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Dragilor, vedem înca multe persoane confuze, fata de conditiile lumii. Sa stiti ca ceea ce vedeti în aceste timpuri turbulente, este prezentarea vechilor energii, reprimate si ascunse de mult timp, fiind expuse pentru a fi bine observate, evaluate si transformate.
Sa nu va fie teama sa priviti în adîncime fiecare aparenta, nici sa va ascundeti, si sa va prefaceti ca nu ati vazut-o. Dimpotriva, percepeti care este sensul material ale unui Univers spiritual – imagini formate de la credintele dualitatii si ale separarii, impersonale si fara legi spirituale, care sa le mentina ferm pe loc.

Sa nu negati niciodata, emotiile care pot aparea, însa sa întelegeti ca în prezent este un nou timp în care dvs, nu sunteti aceiasi de acum un an, atingînd un nivel de constiinta capabil de a re-interpreta aparitiile lumii, si de a recunoaste mereu prezenta, cu toate ca ascunsa, a realitatii spirituale.

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Tue, 22 Nov 2016 05:30:00 PST

From Foster Gamble


Like many of you, I have grave concern over the seething fear, anger, hatred and violence in the U.S. right now, based on what I see as deep misunderstandings and overly simplistic “black or white” thinking. That Clinton vs. Trump was our “choice” is huge confirmation that we continue to participate in a system of grabbing for illegitimate power that is corrupt to its core. It is chillingly reminiscent of the era of the Spanish Civil War — that started with the social awkwardness of Left vs. Right arguments among family members, work associates and political groups and devolved quickly into civil war where brothers ended up shooting at or torturing one another. Each side’s self-righteous certainty that they were the ones who should have power over others was soon taking thousands of lives and sparking larger wars throughout Europe.
Many requests have come in asking for my take on the U.S. election. Because I am so deeply anti-political and anti-state, I have been silent publicly on the topic since my blog on DEFINING POLITICS — Knowing What We Are Talking About Could Save Our Lives, one year ago. But I now feel motivated to respond, given the opportunity, and the stakes.

The mainstream media is feeding our frenzied divide with one another, keeping the meaningful conversations and reconciliations at bay. I see the “divide and conquer” strategy in full swing, where conflicts between genders, races, classes or political parties are created and used by the few at the top to keep the masses fighting each other, weak, preoccupied and in support of authoritarianism. Our film, THRIVE, describes this in detail. It is the essence of the system in which we are mired.
So how do we move from here to an empowered relationship with ourselves and each other? It’s critical that we deepen the conversation and swim upstream into the assumptions, the contradictions and the moral basis of human relations, because as a species with weapons of mass destruction, we can’t afford not to get this clear and right, right now.

Most people share virtually the same values; the differences show up in how to achieve the better world we all want. Remembering this is an essential first step in communicating effectively and respectfully across the political divide. I will take that step here, with a trans-political view of Trump and an open letter to him to address the opportunity we face by looking through the lens of principles, not politics.
It’s an interesting exercise for me, because I do not subscribe to the belief that we need rulers to keep us from total breakdown. Indeed, I see principles, not politics, as the missing nucleus of this entire standoff between people, and from the election.

I see rules (protecting sovereign rights), not rulers, as the structure that will best allow for the realization of our true potential. I am a Voluntaryist who looks through the lens of the Non Aggression Principle(NAP), forbidding the initiation of force (except in true self-defense) or fraud and requiring universal equal rights. I am a firm believer that 1) a small group of people having control over the money supply and then 2) mandating taxation — the foundations of all governments — are both theft, and are therefore morally reprehensible.

Nonetheless, we have a new “ruler” at this stage, and I believe we can all benefit from up-leveling the conversation to see how his policies will impact on our lives, especially since we have an opportunity for it to be a very different ride than if we simply had the next corrupt establishment globalist taking power.
Trump’s obvious shortcomings made it more difficult for people all along the political spectrum to appreciate the fact that he is the only general election, major party Presidential candidate in at least 100 years to be outside of, and go up against, the Rockefeller/Rothschild/Clinton/Bush globalist machine. The reality we are in seems to be that Trump won, and I believe that it’s because he represented this overdue checkmate to the longstanding corruption. I feel relief that Hillary Clinton, with her decades-long documented trail of blood and tears (Whitewater, Iraq war, Libya, Benghazi, selling out U.S. uranium to Russia, clandestine and vulnerable classified emails, DNC voting manipulations, Mena drug running, suspicious deaths of potential scandal whistleblowers, etc.) is not in a position to take us headlong into a proxy war — potentially nuclear — with Russia in Syria.

