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ENGLISH - So Where Are We Now and Where Do We Go from Here?

So Where Are We Now and Where Do We Go from Here?


2011 January 29

by Steve Beckow
Let’s look at the situation we’re in at the moment – from our vantage point, from that of the Obama Administration, and from that of the protesters on the ground in Egypt, Yemen, and elsewhere, etc.
From our vantage point, we know that the energies being beamed to Earth are raising our sense of well-being and our desire to right situations of injustice and exploitation that have existed on Earth since time out of mind. Of the increasing light and people’s reactions to it, SaLuSa said in November of 2010:

“You are ever moving onwards, and your goal is well in sight as the Light lifts you up. This month is one that promises a surge of energy that will yet again power the Light Grids upon Earth. Gradually it is affecting each soul upon Earth and raising their level of consciousness. Even those that have hardly awakened to their true selves are feeling a stirring inside. They know not what is happening, but feel the air of expectancy and sense that changes are occurring. …

“No longer will people be able to gamble with the lives and property of others, and responsibility and caring will be foremost. The Light is now so powerful it is bringing people together, with a new resolution to live in love and peace. That aim will be fulfilled before Ascension, and expanded to bring harmony and balance into each person’s life. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling that will abound in the New Age, and to be a free soul totally released from all cares and worries.” (1)
SaLuSa confirms that the growing unrest in the world is a result of this increase of light:
“In most countries you are learning of unrest, and it is because of the awakening consciousness of the people. You no longer desire to be at the mercy of those who dictate how your lives are led.” (2)

“The mood of the people is moving towards achieving true democracy, and you will find there is some degree of unrest in many countries.

“The energy that is being created is having the desired effect, and changes for the better will come into being. Apart from this the plan for radical and far-reaching changes proceeds at a pace, as time continues to speed up. Together they will deliver your release from the clutches of the dark forces.” (3)

The people of Earth are awakening to their right to something different, something better, and demonstrations and riots are the result, SaLuSa says:

“Demonstrations and riots are becoming more frequent, as people reject a return to the past. They are awakening to the potential that exists to make a clean start, and have no desire to accept any form of compromise. Before matters can get out of hand, certain events that are near to happening will help calm matters.” (4)
The greatest likelihood is that disclosure is at least one of the events that SaLuSa is referring to.

We know – but few others do – that millions of galactic warriors, engineers, diplomats, healers, teachers, etc., are here to prepare and

Egyptian Protests

guide us to the experience of Ascension which we expect in less than two years time. As SaluSa told us in 2008:

“Do not worry about the size of the problems, as we have more than adequate resources to handle them. Bear in mind we have millions of ships and personnel just waiting to move into action. Each know their function and responsibilities in restoring the Earth, and taking Mankind into the New Age with all of its advanced technology, and marvelous benefits for everyone.” (5)

We expect these visitors to reveal themselves in under two months from now – that is, by the end of the first quarter of this year, as SaLuSa acknowledged on Dec. 29, 2010: “In one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide within the first quarter of this coming year.” (6)

We know that the rising light energies are enervating the dark forces who have controlled this planet and that the Light forces, according to SaLuSa, have recently been given the authorization to remove some of the leaders of the dark and to interfere with their operations.

“As our authority has been extended beyond our original remit, we now take more direct action to stop the black operations aimed at you or other countries. We echo your sentiments that “enough is enough” and it is now the turn of the Light to direct the path of the people on Earth. Such a lot of work has already gone into paving the way to the final years of this cycle, to ensure it is a smooth and successful journey. You of course have played a major part in achieving such an accomplishment, and you have helped create the grid of Light that now encircles the Earth.” (7)

We know from Hatonn other new steps the galactics are taking, but others don’t know them.

“We have been given leave by God to use stronger methods wherever necessary to dismantle the Illuminati’s remaining power bases. This does NOT mean killing anyone – God never sanctions killing, nor would we ever want to do that! For quite some time we have been permitted to override the dark ones’ free will by blocking their powerful weaponry when they attempt more events like ’9/11,’ and we have done that on numerous occasions.

“Now we also can foil their efforts to create major disruptions by blocking their communication systems and transportation modes and by diverting their intelligence couriers. We also have God’s permission to temporarily relocate a few key individuals to areas where they can do no mischief whatsoever. This is done somewhat like the cloaking of our ships in an invisible force field, which makes the disappearance baffling to those individuals’ co-workers too. So, even though you won’t see evidence of our new allowances, you know that now we’re taking even longer strides to help you rid your world of dark deeds.” (8)

More recently Hatonn has shared more on the subject:

“Some of our colleagues on the planet have made their presence known undeniably because they appeared in their real forms. They are meeting with powerful individuals, including some who operate out of public view, to inform them about our on- and off-planet network, and rats are starting to abandon the ship around the world. You won’t hear about that or the mopping up that’s underway.

“Don’t interpret this as our taking control! Our colleagues among you are working with Obama and others with influence to dislodge the Illuminati’s remaining strongholds and establish groundwork for wide-scale reforms.” (9)

Furthermore, we know that the Light forces will be victorious, which few other people on the planet know. According to SaLuSa:

“Be assured the Light and its supporters will be victorious, and the dark Ones will be defeated not by force or military power, but by the power of Love and Light. It may sound unlikely when you look back at history but you are now in a totally different era, when outside forces with the backing of the Brotherhood of Light are directing the outcome of activities on Earth. Mother Earth also plays a part and is desirous of working with us as her own cleansing takes place.

