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This Awareness is now available, please proceed.
Thank you. Welcome Awareness and thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership session of October 10, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice for Cosmic Awareness, Joan Mills the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there an opening message or any event you would like to discuss at this time please?
That there is no opening message at this time, that this Awareness senses the primary question will serve as that which will attend the important matters that are at hand, that are occurring. Therefore, the opening message will be contained in the answer to the question that is about to be asked. Please proceed.
Thank you. This is my question.  I was thinking about the bombing of Syrian targets by the Russians and the U.S. suggesting it was more than the Syrian targets.  Is there any truth to this, or does he, meaning President Putin, does he have an agenda that is relevant to the present situation? Your thoughts please.
That this Awareness would point out that these are two ideological opposites clashing, the ideological sentiment of the democratic world or the alleged democratic world that is the Western world that is led by the United States and backed up by the United Kingdoms versus that which is alleged to be a non-democratic country, a Communist country, although it is not Communist any longer as it was once defined.

But there is a propaganda war going on, and that those in the Western democratic nations are being hit daily by the propaganda that Putin and Russia are the evil empire, are the ones that are opposed to democratic freedom. That this is being played out in the situation in the Middle East, in particular in Syria at this time.
Thus it must be that the Western nations, especially America and Great Britain, maintain that argument that Putin and Russia are not bombing only ISIS or Islamic State targets, but are indeed bombing the targets that have to do with those that are called moderate rebels.
The interesting fact that must be observed here, to have discernment about this issue of being able to see the philosophic and ideological war that is also going on at this time over Russia's participation in the Middle East, in the affairs of Syria, is that this has much to do with the worldwide situation that is also taking place and how there are those Powers That Be that are still seeking to create a situation worldwide where instability is created and then the plans of the powers-that-be, those that this Awareness would actually now call the powers-that-were, can be implemented and carried out.
That the Middle East and Syria are very much part of their greater plans to create worldwide instability, that will enable them to more easily carry out their plans.
That Russia is also aware of this and Putin being the leader of Russia, the figure head, is diametrically opposed to the plans of those who have their hidden agendas. He is definitely aware to the point that he has over the last several years, stood up against these ones. First in his own country by destroying the oligarchies, by destroying those who were figureheads for the Western powers, the powers-that-were, who were trying to take over Russia. Indeed, it could be said they had great control already in Russia. Then the incident in the Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine, that which was the traditional territories of Russia, the East Crimean regions, the Crimean regions and Eastern Ukraine regions, coming back to the Russians. At least the Crimea did so, and the civil war that is occurring in Eastern Ukraine is about this as well. A traditional people returning back to their own peoples, the people of Russia.
But there has been much interference, much propaganda that has painted the Russians as ones who are the enemy. Taking this forward now to the situation in Syria, the irony and paradox here is that the NATO ones through such spokespeople as John Kerry are saying that the only real solution is to bring peace to this region, then these ones are doing the exact opposite. That there is sufficient evidence to prove that America has been funding and training ISIS, the Islamic State, these Jhidadists. That they have been supporting them by leaving equipment, military equipment there and that they have also, through their bombing, been attacking not only ISOL targets but other targets where civilians have been killed. The latest is of course the bombing of the hospital in that region, in the Iraq region.
That these actions do belay the truth of the situation, expose the truth of the situation, that while they speak of bringing peace to the region, instead their actions and the support of the very ones that they have labeled as the dreaded enemy are of a nature that not only supports them, but promotes them.
Now you have the situation of Putin coming in to the situation of Syria, coming in to support the legitimate president Bashar al-Assad. That most believe that this one is a despot, a dictator, an evil tyrant. Why is this so? It is so because the propaganda has painted him to be this, and there has been little questioning of this, that there has been little questioning of the support the moderate rebels have received to oppose this one because it is not in the agenda of the powers-that-were to have it otherwise. Their agenda, which is about creating instability in that region, requires that Bashar al-Assad be the enemy, be the tyrant that must be deposed. That this ties in with the fantasy of how evil dictators are overthrown by righteous ones, by those who are desiring freedom and democracy, all of the old ploys being pulled and carried out here of opposition of an evil dictator so that the people can be freed.
