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That which is Cosmic Awareness is available, please proceed.

Thank you and welcome Awareness for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership session of December 19, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice for Cosmic Awareness, Joan Mills the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there an opening message or any event you would like to discuss please at this time? Thank you.

That this Awareness does indeed have opening message, a Christmas message for one and all. Christmas Greetings, Winter Solstice Greetings for those in the Northern Hemisphere.

That this Awareness says here at this time, that the energies of this time are indeed special energies. They are special because of the energies of that which is Sagittarius, the Archer in astrology, and part of the energies of Sagittarius is that acceptance of and looking to higher levels of participation and understanding in the field of hope and positivity. That it, the Archer, shoots his arrows into the sky at the Moon, at the Sun, at the planets with the request that the highest energies be brought onto the planet to guide humans, to guide the affairs of men and womankind. It is why at Christmas, there is a general attitude amongst many that is inclined towards wishing all peace and well-being.

That it is very much in the consciousness of humanity to look for the light at this time, to look at the light of hope and to wish it upon others. It is the one time of the year where people put aside for a few hours at least, that which is the negative focus on world events and the tragedies of the events that are underway, and have been presented over recent times.Instead, most look positively at this time as a joyous time, an inspiring time, a time when world peace is prayed for and personal messages of hope and well-being are spoken to one another.

That even though for those in the Northern Hemisphere in the Western radius of influence where Christianity is the main religion, that this Awareness does wish to express it is not simply about Christmas from the Christian point of view. Indeed there are other faiths: the Jewish faith with Hanukkah and the Hindi faith with Dawali, that also see this time of year as one where hope reigns supreme and one has good cheer and wishes of well being for others, even those unknown.

Therefore it is within the consciousness of humanity itself that this concept of a time when
one can focus on peace and good will and even love for all beings on the planet, all others on the planet, is a very important time to realize within oneself that this is a wish that is heartfelt and contained within the individual and within the human psyche itself.

The problem is that those in power, in line with their own plans and agendas, have long
manipulated human consciousness to a point where it is not the human experience necessarily to live 365 days a year in such frame of mind. That it can only be allowed and tolerated but for a few days around the Solstice of December, whether this Solstice is in the Northern Hemisphere where it expresses itself as the Winter Solstice or in the Southern Hemisphere where of course it is the opposite, it is the Summer Solstice.

In any event, there are those who are in power whose powers are ebbing now, who are the powers-that-were, would still nonetheless try to curtail this universal expression of good cheer and good wishes upon all human beings. That this is something that is tolerated to a degree but even there, there are plans to collapse this season and collapse the feeling of hopefulness that so many bare at this time. That this means that there are plans afoot that may be designed to create another false flag event over that most sacred period, that soul celebration of Christmas and the Solstice time.

That this Awareness does not predict, It is simply saying there are plans afoot and that if it does occur at Christmas or in the Christmas period, for this is an extended period of approximately one week from the 24th of December to the 30th of December where the feelings of good will and positivity are so strong. That it is in this period that it is seen that there is a planned event to shock humanity and especially to shock those in North America, particularly America, and it is seen also the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, and Wales as well as Ireland, the British Empire, the United Kingdoms.

That this Awareness brings this forward as a way of preparation, not as a prediction, so that if it does occur that they stage some event in one of the Western nations, particularly seen England and/or the United States, that one is not knocked out of that place that Sagittarius brings, that Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali bring, the energies of the Solstice brings, to remember that this is a crucial period of time both for those who serve the light and those who serve the dark.

Both are at a turning point, both have come to this place at this time with different intent and different purpose. For one group it is about the continual domination and diminishing of humankind, of its continued enslavement and the perpetuation of that into the future, certainly into 2016.

But for the other side, those who are of Spirit, those who are awakening more and more each and every day, there is that intent and purpose of bringing more light, more spiritual awareness into the fabric of the planet, Mother Earth herself, as well as to humanity, to the collective that is humanity. As this Awareness has spoken so many times before, it all begins within the individual themself, themselves, and because this is so, as you the individual observe whatever events take place during this period, it is also therefore up to you not to fall for the deception, not to be misled by any false flag.

True there may be suffering for many because of these manipulations, these deliberate
attacks upon humanity, but you are not to be drawn into it, you are to stay in the pure powers of these times, of this period of the light returning into the darkness, and you are to remember this message. The light does return and when it enters the darkest space, it begins to illuminate and as it grows, the darkness fades until there is illumination and clarity once again.

That the Winter Solstice itself is this very message, for it is at the darkest time of the year. It is at the time of the shortest day and the longest night that the Sun returns at the apex of its cycle and brings back the light to Mother Earth. That the ancient ones understood this and they built buildings, not modern buildings but edifices if you will to this very concept. In particular, the Knowth the barrows in Ireland noth/north and the others that are there noth/north.

That the ancient ones who preceded the Celts understood the principle of the seeding of
Mother Earth with the first light of the Sun on the Solstice. That therefore they built what are called barrows or mounds and the mounds allowed the Sun on the Solstice at the Sun rise of the Solstice to go down a long tunnel into the very center of the mound that is in pitch darkness, and at that exact moment of alignment where the Sun has come over the horizon and the rays of light go down the tunnel into the center, that the spark, the seed is planted into the womb space of Mother Earth. That she takes this seed of light and becomes pregnant with it and in nine months that which was the seed is birthed. That this is that which is the Autumn Equinox, the time of harvest and the bringing in of the crops. The point here is that the ancient ones understood this, but today this matter is forgotten, it is not understood that the light returns into the darkness at the darkest time of all, the longest night of all, and life is seeded once again, and the cycle begins once again.