That said, Trump’s proposed policies reflect a mind-boggling combination of repugnant misunderstanding and insightful leadership. His inability to articulate and defend policies effectively didn’t help. But the inconsistency is what presses us to move past politics to principles, and to guide Trump and his team to find the missing moral compass.

I object strongly to any of Trump’s proposals that are based in violations, such as:
  • expanding Guantánamo
  • reinstituting torture
  • condoning carpet bombing
  • threatening to kill the families of those trying to defend against imperialist attacks on their families, their cultures and/or the theft of their country’s gold
  • supporting random “stop and frisk”
  • punishing women for choosing what they do with their own bodies
  • dividing immigrant families already here in the U.S.
  • expanding nuclear, fracking, coal and other destructive and unnecessary energy technologies
I do, however, recognize Trump’s equally powerful proposals for non-violation that we can celebrate — and which demonstrate, by contrast, how the principle of non-violation is missing in the proposed policies above.

For example, I deeply appreciate Trump’s stated intentions:
  • to make peace with Russia
  • to audit (and hopefully shut down) the Federal Reserve
  • to disband NATO, which I am convinced has become simply the emerging imperialist One World Army for the New World Order, and obligates countries to commit soldiers, weapons and taxpayer money to any member country that claims it is being threatened.
I admire his informed positions against:
The destructive human-caused pollution of the air, soil and waterways is very real and is one of the reasons our ThriveConnect initiative is working so hard to bring forward new, clean energy technologies. But pollution is not solved by Cap and Trade, nor by a propagandized, false understanding of what causes climate change. (See my blog on this here.) Similarly, consequences of climate change cannot be effectively addressed if we imagine that simply changing our personal habits will mitigate it all. We need to change our personal habits, our energy access approaches and we need to understand the other factors affecting the climate, most especially… the sun.

I believe Trump’s stance for lowering corporate taxes is a step in the right direction that will increase the integrity of our system while naturally and morally creating jobs and wealth at home. His tariffs, however, will be an unnatural obstacle to truly free exchange that will further strife and state control of commerce. The funds he will need for infrastructure and other projects could be easily raised by eliminating the illegitimate Federal Reserve and its debt and cutting imperialist spending rather than increasing the military budget.

It is said that Trump, unlike close to 80% of American parents, has not spanked his children as they were growing up. That is a start toward a core moral policy that hopefully he can build upon.
Many of the Left and even some on the Right are calling Trump “racist, bigoted, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic,” and even a neo-Nazi. I have watched very carefully, and I fully understand how tens of millions have gotten this impression, both here and abroad. He fed right into it, as did the Liberal and even the Conservative media. I still believe he and his team have the opportunity and the obligation to meticulously clear this up, if I am correct in my observation that these accusations are not actually accurate or to be the basis of his policies.


Because Trump made sweeping statements about illegal immigrants and suggested completely inappropriate things like dividing Mexican families who are already here, he understandably got labeled “racist.” I have listened to and watched hundreds of his interviews, and what I understand is that Trump is not against immigration; he is against illegal immigration — just exactly as President Bill Clinton was in his State of the Union address in 1995. Listening to the border guards who supported him, to him and to his spokespeople, it seems he was carelessly expressing a concern about the astronomical rates of rape and other crimes during illegal border crossings and in border towns full of illegal immigrants. The careless way that he expressed this was unclear and ripe for misinterpretation, but there is a lot of evidence that what he is after is cleaning up unchecked illegal immigration.

Our conversation on “refugees” from the Middle East is confused by the lack of acknowledgment that the majority of them are fleeing their home countries because of the violence of U.S. attacks, intended to destroy their culture, infrastructure and currencies, followed by taking over their gold, oil and banking system. Stop the wars and most of the tragic and unmanageable exodus would stop, too. I believe this would only have gotten worse with Hillary in charge.

