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Guan Yin: Earth’s Lightworkers: Rest, Heal & Prepare

Guan Yin: Earth’s Lightworkers: 
Rest, Heal & Prepare

Important message from Guan Yin  – May 12th, 2016
By Linda Li

Guan Yin says, dear heart,

The Divine has decreed that humanity’s Ascension has reached a point that chaotic situations around the world needs a break. In other words, humanity’s release needs to be managed in such a fashion so that it won’t go out of control. Yes, the more release, the better humanity feels. But when the release gets out of control, it can create new destructive behavior, wars, cause new cycle of karma and that is not what humanity needs right now, and we try our best to communicate to humanity about the consequences of overblown and out of control kind of releasing.

Dear heart, humanity’s Ascension has been so intense lately, we, the company of heaven and Divine, have been so busy to direct humanity so that nothing too bad can happen but still releasing. So far, we have been successful in the maneuvers and do the best we can in each moment of the day. Humanity is indeed furiously ascending, burning all the debris in front of it and leaving nothing to chances. We applaud the determination and seriousness of humanity, and warn humanity to be gentle in the face of release. So far, it has been working out well.

I love you dear heart. In the last message, I had warned you about the readiness of our dear light workers for the upcoming changes. Today, I want to continue the conversation. Divine has decreed that some of our ground crew members are not particularly ready, and that is essential to us. Let me explain what I meant. Ground crew members are the souls we sent to earth to coordinate with Divine, not only do the light work, they also serve as the communication centers, they have the direct line of communication with Divine and company of heaven. They serve as the members of the Divine and company of heaven, except they are in human form. Their roles are so essential that basically they decide the readiness of the ground organization and operation. If they are not ready, we can not do anything. We have to wait till they are ready, and that is the case right now.

Some of our ground crews are merely awakening to the fact that they are ground crews and they carry great weight in this great shift of Gaia and humanity. And that is why they had such a dramatic awakening process, and that is why their entire life was an operation of Divine. In other words, they are not in control of their lives, their lives are controlled by Divine, and they have little say about it. Now all of a sudden they realized that, and they need time to sort out all the happenings to them in order to be fully aligned with their mission. We understand the emotional component of it, and we give them time to heal and help them to heal. Bottom line is they have to be ready, otherwise, the entire operation has to wait. So, that is what is going on at the moment. We, on the other side of the veil, are waiting for our ground crews to be totally ready, getting on the path and positions, so that we are all on the same page for humanity.

I love you dear heart. I am Guan Yin. I pray that you heed my call for action and getting yourself ready for the changes. I pray that you know deep down you are the ground crew of this grand project, you carry a great mission on your back, and getting ready for me and the mother. I pray that you know what you do and don’t do matters so much the entire human future depends on it. I pray that you heed my plea and put your act together, and get your mission done as quickly as possible So that humanity has a chance of relief from this endless releasing and cleasening. I pray that you know how to prepare and ask for help if you don’t. We are here to help and support you. I pray that you know how much I love you and how much humanity loves you. No matter how hard you think the journey is, think of the perspectives of humanity at large, you might have a different point of view. I pray that you know how important this window of opportunity is for us, and for humanity. Let’s work together, get the job done. I pray that our dear light workers are all enthusiastical about the upcoming changes, and get your self more ready, a little bit more everyday so that when the time comes, you will be truly ready.

I love you dear heart. Truly indeed. I am yours.

I am Guan Yin, I love you. So it is.

through  Linda Li

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