“So, Dear Ones, whatever happens that is not in accord with the Ascension process, have no fears, as it will not affect the outcome one iota. As you sometimes learn, many countries now are going through self-analysis as they realize the old paradigm no longer works. Those who wish to keep the status quo are fast becoming a minority and their influence will not interfere with the program of changes about to commence.” (10)

At the same time, Hatonn has told us that the next few months will be chaotic and we can see that they are.

“It’s a matter of all that must be accomplished within a comparatively short time and the dark resistance has to be dismantled before that can happen.  We’ve been telling you that for some time to prepare you for the massive changes coming. The next several months will be quite a ride — stay in the light and you’ll navigate the rough waters in good stead.” (11)

Turning from what we know, let’s look at what the Obama Administration knows. According to Hatonn, President Obama knows about the galactics and is a strong supporter of disclosure but is surrounded by squeamish colleagues and opponents.

“It’s just as well that no decisions are being made without Obama’s involvement. He strongly favors extensive and speedy disclosure and most of your other principal participants are being squeamish about both. We can suggest and recommend but not impose our judgment upon your representatives, much less take any action because it can be considered arbitrary at best or unilateral at worst. So we are being patient. That’s the only thing we can do until either your representatives reach agreement on all the important issues pertaining to the TV program or God in His wisdom decides what shall be done and when.” (12)

Hatonn tells us that the President was recently made aware that the galactics guarantee his own safety and that of his family and that he now knows of the plan for Ascension and its schedule. Hatonn also tells us that the President is in contact with “the Orient,” which must mean at least the Chinese and possibly Japan as well, coordinating efforts to take down the dark.

“Obama now knows we have him covered and he can proceed without fear for his family’s safety and his own. Media report what they are told, of course, but the truth is, now that he knows Earth’s ascension timetable, he’s negotiating with powers that be either personally or via safe communication channels to shut down Illuminati strongholds in his country, Europe and the Orient.” (13)

We have a sense that the Chinese leadership must also be in contact with the galactics because the leadership has made a radical turn in its policies and appears friendly to disclosure, solicitous of its own population’s well-being and cooperative toward the West. (14) It has dropped its aggressive stance towards Taiwan and has done nothing in response to various aggressive moves towards containment by the West.

We also believe that for at least three, perhaps four years, the Chinese have had the power to render the American war machine useless. All motherboards supplied to American military hardware (and most motherboards in that hardware have been supplied by the Chinese) have trojans in them that can be used to render the equipment inoperative. (15)

Moreover, the Chinese have shown that they have the ability to take over American planes, like that which flew Vice-President Cheney home from Australia, and cause them to land. They also have the ability to take over American military computers like those at the Cheyenne command and control facility. It is suspected that they caused the B-52 carrying nuclear weapons to the Middle East to land. It may also be that the galactics have helped them in all these efforts; we don’t know about that.

We know that the Chinese have unstoppable carrier-busting Russian missiles (the Iranians do as well, which may be why the American fleet huddles against Dubai, out of harm’s way) and need no longer be afraid of American carrier groups. And yet the Chinese have not acted on their demonstrated military superiority and recently SaLuSa congratulated and praised them:

“Notice how the Chinese leaders are making concessions to the West, and that they are using their power to prevent the Illuminati from making further footholds in the East. They are a part of a growing movement to stabilise the world, and root out the influences that have tried to lead you into another war scenario.” (16)

The recent visit of Hu Jintao to Washington was a stunning display of cooperation between Presidents Obama and Hu and went beyond mere diplomacy. Hu admitted that China had more work to do on human rights and allowed President Obama to invite him to dialogue with the Dalai Lama without storming out of the room. (17) In a setting in which saving face is usually a large consideration, these are great steps forward and cannot be explained, in my view, without assuming that China is working with the galactics.

So at least the leaders of the two superpowers – China and the United States – can be assumed to be working with the space fleet. Matthew Ward told us back in 2008 that Vladimir Putin has been falsely portrayed in the western press and is also in fact working to free Russia from the Illuminati’s grip:

“Be aware that mainstream ‘news’ in the United States is falsely portraying some leaders as posing a danger to democracy or destabilizing their nations, whereas they are light beings distancing their countries from the Illuminati’s empire-building, which in large part has grown through two centuries or more of the US government’s covert intrusion into other countries’ affairs. Foremost among these leaders vilified by the Bush administration is Vladimir Putin.” (18)

We are aware as well that the Russians have had numerous opportunities to take advantage of the West and have not. These include their successful repulsion of America from Georgia and the opportunity their support for Iran has provided to arm and encourage Iran to make more mischief than it already has. American speculators even caused the rouble to collapse, but, through all of this, Russia has shown restraint in its dealings with the West, leading me to believe that they too are cooperating with the galactics.