So a very real question emerged, and Trump named it. What about the genuine threat from some military age disaffected men with no desire to integrate into western culture who feel they have nothing left to lose after what U.S. foreign policy has done to them? How do we protect the U.S. from their retaliation and potential terrorism while honoring the worth of the many wonderful, well-intended people from the Middle East who are willing to go through the legal and limited entry process and then pull their own weight in this society? Forced acceptance of refugees or simply migrants, as we are now clearly seeing throughout European countries like Germany, Italy, Austria and Sweden, can lead to grave economic and social destruction of the host countries. It doesn’t work to penalize one group in the course of attempting to help another. I listened through all the careless talk and media propaganda, and I never heard Trump say actual anti-Muslim statements, but I did hear him acknowledge that we have a complex issue. Putting a pause on widespread immigration from countries that have most reason to retaliate on U.S. turf is not the same as “anti-immigration xenophobia.” It requires that we stop creating the motive for such retaliation and stop acting like we are not vulnerable to the consequences of globalist terrorism of which the U.S. has been a central culprit.


Few on the Left or Right seem to truly understand that the main problem with so-called immigration is not “foreign people,” but the entitlements they expect — housing, healthcare, welfare, education — at the mandatory expense of taxpayers already struggling to make ends meet.

This is an excellent example of where the Non Aggression Principle would ultimately solve the problem by allowing people to travel anywhere as long as they are not violating other’s private property or requiring people’s financial support against their will, which is what the state-mandated entitlements are. I perceive Trump as wanting to vet potentially dangerous immigrants and uphold laws against illegal immigration. Kellyanne Conway and others on his team do a pretty good job of describing this, but Trump’s inadequate and confusing rhetoric has millions angry and afraid — I believe unnecessarily — although understandably. I know that many of the Hispanics who voted for Trump were legal immigrants who don’t want their jobs taken by others taking shortcuts and coming illegally — demanding free services while not contributing to the public coffers. Trump clearly has to clarify what he really means around all of this. It’s not realistic, moral, appropriate, or safe to try to round up over 11 million illegal immigrants, but his focus on deporting the criminal element is viable — while at the same time ceasing to allow illegal immigrants from, in effect, taking the hard earned money from others in the form of unearned entitlements.


Any accomplished athlete, scientist or artist fails many times in the process of reaching a high level of proficiency. The same holds true for business. I believe Trump’s bankruptcies may have trained him well for dealing constructively with the $70+ trillion in government and banking elite-created U.S. debt and unfunded liabilities that threaten to enslave our grandchildren.

By acknowledging that millions of people in America are in trouble, Trump can engage us in finding real solutions. We are now operating in a global environment where many countries are choosing to align with China and the other BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa) countries and the AIIB Bank — already representing over half the world’s population. These countries are choosing to use currencies backed by gold and other real commodities, which the dollar is not. In vast numbers, voters know this, and it is a tribute to social media, and the many informed, “real news” alternatives to mainstream media, that people are flocking to them in the millions to hear something real. With more reliable and independent sources of information, we can take the next step in even greater discernment and motivation to transcend the divisive nature of politics in favor of the unifying principle of Non-Aggression. Toward this end, and with hopes that this larger conversation can help to heal some of what is tearing our country and our relationships apart, I offer this


Dear President-elect Trump,

It’s Foster Gamble here, co-creator of THRIVE and Thrive Movement.

I am writing to congratulate you and to share a profound opportunity to use your extraordinary courage and independence on behalf of a whole new kind of leadership.
I was invited to run for President on the Libertarian ticket and also for Vice President with Jill Stein for the Green Party. I appreciated the invitations, but respectfully declined. I see my role personally as more impactful from outside of a system I don’t believe in. Instead I have spent my time and resources identifying and vetting new energy and healing technologies that obsolete the destructive and dirty technologies of coal, fracking, nuclear and the like in favor of hyper-efficient and “over unity” energy technologies. I am confident that a combination of the New Energy technologies, along with the guiding principle of non-violation that we at Thrive are committed to, can yield consistent win-win global, national and local solutions.

You are now in the ultimate position from inside the system. You have used your own resources and resisted the bribes from corporations, bankers, lobbyists and wealthy individuals who would want to buy your obligation and compromise your values. Now you are poised with an unprecedented and hard-won opportunity to make a historic difference, not just for America, but for all of humanity — at a moment when we are at a fork in the road between potential paradise and looming oblivion.

Clearly, most would characterize you as an “Alpha.” You are strong, talented and athletic. You are drawn to lead. You’re capable of creating wealth. You attract beautiful and capable women, and you have clearly enjoyed the influence that can come with that. But there is a personal transformation that awaits you to become what researchers are now calling a “Gamma.” A Gamma has those same potentialities, but has transcended the need to dominate by force, to brag, to sacrifice integrity for profit, and the need to react in petty and volatile ways to affronts. A Gamma is dedicated to win-win, to peaceful resolution, and to the empowerment of all those around him.

