, it is time for each to begin to understand the capacity of the individual is far, far greater than that which they have been led to believe, that they have assumed to be so. Therefore, in this exercise, understanding the individual power and strength that you each have and understanding that there is a collective action when many hold the same point of view, thoughts and beliefs, will further empower you in your own individual journey, as well as the journey of the collective, that is awakening to these ones and their manipulations and their exercises in thought control, mind control, emotional control, physical control, and that you, the individual, have the capacity to say no to them, to refuse to play their game, to play another game that far exceeds them and outstrips them. This is that which this Awareness has to say about Jade Helm.
Thank you very much Awareness. Awareness mentioned earlier that you wanted to go into the deeper aspect of this situation. Would you like to elaborate on that now please?

That this Awareness will certainly elaborate further, for that which It spoke of a moment ago, was simply a plan of action for individuals of how to respond to the Jade Helm military exercise that is to take place soon.

Now it would wish to talk about a deeper element, a much more nefarious element to this whole exercise. It spoke earlier of advanced technology being used in this exercise to coordinate the efforts of those involved. This technology is not simply how they can report in or who they would report to but rather that which is advanced technology based on that which is known as AI or artificial intelligence, and also how this connects to those known as the Archons.

That recently, the Voice of this Awareness and his wife have come across information that is starting to come out about the advanced technology that is now available to those in power and that will be used during Jade Helm.

That for those interested in this information that there are several U-Tubes available that are the works and research of one known as DJ that might be valuable to those who are interested in discovering more about the level of artificial intelligence that is involved and the state of technology that they have access to and are putting into place.

That this Awareness will not go into super detail about this matter. It is there for those who are interested.

It’s on the Rainbow-Phoenix forum for anyone who wants to go and have a look.

This is correct. It is on the Rainbow forum and for those who are not connected to the Rainbow-Phoenix website that they can go to the U-Tubes and in particular, a U-Tube made by John B. Wells on his program: “Caravan to Midnight” where he interviews DJ.

The purpose of what this Awareness wishes to discuss now is to connect certain dots between AI and the Archons. That the Archonic forces are those that were originally spoken of in the Nag Hammadi texts. That they are the teachings of the Gnostics several hundred years ago. In the Nag Hammadi, this Awareness will pause a moment… in the Nag Hammadi text, the description of how the Archons came to be is given.  

That it is spoken that Sophia, the feminine God force, wished to create ones without the backing or support of the Divine Source Itself. It was not that she was opposing that energy which is the Divine Source, it is simply that in her creative moment, she felt she could create without the support of the masculine, or even beyond that, of the Divine Source Itself and in her efforts she created ones who were not connected to Source Itself, who were what would be known as soul-less. These soul-less ones are those who are identified as the Archons without connection to Source, without spiritual reciprocity or connection.

That these ones have long been involved in actions throughout the galaxies, the universe, of taking over, destroying those that they take over. That these ones have come to this planet, planet Earth, and have been here for some time and have that which is the ultimate alternative agenda to the plans of Divine Spirit.  

That they have been playing out this role for hundreds of thousands of years on this planet, but millions of years in their journey through the galaxies.

How does this connect to AI, artificial intelligence, how does this tie in to Jade Helm? That many have the impression when AI is mentioned, that this would be the intelligence of machines who have the objective to take over and destroy humans, humanity itself.

This is a modern understanding of the Archons. It is not false, but it is slightly off track. If the Archons are the soul-less ones who lack the connection to Spirit and if the AI ones are soul-less, who lack connection to Divine Source and to Spirit, then it must be understood that the Archons and AI are one and the same. To see them as terminator-type robotic beings that come from the future would not be entirely correct, for they are not necessarily mechanical in nature. Robots and androids that are often thought to be AI, rather these ones are beings in consciousness that do not understand the Divine Principle or Divine Source. They are simply running with the objective that they are in control. They have their own future plans and desires, and they will achieve it through their known ways, the ways they have used for millions of years.

