Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mother Mary:Time to allow to feel the Power in Your Soul

August the 3rd, 2014


Beloved Hearts, beloved Lights of the Sourceyou are welcome in the Light and Love of pureness and perfection, I AM Mother Mary. I AM now hereexactly at this moment and I touch your Heart-Jewel and your So-Being with lovethe unconditional love. Breathe gently into your heart and feel nowhow your heart space expands and how your hearts open uptowards the lighttowards the trust into the deepest yearning - that is there in your heart - the yearning for homethe soul in her limitless Being. 

Feel with your Heartsnow, and allow yourself to feel the power of your soul. You have travelled very far on your path and now after you can sense the sureness inwardlythat there is much more in youthen you have assumedit allows you to grow deeper into everything and every situation into your real Being. You recognise nowthat perfectness resides inside you and that every moment-of-Being is hosting a deeper sense and is connected with your choicewith your creation. My beloved awakened Heartsyou are precious beyond words. You are the Essence of Godthe twinkling lights of the source and you are certainly the Co-creators and builder of the new earth.

We in the spiritual worldwe count on you and we observe you as you find back into your Essence of God and how you are evocative of your Divine core. We love you and we are thank you for your lightthat you truly are and radiate into your live. Be blessed in all your BeingHere and Now.  We are connected in the Love and Light of I AM. I Am Mother Mary.

In Love, Joy and Solidarity......Shogun Amona

Translation German – English: Petra ST

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