Right now, as the magnitude of your opportunity and responsibility is settling freshly on your shoulders, is the perfect moment to integrate and continue the style of your acceptance speech into your relationships and decisions every day. You have the talent and the charisma to leave the volatile, vindictive, macho persona — which could be cataclysmic on the global scale — completely behind you… and begin to operate consistently from a profound and respectful confidence that your leadership can not only help people make America great, but that, together, we can inspire the whole world.


Now is also the critical moment for choosing Gamma men and women for your team.
You already have some good ethical people to assist you and you can easily attract more if you have moral principles on which to base your choices:

Your economic advisor, Judy Shelton, understands the value of sound money. She and others, like Ron Paul, can guide you on the return to asset-backed currency.
David Stockman could bring some integrity to the Office of Management and Budget. Trey Gowdy has shown himself to be brave and relentless in taking on legal and financial corruption.

I am glad you have people like Roger Stone, Laura Ingraham and Alex Jones informing you about the globalist agendas going on behind the scenes. If you don’t know of them already, I hope you will have your team check out the principled guidance of folks like Stefan MolyneuxLarken RoseMary RuwartLew RockwellDoug CaseyHans HoppeJames CorbettMark CorskeWendy McElroy and Michael Huemer. If we at the Thrive Movement can be of assistance in elucidating that, both here and abroad, don’t hesitate to ask. We need a deep understanding of the true nature of our predicament if we are going to have solutions commensurate to the problems. Our film, THRIVE, already has over 68 million views in 27 languages, spawning over 1,000 solutions groups all over the world.

I personally have contacts among the Dragon Families of the far-east who are offering to distribute vast troves of stored, off-market gold to reboot the global economy, erase national debts and empower the world’s best humanitarian projects — as long as it is not stolen by the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking cabal. (I understand this is risky. It is what JFK was working on with Indonesian President Soekarno and their signed Green Hilton Agreement, just weeks before he was assassinated. But it is also the quickest route to global prosperity and cooperation of which I am aware.)

This is quite a preferable option to the imminent collapse of the dollar and isolation of the western economies. You must be aware that while Bush and Obama have been invading one country after another (Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc.) and resisting the move to asset-backed currencies and a Global Currency Reset, Putin and Xi Jinping have been creating win/win trade deals with many countries, both large and small. History has shown that to be the true path to peace. Now is your chance to make Gamma deals on a global scale that can create prosperity and security for generations to come.

The backlash you will be getting for promoting the dangerous and polluting nuclear, fracking, coal and the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines, can ALL go away if you help us set up safeguards for releasing the multiple “free energy” devices (as described in THRIVE) into the world without corporate or government suppression. I was invited to the Obama White House and to Bechtel to brief them on this field, which I have been in for nearly 20 years. I declined — because I understand the agendas of their controllers. With your help, we could liberate these economic and ecologic game-changers.

If this makes any sense I invite you to contact me for further and deeper discussion of what is really going on and the moral philosophy, strategies, and tactics to truly liberate the people of America and the world. Here’s a video clip describing our inclusive strategy for peaceful transition from where we are now to a truly free, prosperous and thriving world.

I wish you, your family, your team and every affected individual deep clarity, strength, patience and fulfillment in rising above elitist “divide and conquer” strategies to create a condition and a moral pathway whereby everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Very sincerely,

Foster Gamble
President, Thrive Movement, Int’l.

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Cada momento - em que você respira conscientemente – abre a abundância infinita do universo para você"

Cada momento - em que você respira conscientemente – abre a abundância infinita do universo para você"
Shogun Amona

Em puro e incondicional Amor eu vos saúdo - amados corações – amados filhos da terra - EU SOU Mãe Maria. Estou aqui agora - bem no meio de vocês. Eu imploro - respire fundo e centre-se em seu coração, e sinta conscientemente em si mesmo - o que está acontecendo agora. 

Você sente a diferença - você sente a conexão - este é o resultado. 

Não foi assim que a conexão com sua origem foi criada pela primeira vez – amadas luzes - é mais ou menos – e esta conexão, sempre esteve lá. 

Somente seu foco e seus pensamentos moldam sua percepção. 