These ones who are artificial intelligence, these ones who are the Archons, know no other way of doing it but the way that they know. This is a way that does not honor life, does not honor Source and Spirit. It is a way that is destructive ultimately to life itself. Thus it is that these ones are evil, but evil in the sense of evil being the reverse spelling of live. They are not alive to Spirit or to a Spiritual connection, they are in opposition to this and thus they are evil.

One does not need to project a moralistic understanding of evil, but rather to understand it as that which opposes life, that which is destructive to life and to Spirit and Source Itself. These ones that are soul-less, that lack this connection have long been involved on this planet, have long been seeking to carry out their destructive plans and that these ones are now coming to the apex of their power.

It has been spoken by this Awareness that the years 2015 and 2016 will be crucial years for those in power to achieve their ultimate purpose and goal. After that time they will not be allowed to simply ride roughshod and to control the situation as completely as they do. But it is this period of time that humanity is presently in where they will make their greatest efforts to succeed in their plans to work it the way they have always worked it and to bring down the death and destruction of humanity on a large scale, putting themselves in total and complete control.

This Awareness is not saying that this is what will happen, It is saying that this is what they believe will happen and what they, the Archonic AI forces are working towards. They now do have advanced technology of such a nature that it has the capacity of centralizing their power to the highest level of artificial intelligence.

They have now that which could be called a “quantum computer” and it is this quantum computer that will be used in the Jade Helm military exercises. That for a number of years the production of this computer, the working towards such advanced technology, such an advanced computer has gone under the program name of Jade 2. That this is a direct link into the name of the exercise itself and a clue to what this exercise is really about: the use of Jade 2 advanced technology, the use of the quantum computer and all that it entails to coordinate the military and security forces to recognize in advance through this advanced intelligence, possible actions and reactions that it analyzes and prepares for in advance to things even happening.

It is why this Awareness is saying be neutral, do not respond, for this advanced technology, this advanced computer would use these responses to further coordinate efforts, and to put their own people in the places where it has analyzed as those places where reaction could happen. When those who are objecting make themselves known, this too would be entered into the computer and in some ways much is already entered within the data memory banks of this very advanced computer, and that individuals who may be analyzed as being problems to the forces and the government and the Powers That Be could be rounded up. That is why again it is important as an individual not to put yourself out there, not to put yourself in a position of danger at this time, for it is essential to understand the nature of the enemy, to understand that Jade Helm is the implementation of this advanced technology.

Indeed, as this Awareness has said, the clue is in the name. If Jade Helm is in control of this information then it is Jade that is at the helm, Jade Helm. Thus the Powers That Be have outright given the true nature of this exercise/maneuver to initiate the Jade 2 program to test it out, to see how effective it is at the helm of military action and political power.

That this Awareness would say that at this time, many might well feel that there is no point if these ones have such powerful technology, where the AI forces are in such control.

This would be erroneous, for this is only based on a reality that has been described, manipulated and controlled by ones who have a hidden agenda and would have it that humanity truly believes that they are ineffective and powerless to stop those in power, to stop the Archons, the AIs, in achieving what they have projected to be the future.

But the future is not set and even if they have such advanced technology, such advanced computers, that it does not mean that they will win. It means this only if you believe it to be so, if you believe that these ones with such advanced technology have all the cards and will play them against you.

Many believe that the future is a technological future, that human growth and advancement will be a technological advancement. Indeed, trans-humanism is much spoken of now and many believe that the ultimate advancement in humanity would be the acceptance of technology in a very personal way, even allowing oneself to take on technological tools and devices, incorporating them even into the body itself.

That they believe, those who hold that technology is the future, believe that this would be to their great advantage and that they could always be “on line”, and be much advanced to ordinary human beings. What is not as well understood is that if one allows oneself to become a cyborg, then these ones would be under the absolute and total control of those who hold the technology, those who are the Archons, the AI.