We need to realize that, since perhaps 1962, Russia has had the means to totally defeat the West militarily and has not used it. At least since that year, according to Tom Bearden, Russia has had scalar weaponry (the U.S. did not until much later) that would allow them to overcome the United States militarily. At one point Russia was pushing nuclear disarmament, which would have meant that America would give up nuclear arms, leaving Russia alone with devastating scalar weapons with which to defeat the West. (19)

It is known that the Russians have tested these weapons on British airplanes and shown their devastating effect and it is suspected that they have used them on occasion to control the weather. But again their use has been nowhere near the devastation caused by the American cabal in many places in the world through the use of HAARP and scalar weapons. Compared to the record of the American shadow state, the Russians have shown restraint.

But none of this is known to the crowds on the ground in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen and little or none of it is known to the vast majority of Americans, British, or other nations. The crowds in North Africa and the Middle East who are rousing themselves from their slumber and resisting their undemocratic governments are responding to the rising energies but without knowing it.

If they are responding, I consider it reasonable to expect that others will as well. And it becomes a guessing game to predict who those others may be. SaLuSa tells us that we can expect dissent to spread like dominoes:

“Like you we wait and hold our breathe, knowing that the old system is creaking at the joints and cannot hold together much longer. We can see the domino effect taking place once the first part falls.  Once it commences we can see quite clearly that there will be no shortage of people coming forward to support the Light.

“You are spread across the globe, and your persistence in pushing for change is about to pay off. Clearly it cannot all happen at once, and some will by the nature of what is involved take many months to complete. The important thing is that you the people see the beginning of real action, and know that it cannot be interfered with. For our part we are involved because you have so often pleaded for help, and we have been given the necessary authority to do so.” (20)

We heard a Tanzanian newspaper say that their suffering was not much different from a Tunisian’s and that dissent could arise there too:

“The suffering of an ordinary Tanzanian is not very different from that of a Tunisian. Maybe they are only different from us because they are white and we are black, and maybe their ‘boiling point’ is different from ours, but the reality on the ground is that we are all boiling in the same pot.” (21)

I think we can expect that a lot of people in our world are having the same thoughts.

We know from Kryon that the fall of one dictator will not be followed by the rise of another – not any longer:

“History will not repeat itself. You have moved off of the groove where those things take place in that fashion. Dictators will not [beget] new dictators. Hunger and famine will not [beget] new hunger and famine. There is a change at hand, and history will stop repeating itself. It’s a new energy, if you’ve noticed.” (22)
So here we are in a world that’s awakening and arising from its slumber, but not knowing that it was asleep or what’s causing it to awaken or what it’s awakening to. We know what these factors are and yet there’s no one we can turn to who probably would believe us yet and so we watch the process without knowing what to do to assist or declare it.

The only way we can contribute seems to be by encouraging that process to continue and expand, being a voice for peaceful change, and remaining calm ourselves.


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ENGLISH - Captain Helena to Amiable Contacts Through Zilanthrah January 24 2011

Captain Helena to Amiable Contacts
Through Zilanthrah January 24 2011

It is with joy that we greet our dear Amiable Contact group. We feel the unmistakable uplifting energy of Amiable Contact and we wish to reciprocate and to touch base. 

Change occurs continuously and moment to moment. Emotionally, physically, mentally you are feeling challenged. When you see events unfolding, do not hesitate to take part. Your actions have changed the reality of earth and continue to do so. By voicing your opinion or by taking an action that you are directed to, you are meeting those challenges! There is nothing to lose yet there is much to gain. Your self assuredness will grow. Unity on a larger scale will be the outcome. Simply put, it is imperative that you express in these times, especially when your seemingly downtrodden and browbeaten brothers and sisters require a balance of loving energies. Share your energies with them. 

The energies of opportunity abound at this time. This energy is designed and directed toward your individuality. What this means is that the time to step into your mastery is now. Now is the time to celebrate your sovereignty. Your energy carries an aspect of the ascension process as a whole. The group of like minded beings that you are with is no coincidence, no accident. It is very specific and intentional; designed to bring you together.

Your group has been created through the synergy of your intention. You are individuals, yet you are so much more than that. You have much in common; more than you might think. The intention of Amiable Contacts is an impressive one and one that links you together. You have had a similar experience in times past, one that unified you and created important change.
You are more than ready and willing to meet with us. And you are able; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It does not matter what your physical state is, you are ready! The common thread that binds you all together in this project is LOVE. Love for humanity, love for all that was, love for what is and love for all that will be. You know where you come from and you know where you are going.
You are in for a special treat in this project. You will be propelled into personal empowerment of a higher frequency and you will perform your mission without hesitation and with joy. Enthusiasm will radiate from your cells. Our enthusiasm for our group project began as soon as we became aware of Amiable Contact. We would not miss it for anything!
Do not hesitate to dream about it; to imagine how it will be for you. You will take command of your work. You will present yourself unabashedly and gracefully. It will come to you with ease and it will be spectacular. We will be delighted to witness your transformation. We will be pleased to act as your guides and to walk arm in arm.
There will come the time when Amiable Contacts will gather together, if this is what you wish. Focus on how this celebration might occur.
We will reach new heights of mastery. We will express without hesitation our knowledge, our wisdom and with humility. As you know, with pure intent, all things are possible.
The importance of acting as liason between planetary civilizations and humankind speaks volumes. And you will be busy; the kind of busy that is joyful and full of meaning, for to change one’s reality and the reality of an entire civilization is a magnificent accomplishment.
And you have done it, dear ones. You made your intention and you followed up. You did what was necessary and in your own way, which has led you to become part of this honorable group. Through the pitfalls of being human, you have remained steadfast. You have grown a hundred years in ten. 