Muitas vezes você está muito dentro de sua mente – tal que você esquece a sua origem, e assim ignora o Amor e nega a si mesmo. 

Portanto, peço-lhe - aproveite este momento, e respire com total atenção, e se renda e sinta - como você está agora calmo e sereno. 

Perceba que é o Amor - que respira e flui por você, e lhe dá exatamente este Amor - este rio. 

É o rio universal – amadas luzes. 

Acontece agora e aqui - tudo respira e vive, e tudo está conectado, um ao outro. 

Cada momento - em que você conscientemente respira - abre a abundância infinita do Universo para você, e a cada respiração, você tem a possibilidade - deliberadamente de se fundir com o Fluxo do Universo, e de vibrar em unidade. 

Está tudo lá - exatamente neste momento - exatamente com essa respiração. 

Seja abençoado e apoiado pelo Amor Puro e Incondicional 

EU SOU - EU SOU Mãe Maria

Em Amor, Alegria e Unidade ........

Shogun Amona

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

De Sirius Familieleden van Licht: “Tijdslijnen die aangeven dat er nu grote veranderingen komen.” (via Shogun Amona) op 4 nov.2016

De Sirius Familieleden van Licht:  “Tijdslijnen die aangeven dat er nu grote veranderingen komen.”  (via Shogun Amona)  op 4 nov.2016
Geliefde zusters en broeders van de Aarde – we verwelkomen jullie in de liefde en licht van de Eenheid – wij zijn de Sirius Familieleden.
We zijn blij en dankbaar – om op deze wijze met jullie in contact te komen. Vele belangrijke tijds frames binden zich samen op het galactische en op het Aarde niveau.
Begrijp alsjeblieft – dat tijd – op de manier hoe jullie die op het Aarde niveau beleven – nogal relatief is voor wat - er gebeurt op het galactische en interdimensionale niveau. Als je kijkt naar tijd is die als een schoorsteen – een lijn – die verschijnt afhankelijk van het niveau van bewustzijn – langer of korter – en als tijd in het nu aankomt (werkelijkheid) is het niets anders dan een punt. Tijd ontwikkelt zich – zoals dit gezien wordt door het zuivere bewustzijn van de bron – van een lijn in een punt – naar een nul tijd – of hoe je dat ook wilt benoemen.

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Brasileiro -- "As Linhas do Tempo - Indicam Agora Grandes Mudanças” Os Irmãos de Sirius

"As Linhas do Tempo - Indicam Agora Grandes Mudanças”
Os Irmãos de Sirius
Canal: Shogun Amona 

Amadas irmãs e irmãos da Terra - nós damos boas-vindas a vocês no Amor e Luz da Unidade - nós somos os Irmãos de Sirius.

Estamos felizes e gratos - por entrar em contato com você desta forma. Muitos e importantes quadros de tempo se encaixam na galáxia e no nível da Terra.

Por favor, compreenda – nesta época - o modo como você experimenta no nível da Terra - é bastante relativo ao que - está acontecendo no nível galáctico e interdimensional. 

Romîna -- Fratii Sirieni ai Luminii : '' Liniile Timpului indica acum, mari schimbari'' (via Shogun Amona) – 04-11-2016

Fratii Sirieni ai Luminii : '' Liniile  Timpului indica acum, mari schimbari'' (via Shogun Amona) – 04-11-2016

Dragi frati ai Pamîntului – va spunem bine ati venit în iubirea si lumina Unitatii. Suntem Fratii Sirieni ai Luminii.

Suntem fericiti si multumiti de a intra în contact cu dvs, în acest mod. Exista multe intervale de timp întretesîndu-se acum la nivel galactic si la nivel terenal/pamîntesc.

Va rugam sa întelegeti ca timpul – asa cum dvs, îl experimentati la  nivel terenal – este foarte relativ, depinde de ceea ce se petrece la nivel galactic, si la nivel interdimensional. Daca observati timpul, el este ca o pîlnie – o linie care pare a fi mai scurta, sau mai larga, depinzînd de nivelul de constiinta – si daca (linia) timpul(-ului)soseste la acum(realitatea), nu este nimic altceva decît un punct. Timpul se desfasoara – daca este vazut prin Constiinta pura a Sursei – de la o linie, la un punct – la timpul zero, sau oricum ati dori sa-l numiti.