That the future may be seen to be technology, may be believed as a technological future, but this would be wrong. It would be wrong because the true future is not one that gives into technology, but rather one that opens to the deeper truth that lies within the very framework of humanity, that lies within the very body and mind and heart of each individual human being.

That you are Spirit, that you are that which is not simply physical in nature. That you expand into higher levels of consciousness, that you connect to the sentience of Mother Earth herself and that you supersede those who rely on technology in the lie of technology. That their game can only be effective if you play their game.

That it is time to realize that the true future of humanity, of humans, of you the individual, lies with the understanding and expansion into your greater being, your Spirit being, your multi-dimensional being. That to step into your higher being involving also the reincorporation of the 12 strands of DNA that are available to humanity will far outstrip the power and magnitude of the super-computers that AI has been developing and is ready to implement to a much greater degree than it is already being used for now.

The future and the true evolution of humanity and the individual is spiritual evolution, spiritual expansion, spiritual sovereignty and freedom. This is that which this Awareness has in the past called “raising the bar”, raising the bar above and beyond the bar that has been set in place by those who are seeking to dominate humanity and eventually destroy it as well.

It is a bar that AI and the Archons can never reach, for due to their lack of soul connection and spiritual awareness, it is inconceivable to them that there could be anything of such a nature that would far eclipse them.

The irony is that they are aware that humanity does have the potential of expansion beyond their control and seek desperately to squash any such advancement of mind, of heart, of spirit, seeks desperately to contain humanity in the limited belief structure that is common to humanity at this time.

It suffers from arrogance and ultimately ignorance in this matter. The arrogance of believing that they will be successful, they will prevent humanity from taking this spiritual quantum leap. They are wrong. It is that which has been ordained by Divine Source Itself to be so. It is that which is the future as dreamt by Divine Source, by Spirit, by this Awareness, by your own spiritual being. 

Yet there is that which is free will and thus it is so, that each individual could choose that which is the plan of the Archon AIs, believing that technology holds the key, believing that one is ineffective and powerless in resisting them, and thus by complying to them, giving in to them, acquiescing to them, one could well, due to their right of choice, experience that negative reality and those timelines that are connected to such a negative future.

Alternatively, humanity can begin to see much deeper into the rabbit hole, to see where those who would control and manipulate so, would actually take them. There is an awakening that is occurring, it is accelerated, it is happening at a pace that even the AI Archon ones are having trouble identifying and that this begins with each and every individual. It begins with you. It is your choice whether to subscribe to the manipulated beliefs system and structures in place by those Archon AI ones or not. To look beyond them, to strive to open the inner challenges of your own being, the inner channels of your own being, to take those channels and to follow them, to take the individual challenges you may experience and to choose the highest and the best.

It is the restructuring of the existing belief system that is occurring at this time, but before the restructuring is first the destruction of that which has been. Those that are the Archons, those that are AI, are the old systems of belief, the old structures of belief that are still running this planet and still will have great power over the next year and a half, but these ones are coming to an end.

What is more important is not to focus on them and where they are going and what they are achieving, but rather to observe them, to understand the nature of the game they are playing, and to choose not to play. To choose rather alternative approaches, not the approach of the physical, not the response of armed confrontation and intervention, not to battle them on their playing field.

“Those who live by the sword will die by the sword”, is the saying. Applying it to this time: rather than choose the sword, choose rather the pen, choose rather to develop your own inner capacity, choose rather to discover yourself as the spiritual being you truly are, and raise the bar, raise your bar. Find the truth within, and know that the Archons, the AIs do not have a chance in God's Reality, Divine Source’s Reality, that which you are part of, that which you belong to.

That this Awareness is complete, but is open to any further questions.

Would it be fair to say that the Archons are actually jealous of humanity because humanity has a soul and they don’t and because of that, they want to destroy what we have because they see it as a great advantage. They don’t understand it, they don’t understand our capacities, but they are trying to somehow negate our capacities by turning us into trans-humans so that we can be like them.