So, why not celebrate what you have accomplished? Celebrate who you are. Celebrate those who love you and whom you love. Celebrate what you have learned. Celebrate those who have affected you and those you have touched. Celebrate your long journey. 

When Amiable Contact occurs, it will be time for celebration amongst all. However, you do not have to wait till then. Celebrate away! Feel your joy and anticipation around the Amiable Contact project! We love your celebratory vibrations and we celebrate with you! When in that frequency of enthusiasm, you are so much nearer to your wholeness and your divinity. And nearer to us! 

At this stage, you must surely recognize the fact that you are capable of accomplishing anything. See this from a fifth dimensional perspective and see how it makes you feel. Reaching that perspective and vibration is reason enough to celebrate. As you are integrating your higher perspective, light a candle in acknowledgement of the project. See yourself and your Amiable group together, partaking of one another’s celebratory vibrations. Ah, the synergy created will be something! We find this part of Amiable Contact so delightful, so blissful! 

As you evolve from the actual event of the Amiable Contact experience, you shall become anew and will function in a fifth dimensional way; truly it will be a new way. 

You will be tapping into your higher wisdom and intelligence, therefore our working together will always be something to look forward to as an Amiable Contact. Being in one another’s presence will be an extraordinarily pleasant experience. We will learn and we will grow while we incorporate new ideas based on decisions that we make together. We treat one another as equals and with great respect. We are excited for you to learn everything about us. 

We will convene regularly, as we do now. However, you will be consciously aware of every single occurrence. Although we meet in the higher dimension regularly now, you do not retain memory of it during your waking hours. When you feel the urge to rest or to just be still, know that your presence is required in the 5th dimension. An amazing Unity of the Amiable Contact project occurs when we meet in the 5th dimension. Members of the Amiable Contact project work together here as a group and the synergy created is fantastic! 

Serving in the 5th dimension in this way is part of your service. We convene regularly to discuss the Amiable Contact project, as well as other matters ongoing on Earth. This not only serves your greater good, but the greater good of all. 

Serving the greater good of all is how we base our existence. The opportunity to learn and to grow is boundless. And full of promise and wonder. 

The Amiable Contact project serves the greater good of all. If you would like to imagine new ideas for yourself or as a group, go into meditation, request information on how to celebrate, on how to learn and grow, or ask how your guides see the different aspects that interest you being carried out. How might you work together here and now while still in this reality? How do you spread your wings and reach the highest, grandest and most loving possibilities with regard to Amiable Contact? Or with regard to unfolding events that have a global effect? 

Look at how far you have come as the fore runners – and now, go further, reach higher. Imagine yourself taking another leap. And take it! And know that this energy of your intention and the energy that you put out there affects all living beings. Now there is an accomplishment in itself, no matter how small it may seem to you!
Our experience together in Amiable Contact is a beginning. What awaits is an opportunity to experience a way of being that is full of the promise of our Creator.

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English, Mantra Lord Krishna

24/01/2011 The Code. Lord Krishna.


Means: “Fulfill me” and with it the Energy is drawn into your Reality.

Lord Krishna fulfill me and I came to fulfill You.

The Gift of the “Universal Code” will be revealed and given to Humanity.
You can find the full Mantra here:

Begin to use it, this mantra of all mantras:

SU = Seal

REI = Omnipotent
JA = in Eternity

OM = one Creator, in vibration, in every form and in no form

ISTHAR = given to human Sons and human daughters, in Eternity

OM = one Creator, in vibration, in every form and in no form

And so it is.


I came and I am among You. The Life starts anew with this year, because this Earth stands before taking leap into the Light and humanity is finding itself in the Reality of Existence.

Now the lightness, joy and charm, fulfillment, abundance returns to all Human Children;  the time in which suffering was spreading and made people worry is over.

Dark forces will be compelled to withdraw and they are losing all of the wars with Lightworkers of Heaven, who are both on Earth and in Heaven.

Stop doubting, stay in trust that everything You have for Eons been waiting for – is being fulfilled.

Many Times stood under the sign of these expectations, many messianic prophecies have already been fulfilled long time ago, because WE have been here, WE have appeared and allowed to be recognised by many people of many Times.
Today WE come united to You, because the last prophecy is being fulfilled: the end of Times has began!

WE were leading everything in this direction, preparing the ground in arc-curved way, almost infinite. This loop is closing right now.

The obligation of Lord Krishna is to announce, that together with the bringing of mantra the last prophecy is being fulfilled.

The Earth will be lifted from Time and Space and thus the end of Time and the end of Space are guaranteed.

For a very long time the messages were pointing at this Time, because that is what is written in the first and the oldest Human Chronicles. But to date You lacked faith and patterns were not clear, very distant and almost incomprehensible.

It was our obligation to come to You in order to remind You about it, so this Knowledge will not be forgotten. For the enlightenment of an individual is a part of this prophecy, and the End of Time brings forth collective impulses which are very needed to do this.