Mandarin --- New message - Sirius Siblings 04-11-2016



请懂得,当你们在地球的层面经验着发生的同时,也极为相关的涉及到在银河系范围与内在维度层次的发生。如果你把时间看作为一个漏斗,一条线,就会显得它所依赖的是意识上的层面参照 - 更长或更短,但如果时间进入到“当下”的实相中,那除了一个“点”就别无其他。时间的进行,如果从伟大源头的纯粹意识去看,便是从一条线进入到一个“点”,被称之为“零点时间”,或是你喜欢的方式命名它。

Castellano --Los Hermanos Sirios de la Luz: ”Las Líneas de Tiempo indican ahora grandes cambios” (via Shogun Amona) – 04-11-2016

Los Hermanos Sirios de la Luz: ”Las Líneas de Tiempo indican ahora grandes cambios” (via Shogun Amona) – 04-11-2016

 Queridos hermanos de la Tierra – les damos la bienvenida en el amor y la luz de la Unidad. Somos los Hermanos Sirios de la Luz.

Estamos contentos y agradecidos de entrar en contacto con ustedes de esta manera. Hay muchos marcos de tiempo importantes entretejiéndose ahora a nivel galáctico y a nivel terrenal.

Por favor comprendan que el tiempo -- según ustedes lo experimentan a nivel terrenal -- es muy relativo, depende de lo que está sucediendo a nivel galáctico y a nivel interdimensional. Si observan el tiempo, es como un embudo – una línea que aparenta ser más corta o más larga, dependiendo del nivel de conciencia -- y si [la linea de] tiempo llega al ahora (la realidad) no es nada más que un punto. El tiempo se desarrolla – si es visto a través de la Conciencia pura de la Fuente – de una linea a un punto - al tiempo cero, o comoquiera lo deseen llamar.

The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”Time lines – that indicates now great changes” (through Shogun Amona) – 04-11-2016

The Sirius Siblings of Light:  ”Time lines – that indicates now great changes” (through Shogun Amona) – 04-11-2016


Beloved sisters and brothers of Earth – we welcome you in the love and light of the Oneness – we are the Sirius Siblings.

We are happy and thankful – to come in contact with you this way. Many important time frames string together on the galactic and on the Earth level.

Please understand – that time – in the way how you experience it on the Earth level – is quite relative to what – is happening on the galactic and interdimensional level. If you look at time it is like a funnel – a line – that appears depending to the level of consciousness – longer or shorter – and if time arrives in the now (reality) it is nothing else than a point. Time develops – if seen through the pure consciousness of the source – from a line into a point - to a zero time – or how you like to name it.

At the moment the time lines – that indicate and set great changes into motion – are now in a very favorable and promising sequence. For sure you have discovered – there a many factors in play – that have an influence on the outcome and the quality of such events. Be aware – that you and your awareness – your conscious intention – are representing the strongest and the most significant energies.

You are creator beings and if you are in a complete alignment – so to speak in love and harmony – then you are really powerful. Therefor we ask you – to direct your attention and your focus at – everything that presents you joy and love. In this state you are really very strong and this way your energy field transforms anything within you and radiates far out into your environment and your surrounding.

Connect yourself with Gaia – with the heart of the Earth and allow yourself to be held and inspired by nature – by animals and by lovingly energies – that are always there. We love you as our sisters and brothers – as our cosmic playmates and fellows. We are the Sirius Siblings – Your sisters and brothers from the stars.

In Love, Joy and Confidence........  Shogun Amona 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Svenska -- Ni är fria! genom Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Ni är fria!
Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
31 oktober 2016

Att mänskligheten har kommit långt är ett ”understatement”! Hur som helst, ni befinner er nu på den plats som leder er in i nästa årtusende av förändring och utveckling bortom er vildaste fantasi!

Jag hälsar er, jag är Porda (Papa Force) och jag kommer till er idag med en del nyheter! Er del av mänskligheten, som jag är en del av, har äntligen kommit till den plats där ni kan bestämma över er egen framtid utan någon inblandning från det negativa eller den kontroll som plågat era liv. De som under tusentals år manipulerade och kontrollerade mänskligheten har äntligen mött sitt slut. Jag förstår att det är svårt, till och med mycket svårt, att ens föreställa sig en värld som är fri från korruption, fri från krig, död och meningslöst våld. Föreställ dig en värld där du är Kung och du är Drottning! Du är Mästaren i ditt eget liv och över din livsväg.



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