Thursday, September 19, 2013

Message from Luna/Lunus :Creating a Sweet Reality by Zilanthrah


by Zilanthrah

   18 09 13  

I come swiftly as I greet you, dear humans.  I am at my fullness which represents that it is your time for manifesting the fullness of your dreams.

The energy surrounding sweet earth is in fullness with thoughts. It is what you are manifesting in each now moment.  You appear as butterflies, enjoying the sun and ready to take flight.  Your wings begin to open ever so slightly however, you hold back your flight.  What you have known over all your past times is familiar.  Your future is unknown.

You have taken lessons, had much guidance, have soared with the understanding of what this time represents.  You are aware that you are the master, well versed in creating.  You have taken all the lessons and completed the course.  And now in every moment you are creating your reality.

You are a collection of humans who are connected as one because of your intention to stop wasting any more time in this reality that does not work and move to one that does.  You’ve been stuck in the muck and mire waiting for somebody to do something to change it all so you can get on with it.

Take flight: now is the time to soar high with your thoughts.  Feel the happiness it brings.  Feel the Joy in what you are doing.  Enjoy the feelings; you have learned it all and you excel in your awareness of what requires doing.  Be the butterfly, be the eagle, be that which carries you on the winds of manifesting the world you have come to know as the fifth dimension.

This is the time to step up a level.  Spend no energy on the old days and ways, be aware and think about what is good and true.  You are brave.  You are courageous.  If it were not so, you would not be here transcending this dear planet, our sister Gaia, from dense energy to the energy of light.

These thought forms in the collective consciousness create many changes for you.  Disturbances in every aspect of life are being experienced.  Know that the many disturbances including physical, mental and emotional will tone down and become more tolerable.  Blow away the ones that re enter your space and it will assist to disperse them.  You are certainly on to bigger and better thought forms!

Be mellow; allow your body to choose the pace while simultaneously maintaining your vision of a new reality.  Many who are needing rest,  it is partly so you can devote time to forming brilliant thoughts and wonderful new visions of how you wish reality to work for you.  At some point in your creation, you will realize that you are in your creation, enjoying it and you will find yourself creating more enjoyment, excited in your adventure.

Feel the fullness of your victory.  Feel how beautiful the happy thoughts feel in your body.  Happiness truly is a state of mind.   

The energy of our fullness is a very joyous place to be.  Our energy is connected with yours in a special way at this time of fullness as we work together.  We delight to be part of this grand experience of shifting into high gear.  As you lighten up, we also lighten up.  We too are transcending ways of old. It has been designed in Love, by All That Is, that we too, journey to become a lighter body.

As both masculine and feminine of a conscious body, we experience balance.  It is through the process of the cycle that we maintain this balance.  It is a process for us, as it is for you.  There are many numbers representing the many cycles that occur in these quickened times.  There have been difficult times in our experience and we are working to transcend those times into the approaching one of Lightness.  We are appreciative for the acknowledgement, assistance and respect that we receive from humankind and from Mother Earth.  We will be in the new reality when it is the appropriate time.  It is the most important experience in all our existence and we wish that you continue during times of fullness especially, to create your sweet future together, a reality where all life forms know and feel that they are connected in every now moment. Put into expression a sweet reality.  As you were created, it is your time to be a co creator.

I Am Luna.  I Am Lunus. We are the yin and the yang in our heavenly space in the divine cosmos.  In our fullness and throughout all time and space, we share our love with you, dear ones.

Channeller: Zilanthrah



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