This is the sound of
the mantra of all mantras which was now released. This is the tone, that evokes vibrational model which instantly rises Human into the High Light creating direct Realities and Abundance, through which the Heaven opens to You in a way that was not seen before.

Each Plane of Existence has its own specific sound, vibrational model, tone which is Light that creates Impulses of Love and now The Gaia Terra X^x has reached the level where these words of Creator may be used.

However, they do function if and only if Your intentions are pure and clear and suit to Your Blue Pause. If it is not so, the sound will not be emitted because it is the pre-tone of Creator of this level – 5D

Everything has its own time in Time and this event defines the Junction Point of Time Turn, The End of Time and Turning Point.

It will once more accelerate everything and once again – Beloved Humans – The High impulses of Light will come to You.

The Old World is coming apart. The Prophets have spoken about it and everything what was given long, long time ago is now being fulfilled. Now will You be fulfilled, now You vibrate up and down in the Creators tact:


Lord Krishna is the Beginning of Time and the End of Time. Lord Krishna is The Herald of this joyful message which says that You are authorized to build New World in new ways that are given directly from The Creator, from the Primal Origin of All Existence.



Jahn Johannes,
Translation: Boogy

Thursday, January 27, 2011



O Código. O senhor Krishna.


Significado: “Preenche-me” e com isto a Energia é atraída para a vossa Realidade.

Lord Krishna preenche-me e eu vim preencher-Te.

A Dádiva do “Código Universal” será revelada e dada à Humanidade.

Começa a usar, este mantra de todos os mantras:


SU = Selo

REI = Omnipotente

JA = da Eternidade

OM = um Criador, em vibração, sob qualquer forma e sem forma.

ISTHAR = Dado aos Irmãos humanos e às Irmãs humanas, na Eternidade.

OM = um Criador, em vibração, sob qualquer forma e sem forma.

Que assim seja.


Vim e estou entre vós. A Vida começa de novo com este ano, porque a Terra está a ponto de dar o salto para a Luz e a Humanidade encontra-se na Realidade da Existência.

Agora a leveza, a alegria e o encanto, a realização e a abundância regressam a todos os Filhos Humanos; acabou o tempo em que o sofrimento estava espalhado e afligia as pessoas.

As forças das trevas são obrigadas a afastar-se e estão a perder todas as guerras com os Trabalhadores da Luz do Céu, que estão quer no Céu, quer na Terra. 

Parem de duvidar, confiem que tudo que tendes estado à espera há milhares de anos – está a ser cumprido.

Muito Tempo se manteve sob o signo destas expectativas, muitas profecias messiânicas foram realizadas há muito tempo, porque Nós estivemos aqui, Nós aparecemos e permitimos ser reconhecidos por muitas pessoas de muitas épocas.

Hoje, Nós vimos unir-nos a Vós, porque a última profecia está a ser realizada: o fim dos Tempos começou!

Estivemos a conduzir tudo nesta direcção, preparando o terreno de maneira sinuosa, quase infinita. Esse anel está a fechar-se precisamente agora.

A obrigação de Lord Krishna é anunciar, pois juntamente com a chegada do mantra, a última profecia está a ser cumprida.

A Terra está a ser erguida acima do Tempo e do Espaço e assim, o fim do Tempo e do Espaço está garantido.

Durante muito tempo as mensagens estiverem a apontar para este Tempo, porque era o que estava escrito nas primeiras e mais antigas Crónicas da Humanidade. Mas é difícil dizer a data em que perdeste a fé e as referências, foi há muito tempo e é quase incompreensível.

Era nossa obrigação virmos até Vós para Vos recordar isto, para que este conhecimento não fosse esquecido. Porque a iluminação dos indivíduos faz parte desta profecia e o Fim do Tempo faz surgir os impulsos colectivos que são necessários para a cumprir.

Este é o som do mantra de todos os mantras que é revelado agora. Este é o tom, que evoca o modelo vibratório que ergue instantaneamente os Humanos para a Luz Alta criando directamente Realidades e Abundância, através das quais o Céu se abre para Vós de um modo como nunca foi visto antes.

Cada Plano de Existência tem o seu som específico, o seu modelo vibratório, o tom que é Luz que cria impulsos de Amor e agora Gaia Xx Terra criou o nível onde estas palavras do Criador podem ser usadas.

No entanto, elas funcionam se, e apenas, se as vossas intenções forem puras e claras e desejáveis para a Vossa Pausa Azul. Se não for assim, o som não ser emitido porque é o tom antecipado do Criador deste nível – 5ª Dimensão.

Tudo tem o seu tempo no Tempo, e este acontecimento define o ponto de Junção da volta do Tempo, do Fim do Tempo e do Ponto de Viragem.
Mais uma vez ele irá acelerar tudo e, de novo – Queridos Humanos – os impulsos Altos da Luz virão até Vós.

O Velho Mundo está a acabar. Os Profetas falaram sobre isso e tudo aquilo que foi transmitido há muito, muito tempo, está agora a ser cumprido. Agora sereis preenchidos, agora vibrais para cima e para baixo no tacto do Criador:


Lord Krishna é o Princípio e o Fim do Tempo. Lord Krishna é o Arauto desta alegre mensagem que Vos diz que estais autorizados a criar o Novo Mundo da maneira que vos foi dada directamente pelo Criador, desde a Origem Primeira de Toda a Existência.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011


El código. El Señor Krishna


Significa: “lléname” y con esto la energía se dibuja en tu realidad.

