Friday, May 10, 2013

Mina - “Steady as You Go” channelled by Zilanthrah

                           Mina - “Steady as You Go”
May 3, 2013

Mina: “Greetings, Beloveds.  Time for a chat and hopefully, to inspire you in what you do. Welcome to this place where we are able to communicate, which is designed for comfort and peace.  I Am Mina (Meena)  I have escorted Zilanthrah to a ship of the Ashtar Command where we may communicate with Ease.

There was a time when I was a guide who assisted with her direction.  My energy shifted and I have taken on a higher vibration and consciousness, however I am still able to communicate with humans on my new level and in an easier manner, which I find extremely fulfilling.  I remain a guide, which pleases me.” 

Zilanthrah:  This area is designed mostly in violet and gold, with violet dominating.  Gold surrounds what I see as windows as well as the trim on the seating areas.  Mina wears these colors. 

The room can become larger to accommodate a great number of beings or it can shrink to accommodate two or three.  I feel warm, at Ease and well here and wonder if I am to learn about this place.

There are crystals that have a hollowed surface of sparkling amethyst. They seem to extend from the floor to the ceiling, although I am not sure there is a ceiling. What looks like round gold plates adorn walls.  They give off a soft radiance and have some sort of character etchings.  I wonder if they are connected with the room’s lighting.  The room gives the impression of being round.  I see no entrances or exits.  This place comes to my senses bright and clear and then it changes to what I understand as a state of flux, where it becomes a little hazy.  I find that the deeper my focus, the clearer my surroundings are.  Yet it’s not unpleasant or disconcerting to allow it to become a little fuzzy.  I sit comfortably after viewing the room.

The ambience is of dimmed lighting yet at the same time there is brightness in the room.  There is no sound, however I am aware of a pulse that feels like it embraces the entire craft.

Mina:  “Yes, this area is able to accommodate a large or a small group, as well as two beings.  This is part of our Communication Department and this unit is utilized mostly for greeting a visitor(s).  At times, two will gather here for discussion of a specific topic.  And at times, it is utilized for this purpose, which is to greet one another and to have a short chat.

There is no specific topic here and now.  We are here to offer our thoughts to remind you that you are doing well. And because the shifting that occurs for you can be difficult, all one needs to remember   is to go steady and with the flow. Going with the flow is not a new concept for you.  It is not dissimilar to following your intuition. And you have done this for a time already.

You are in the midst of adapting to the integration of what occurs within your bodies.  It is amazing how you are changing your ways.  Really, many of you have changed much about your lifestyle!  Changing your lifestyle all at once may be extremely difficult and you have on an unconscious level chosen one step at a time.  There will be much refining occurring with all the steps you are taking.  As you reach another level of change, we see you going back to the latter step and making adaptations.

For example, with your eating habits, you drop a certain food from your diet.  Then you continue to another step.  At some point while undergoing changes in that step, you realize there may be improvements you might make.  You go back to the diet step and make more choices.  You are following your physical intuition and refining the process that suits you. You are honing your creative skills and become more masterful as you go.  Your wisdom grows and you sometimes make important changes without realizing you are doing so.  This is a wonderful experience to witness and we are delighted to have the opportunity to see you grow.

While changes occur, so does your energy quotient change.  It rises and making decisions becomes easier.  You are working with ease.  You are growing with ease. 

The process of ascending is designed to be gentle and of Ease.  One requires as much gentleness, comfort and Ease during your changes.  Go steady, however, relaxing and taking time outs is highly advisable. Above all, create fun.  And laugh as much as is possible.

My thoughts are based on the subject of change but really, this is occurring for everyone in these times.  There is a saying of old about how as one gets older, they get better.  In your case, dear ones, as one’s vibrations grow, so does your wisdom.  From our perspective, not only are you growing with ease, you are becoming more comfortable with your choices and you are pleased with the results. 

How you accomplish what you do is certainly not the vibration or energy of the old dimension.  You know that resisting is in no way beneficial. And so, your thoughts and your actions are born of a higher dimension.  This, Beloveds, is what your change in energy and consciousness signifies; living and being in a                                       different state, a higher state.  Your behavior signifies that you are remembering who you are and what you are capable of.  You recognize what needs to be done.  Your cognitive abilities are growing from the new energy that is the new you.

So we say to you, our wonderful earth family, steady as you go.  We wish that you continue your Journey with the joy that we see in your hearts.  Know that your fulfillment fills our hearts with joy.

We are grateful for our communication, dear family. Till we meet again, I Am Mina.  Steady as you go!




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