But the people were relatively free in the first place. Their standard of living quite high, they had security, they had homes, they had institutes that supported them, they were happy in their country until this plan was launched to disaffect that stability, to disconnect it. This was not only a plan for Syria but for the whole region, Libya being the first that came under the new agenda creating instability in that region. That what is now the case with Libya now that Gaddafi has been removed and executed is a country in strife and turmoil, total upheaval. That it is not exactly what was promised by the aligned countries that participated in the overthrow, even though indirectly it could be argued of Gaddafi and his regime.
That the bigger plan went then to Syria, to overthrow Bashar al-Assad to create a similar situation in Syria, leaving it also affected as Libya. But Bashar al-Assad refused to abdicate and went against those ones and their plans, so much so that the efforts of the United States and its allies had to eventually come to a point where they were intervening themselves, bombing Syria, a nation that was not and is not at war with the NATO countries, the Western backed countries, and yet these ones are creating the instability in this region under the guise and banner of they are the cavalry come in to help the poor Syrians and Iraqis, but is this so?
Then you have this new piece that has been added, this piece of Russia entering, Putin supporting Assad and making a difference. Ironically, in a way of bringing a stability back to the government, more has been achieved in a relatively short time than has been achieved in over a year of bombing of Syria by the NATO backed nations.
That this would create, if Bashar al-Assad's forces were able to quell the rebels and the rebellion, a stable situation in Syria where those who are homeless would again be able to build and rebuild their homes and their lives. Those who have fled would perhaps even return if such stability could be brought back to Syria and those who were and are the real enemies be dealt with and driven out. This is what Russia is offering, but this is the anthesis of that which America and England and the NATO backed countries wished to achieve, for theirs is a long term agenda and it was very crucial and is very crucial to them to create this instability, disharmony in that region, not only Syria, but Iraq, Iran and other Middle East countries, even Egypt. That this is being thwarted by the Russians' participation in this conflict and their attempts to bolster up and secure Assad and his legitimate government.
That it is a huge propaganda war and that you have the choice of choosing either to believe those who are stating that they are there to help the rebels and sweep an illegitimate ruler out of power, or to  believe the other side, that the illegitimate ruler Bashar al-Assad is the legitimate ruler and that the actions of supporting him and assisting him are those actions that will bring stability back to this region. But the most important thing this Awareness would emphasize: do not be fooled by the propaganda, do not simply be reduced to a binary dualistic choice of one or the other. Hold that this region will be restored, hold that peace will come to it. Do not be deceived by either sides' claims, but know that this is a point of contention that is very relevant in the world and to see through the propaganda, the lies, the deceptions, perhaps on both sides, is the only way to see this situation clearly and to understand that one must rise above it, and that the first place to do so is within one's own context, within one's own interpretation of reality and to see things, not from a binary dualistic level, a choice of them or us, right or wrong, but from a higher level where this is a situation of transition at the greatest and deepest levels.
That this is another matter that this Awareness will speak to perhaps on another occasion, but for now It is complete in the answering of this question.
Thank you Awareness. May I ask "what is the bottom line purpose that the U.S. and Great Britain and NATO desire? Is it to confiscate the oil, or what is going on here? Why is Syria so desirable?"
First Syria is not desirable at this time as the prize, it is not about the oil, that this would only be a bonus to those nations who control such nations as Syria or other oil-producing countries, such as Libya. But it is not the reason why it is a bonus point, as already spoken.
The real reason is to create worldwide instability but specifically to create instability in Europe. This being achieved by the masses of the people, the refugees that are flooding Europe at this time. That this will create tension in those countries that receive a large amount of refugees. That this will cause a conflict between the inhabitants of the countries these refugees are being taken into as well as the refugees themselves against those who have taken them in. That this will  help the situation down the road, where the plan is to declare marshal law around the world, country by country, and that this is the real agenda behind the disruption of the Middle East, the unbalancing of the balance that was previously there and also the same in Europe, to topple the balance that has been so for the last 60-70 years since the end of the second world war.
Thank you, is there additional on that?
This is sufficient for now.
Thank you, I appreciate that response. It will help to put everything into perspective. Thank you Awareness.
That you are welcome.
Channeller: Will Berlinghof
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