Señor Krishna lléname y yo te llenaré.

El regalo del “Código Universal” será revelado y entregado a la humanidad.

Comienza a usar, este mantra de todos los mantras (


SU = Sello
REI = Omnipotente
JA = En la Eternidad

OM = Un creador, en vibración, en cada forma y en la no forma

ISHTAR = Entregado a los hijos humanos e hijas humanas en la eternidad.

Om = Un creador, en vibración, en cada forma y en la no forma

Y así es.


Yo vine y estoy entre ustedes. La vida comienza de nuevo este año, porque la tierra se encuentra antes de realizar el salto a la Luz y la humanidad está encontrándose a sí misma en la Realidad de la Existencia.

Ahora la luminosidad, la alegría y el encanto, la realización, la abundancia regresa a todos los hijos humanos; el tiempo en el cual el sufrimiento se diseminaba y hacía que la gente se preocupara ha terminado.

Las fuerzas obscuras serán obligadas a retirarse y están perdiendo todas las batallas con los Trabajadores de la luz del Cielo, quienes están tanto en la Tierra como en el Cielo.

Deténganse de dudar, permanezcan en la verdad de que todo lo que han estado esperando por Eones está siendo cumplido.

Muchas veces estaba bajo el signo de estas expectativas, muchas profecías mesiánicas se han cumplido desde hace mucho tiempo, porque NOSOTROS hemos estado aquí, NOSOTROS hemos aparecido y permitido ser reconocidos por mucha gente de muchos tiempos.

Hoy NOSOTROS, venimos unidos a ustedes, porque la última profecía está siendo cumplida: ¡El fin de los Tiempos ha comenzado!

NOSOTROS estamos guiando todo en esta dirección, preparando el terreno en una forma de arco curveado, casi infinito. Este círculo se está cerrando justo ahora.

La obligación del Señor Krishna es anunciar, que juntos con la llegada del mantra la última profecía está siendo cumplida.

La tierra será elevada del Tiempo y el Espacio y por lo tanto el fin del Tiempo y el fin del Espacio están garantizados.

Durante un largo tiempo los mensajes estuvieron indicando a este Tiempo, porque lo que está escrito al inicio y en las Crónicas humanas más antiguas. Pero a la fecha ustedes carecían de fe y los patrones no estaban muy claros, muy distantes y casi incomprensibles.

Era nuestra obligación venir a ustedes para recordarles sobre esto, así que este conocimiento no será olvidado. Porque la iluminación de un individuo es parte de esta profecía, y el Fin de los Tiempos trae impulsos colectivos los que son muy necesarios para hacer esto.

Este es el sonido del mantra de todos los mantras el cual es ahora revelado. Este es el tono, que recuerda modelos vibracionales los que instantáneamente elevarán al Humano en la Luz Alta creando Realidades directas y Abundancia, a través de las cuales los Cielos se abren a ustedes en una forma que no se ha visto antes.

Cada plano de existencia tiene sus propios sonidos específicos, modelos vibracionales, tonos que son Luz que crea impulsos de Amor y ahora La Tierra, Gaia Xx ha alcanzado el nivel donde las palabras del Creador pueden ser utilizadas.

Sin embargo, ellas funcionan si y solamente sus intensiones son puras y claras y los llevan a su “Pausa del cielo” (N. del T. Pausa del cielo se refiere al plan que cada uno de nosotros había definido antes de encarnar en este planeta e incluye la idea de el camino específico de servicio para la Tierra y otras personas), Si no es así, el sonido no será emitido porque es el pre-tono del Creador en este nivel de 5D.

Todo tiene su propio tiempo y este evento define la unión del punto de cambio de tiempo, el fin del tiempo y punto de cambio.

Una vez más acelerará todo y de nuevo –Amados Humanos- los altos impulsos de la Luz Llegarán a ustedes.

El viejo mundo se está viniendo abajo. Los profetas han hablado sobre ello y todo lo que se dijo hace mucho, mucho tiempo ahora se está realizando. Ahora ustedes serán realizados, ahora ustedes vibran arriba y abajo en el tacto del creador:


El Señor Krishna es el comienzo del tiempo y el fin del tiempo. El Señor Krishna es el Heraldo de este jubiloso mensaje que dice que ustedes están autorizados a construir el Nuevo Mundo en nuevas formas que son dadas directamente del Creador, desde el Origen Primigenio de toda la Existencia.


El señor krishna.

Traducción: Guillermo Hernandez

Thursday, January 20, 2011

SVENSKA - Metatron talar om det Kristna och Förändringar i det Nya Året

Metatron talar om det Kristna och Förändringar i det Nya Året

24 December, 2010

Hälsningar, Varelser av Ljuset! Detta är Herre Metatron

Det är ett stort Firande med hågkomsten av det ödmjuka Kristusbarnet. Vi är alla Kristade Varelser som har kommit hit för att frigöra Jorden från det stryptag de mörka Tjänarna har tagit, då de kontrollerar det stora flertalet till gagn för det få.