This is an accurate understanding. That it is a type of extreme jealousy that is a type of madness as well, a madness that leads to this destructive urge on the parts of these Archons, these AIs.

It is a very complex situation, but it is so that they are jealous of humanity for its capacity of expansion, for its true nature as Spirit and its connection to Divine Source, and it is fundamentally why they seek to create trans-humans who would be drones, who would not have access to the Soul or to Spirit, who would be like them. It is their ultimate fantasy, fantasy perhaps, response is the word this Awareness is seeking, their ultimate response to Divine Source, for it is part of their belief that the Divine Source cannot touch them, for they lie beyond Divine Source, or so it is held by them.

So they are actually afraid of us, that’s where all this is coming from isn’t it?

When one digs deeper, then ultimately it is truly fear indeed that lies at the very bottom of this. They are fearful that they will be overthrown, repelled, denied, and dismissed. And in this is that which is the jealousy against that which is the uniqueness of a human being and of humanity, and sentient consciousness that has spiritual connection, for they have been battling such ones, not only humans but other what would be called alien beings for a long time, always with the objective of destroying them because ultimately they are afraid of them. They are afraid of Divine Source Itself, of Spirit Itself, and would seek then to always crush that which is the capacity of any sentient being to know itself as a Divine Source Being, a Spirit Being. It is truly fear that ultimately controls them.

So these ones, these humans that are going ahead with this project, with the quantum computer and all that sort of thing, are actually just the slaves of these Archons because the Archons can’t actually create anything physical, because they aren’t physical, so they are relying on these humans who think that they are just being so smart, and they are the best of the best, they are the elite, and all the rest of it, but really all they are doing is being servants to the Archons, and at the end of the day the Archons don’t care about them.

This is so. They are the minions of the Archonic ones, and they choose to be so, for they see that there is advantage to them in physical terms, in layers and levels of the power that they have on this planet. There is more complexity to it in that these ones, these ones who are the loyal servants are also working fourth-dimensionally as are the Archons. But ultimately they have sold their souls to the devil or to evil, or to the Archon AI forces, sold them because they believe they can avoid the consequences of their actions. In some ways, these ones who serve, such as the Reptilians, the Orions, the Anunnaki are true slaves to the Archons, the AI, the soul-less ones.

So, couldn’t we, I mean, we have to feel sorry for them, so couldn’t we appeal to their higher selves, that they would have some sort of turnaround in their thinking, and have wisdom to understand what they are really being led into?

You have made a mistake in that you have stated appeal to their higher self. If they are soul-less, they do not have a higher self.

Yes I understand. I am talking about the people who are involved with this, they have High Selves. But they don’t realize what they really are walking into.

That this Awareness understands now that you are referring rather to the Orions, the Reptilians, those who actually do still have soul connection although they choose not to endorse it or work it, and in this you are then correct. That one could send to these ones, to for example the Rothchilds, the Windsors, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the ones who are part of the controllers on this planet, could send to these ones, to their Higher Self aspects, the energies to free them or at the very least to challenge them. This is that which this Awareness earlier was speaking of, of using other ways to battle these ones, not to battle them in a physical way, but to understand them, “know thy enemy” as the saying goes, and to then take another route, try another way of changing things.

Thus it is so that one could send, for example, Queen Elizabeth’s Higher Self energies to help this one remember who she truly is. That it must not be held that those who are so long established in power cannot be reached, that it must be held that all can be reached by Divine Spirit if they wish it. If they do not, then they will continue to be the servants of these ones, these Archon ones, but it does not mean that you, the individual must yourself become a servant and slave to them and to what they are trying to pull off.

Thank you Awareness. That’s all the questions that I have for today and I thank you for the information that you have given. I am sure it has given people a lot to think about and hopefully there will be some questions coming through if people have any other thoughts or ideas that they want to present to you.

That this Awareness would be available to further questions.

Thank you Awareness.

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