Det var samma sak vid tiden av Caesar och också på Atlantis, och så många tidigare skapelser på Jorden. Vid dessa tider användes regeringar, finansiella system, födslar, dödsfall, befolkningsregistreringar och skatter som sätt för att kontrollera. Ni ser nu hur den Siriska Befälhavaren med sin ihärdighet, och med lite hjälp från andra, som till exempel Moder Sekhmet och Saint Germain, och Andra, föra fram resolutionen att återföra rättigheterna till Folket. Skatteöverenskommelsen gjordes för att ge lättnader åt de fattiga så att de kunde få lindring när som vi väntar på det fulla uttalandet av NESARA. Denna lindring kommer att behövas under ytterligare några veckor.

Tänk er att alla orättvisor som folket har utsatts för under tusentals år MÅSTE rättgöras, varje tråd i väven måste frigöras och ges tillbaka till nya skapelser. Hur kommer detta att bli uppnått? Ljusarbetarna MÅSTE fortsätta att hålla den höga vibrationen av förändringar. De MÅSTE förbli jordade i sitt vetande, även om det ser ut som att det inte förändras, eftersom DET förändras! Jag kan garantera er det.

När som ni hejar på varandra, upphör med diskriminering, slutar kriga, sätter stopp på hunger, så skapar ni den Nya Verkligheten. Det blir flera förändringar i regeringskick som händer efter Ny År, vilka kommer att vara nödvändiga för att fullborda Uttalandena. Ni kommer att behöva fortsätta att hänga i och att övervinna utmaningarna då det gäller vardagligt överlevande med KUNSKAP om att de STORA förändringarna kommer.

Tappa inte modet när ni hör att det fortfarande dröjer några veckor till. Det är absolut nödvändigt att ni ingår i ert oklanderliga spirituella tillstånd nu. NI kommer att uppleva än mer falsk attacker, och mer hot om atomvapen. KOM IHÅG! Den Galaktiska Federationen har gjort ALLA Kärnvapen på Jorden odugliga. Ni kommer att höra hur de kriminella elementen i regeringar i USA, Storbritannien, Schweiz, Iran, Ryssland, Kina, Korea, India och andra hotar med mer kaos. INGET av detta är sant. Under veckorna som kommer tidigt i det Nya Året kommer de kriminella elementen i den amerikanska företagsstaten att storma tillbaka mot Presidenten. Ni kommer att höra saker och ting som får er att undra igen, om det någonsin kommer att ta slut. Jag delar detta med er nu så att ni vet att hålla er stadiga och vara sanna till ert Uppdrag. Jag delar detta med er nu så att ni kommer ihåg att de som ropar på ett dödande av PFC Manning och Julian Assange är själva rädda för deras egen närstående död. Vice President Biden, som då var ledaren för ”Committee on Foreign Relations”, var i befälskedjan som beordrade 911 och det enorma psykologiska kriget som utfördes och allt dödande som inföll. Han har nu sagt att Julian Assange är en terrorist. Nästa stora prestation kommer att bli en full utlägning, i nyheterna, av vad precis som hände på morgonen av 911 och hur de mörka Tjänarna i regeringar i USA, EU, Afrika och Asien alla var involverade. Det blir det slutgiltiga nedtagandet av Illusionen. Vice Presidenten är rädd, så älska honom desto mer. Bli inte förvånade när ni hör om andra som förefaller att vara utav Ljuset när som de avslöjas som mörka Krafter. Dessa fallna änglar har förblivit odödliga och fortsätter att komma till Jorden för att styra över Hennes resurser och kontrollera allt på den.

Förändringarna sker nu med full kraft. Det går inte att stoppa arresteringarna som har gjorts, fullt uttalande om NESARA Lagen, och landandet av er älskade Galaktiska Familj. Jag ber er att förbli lugna under de första veckorna av det Nya Året, då det är mörkast innan gryningen.

Dela med er av de goda nyheterna med era Kära, dela nyheterna att vi alla är Galaktiska Varelser. Fortsätt att stödja den Siriska Befälhavaren och förlora inte era förhoppningar. Fortsätt att stödja de på Fronten som gör förändringarna möjliga. Vet att allt är på plats för att göra de förestående förändringarna möjliga. Det ÄR nödvändigt att föra tillbaka, från insidan av matrisen, från Moders elementen, all Skapelse, tillbaka till Källan. Allt händer i ett flöde av steg för steg. I det förgångna har vi aldrig kunnat separera Jorden från dualitet, men nu är det möjligt. Bara genom hårt arbete att föra tillbaka själva Elementen, av luft, vatten, jord och eld, genom regeringsskick, på ett fredligt sätt, vrider vi nyckeln i låset till utspelandet av Den Nya Skapelsen. Det finns inget annat sätt. Detta är ett elddop som skapar Guld, det transmuterade Guldet, vilket gör att de kodade mönstren av Den Nya Skapelsen från Antimateria Universum kan uppnå massa och bli förankrad till den fysiska Jorden nu. DETTA är vad som fattas. Era föreningar som ni önskar er blir förankrade i det fysiska och det kommer att föra förändringarna till Jorden och alla på Jorden kommer att uppleva skapelsens överflöd med global Fred och Frihet för Alla.

Förena er med era Älskade under dessa Festliga Tider. Känn Lättnad. Dela er Kärlek. Var Medlidandet. Gör allt ni kan för att anstränga er att Vara Det Bättre Ni Varje Dag. Jag omges av Änglar och Ärkeänglar som sjunger lovord till er tappra och aldrig tvekande hållande av Ljuset i mörkret. Ni har nu Kommit Fram. Låt det spelas ut framför ögonen på er. Inget, absolut inget kan nu förhindra er från att få Sanning, Fred, Kärlek, Frihet, Rättvisa och Skönhet, genom Stora Moder. Och så Måste Det Vara. Detta är Herre Metatron.

Svensk översättning: Per Staffan -

ENGLISH - Metatron on Christ-Mass And Changes Expected In The New Year

Metatron on Christ-Mass And Changes Expected In The New Year

December 24, 2010

Greetings, Beings of Light! This is Lord Metatron.

It is a great Celebration remembering the Humble Birth of the Christ Child. We are all Christed Beings come here to release Earth from the stronghold of the dark Ones controlling the Many for the benefit of the Few.

This was the same story in the time of Caesar and also in Atlantis, and so many Creations before on Earth. In those times governments, financial systems, births, deaths, census, taxes, were all used as controlling mechanisms. You are seeing the Sirian Commander with his persistence, and a little help from others, such as Mother Sekhmet and St Germain, and Others, bringing forward the resolution of returning the rights to the People. The Tax Deal was struck for the relief programs so the poor could continue having relief as we await the full announcement of NESARA. Indeed relief will be needed for a few weeks more.

Consider that every injustice that has been perpetrated on the people for thousands of years MUST be undone, every stitch in the tapestry must be released and given back for new creation. How will this be accomplished? The Light Workers MUST continue to hold the high vibration of change. They MUST remain grounded in their knowing, even if it looks like it is not changing, because it IS changing! I guarantee you that.

As you cheer each other on, ending discrimination, ending war, ending hunger, you make the New Reality. There are more changes in government happening after the New Year which will be necessary to complete the Announcements. You will have to continue to hold on and overcome the aggravations of everyday mundane survival KNOWING the BIG changes are coming.

Do not lose heart at hearing we are still a few weeks away. It is imperative that you enter your impeccable spiritual state now. You will experience more false flags, more gestures flaunting nuclear capabilities. REMEMBER! The Galactic Federation has rendered ALL Nuclear Warheads on Earth inoperable now. You will hear the criminal element in Governments in the US, UK, Switzerland, Iran, Russia, China, the Koreas, India, and others, threatening more chaos. NONE of it is true. In the weeks of the early New Year the criminal element of the united States corporation will return with a vengeance against the President. You will hear things having you wondering again, if it will EVER end. I am sharing this with you now so you will know to stand fast and be true to your Mission. I am sharing this now so you will remember those calling for the assassination of PFC Manning and Julian Assange, are themselves, afraid of their own impending death. Vice President Joe Biden, then head of the Committee on Foreign Relations, was in the chain of Command ordering 911 be carried out and the massive psychological war which was waged and all the deaths which occurred. Now he has said Julian Assange is a terrorist. The next great accomplishment will be the full unraveling, in the news, of what exaclty occurred on the morning of 911 and how the dark Ones in Government in US, EU, Africa and Asia are all involved. It will be the final tearing down of the Illusion. The Vice President is afraid, so love him more. Do not be surprised when you hear of others who seem to be of the light, as they are revealed as dark Forces. These Fallen Angels have remained as immortals and continued to come to Earth to reign over Her resources and control everything upon it.
The change is enforce. There is no stopping the completed arrests, full Announcement of NESARA Law, and the Landings of your beloved Galactic family. I am asking you to remain calm in the early weeks of the New Year where it looks darkest before the dawn.

Share the good news with your loved Ones, share the news that we are all Galactics. Continue to support the Sirian Commander and do not lose Faith. Continue to support the Ones out in the Front Lines making this change possible. Know that everything is in place to make the eminent changes possible. It IS necessary to carry back, from inside the matrix, from the Mother Element, all Creation, back to Source. Everything is happening in a sequential flow. In the past we have never been able to separate Earth from duality and it is possible now. Only through diligent effort of walking back the Elements themselves, of air, water, earth and fire, through government, in a peaceful manner, do we turn the key in the lock unfolding New Creation. There is no other way. This is the baptism of fire, forging the Gold, the transmuted Gold, which makes the coded patterns of New Creation from the Antimatter Universe possible to gain mass and anchor in to the physical Earth now. THAT is what is missing. Your reunions you desire are being anchored in to the physical and it will bring the changes to Earth and all on Her will know endless abundant creation with worldwide Peace and Freedom for All.

Join with your loved Ones in this Holiday Season. Feel Light. Share your Love. Be Compassion. Do all you can to stretch and Be A Better You Each Day. I am surrounded by the Angels and Archangels singing your praises for your gallant, never wavering, holding of the Light in the darkness. You are There Now. Allow it to unfold right before your eyes. Nothing, nothing can stop you now form having Truth, Peace, Love, Freedom, Justice and Beauty, though Great Mother. And So Mote It Be. This is Lord Metatron.

Through Beth Trutwin 12/24/10



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