That this cycle, this time with the Solstice, is of great importance, for those who are dedicated to serve the dark wish this to be a permanent darkness, and they will try their best to make it so. It is why it is so important for the individual at this time to remember the meaning and purpose of the mounds in Ireland and that which was the understanding of the dance of life between Mother Earth and Father Son, and even though these are expressed in primitive ways to some who consider themselves so intellectually superior than the ancient ones, that in their ignorance and their arrogance they refute these universal concepts and messages.

That even though there are those who are not drawn to this for it challenges their own dogmatic religions, still it is so. The concept of the light vanquishing the darkness leading to the flow towards greater life/light, greater vibration and greater frequency. That at this time no matter what occurs, this Awareness invites one and all to stay in the energy of the light that is being seeded within them and within humanity. It is not about denial if something does occur, but it is about transcendence, it is about going beyond the deception, the lie, the corruption, that is being presented. It is about seeing that everyone has a place in this drama, a role to play and that it may be that those of a spiritual nature can bring light into this matter by accepting the light that comes to them.

It is a most crucial decision not to simply believe any lies that are put out, any deception, any false flag event no matter how tragic, how shocking. To remember that those who are involved in this, even to the extent of giving their lives up, have agreements in Spirit with these ones that have brought this forth and have agreements with each other and have agreements mostly with Spirit Itself, Divine Source Itself.

This Awareness is not saying that one is not affected when tragedies happen and innocent ones are murdered, but to submit to what is the lie and to believe those who have set up the false flag event, is that which is paramount to giving up your own freedom and your own autonomy. It is what they are planning, they who were so in power once who are now losing their power. It is their desperation that is coming out at this time and it is seen that 2016 itself will be a year of desperate measures and desperate actions.

But despite this, despite such events occurring that you may experience, still stay in the light, call the light in, use this momentous moment to be the turning point for yourselves, and see it then to be the turning point for humanity. As you hold this concept, as you step into the power of your sovereignty and your autonomy, you will find that you are free and you are in the light. This is an important understanding to have for as you realize your own freedom, your own illumination, it can grow in you, and as it grows it can be seen by others. It is not necessarily that you must go and preach to others, command to others they must also find this light, for that would not truly be an enlightened attitude. But to live your light, to be the light, to find the strength and power of yourself as a sovereign being of Spirit at this time will be then a torch lit in the darkness, that illuminates that which is around it.

Imagine then if you will, thousands and millions of other torches being lit and brought together, increasing the light, increasing the illumination in the darkness that is on the planet at this time. That this light, this brilliance will attract more and they will hold up their unlit torches and add it to the light, lighting their torches, lighting themselves, and this becomes the collective. It is the collective of illuminated beings who are aware of who and what they truly are: Spirit Beings, unfettered, unchained, unrestricted, in this physical reality. That the change is coming, the turning point has been reached to this, and it is that which this symbol of Christmas truly represents, this symbol of the light returning back to and into the darkness.

To this end, this Awareness wishes to announce the release of a declaration of sovereignty and a petition to the forces of high council, extraterrestrial as well as spiritual, that Will and Callista and Rainbow-Phoenix have released. It is a declaration first for those who wish to declare themselves sovereign, autonomous beings. It is a declaration of joining the collective of sovereign beings who are voicing their objections, who are stating the truth of their beings, and it is a petition to those high councils, both of the sacred spiritual nature as well as the extraterrestrial high councils, including and starting with the Council of Spiritual Elders of the central Sun, that which is the center of the galaxies and the universe. That the energies of Spirit are coming through the central Sun and as this Awareness has spoken before previously where It spoke of Divine Source's energies coming forth wave after wave after wave crashing upon the planet, bringing higher spiritual awareness and understanding. That to add one's voice to this process is to include oneself very much in the process. This is an action that any all can do in the privacy of their own homes, in the privacy of their own space. It is an action that will invoke at the highest level and the deepest level, a response from those that are being addressed, those of the high spiritual councils, those of light, of love unconditional to assist humanity at this most crucial time.

It is to be remembered that those who have had power for so long have crippled humanity, that they have been dumbed down and made ignorant of what the truth is of their own nature and in their own being. When one is so handicapped that one often needs to ask for assistance, no one would say of one who cannot see or one who has not legs to use that it is wrong that they are asking for help, but ironically it is those very ones that find it hardest of all to ask for help, for this is a declaration often to them of their lack of independence, of their status as a crippled or handicapped individual.

Still, as one rediscovers one's own worth no matter what the burden is that one is carrying, what the handicap might be, that as one realizes their worth they also realize their right to ask for help without it being that which deteriorates them as a human being, as an independent individual. The point is that those who have need do not serve themselves well if they do not ask for help when they could use it.

As humanity is crippled and under attack at the same time by those who would keep humanity in the ignorance and the darkness of manipulation and mind control, that humanity therefore has the right to ask for assistance from those higher councils, those higher sources.It is not asking to be rescued, but rather simply for help at this crucial time, especially against those who would use methods and technologies of an artificial nature against humanity to ensure the success of their agendas.

That this petition and declaration will be a catalyst energy, adding to the many other catalyst energies that are currently being expressed. The seed was planted several weeks ago when this Awareness first spoke of the petition that Will and Callista were working on and many of you have been thinking about this, have been feeling this movement towards this petition and have expressed anticipation of it being released.

That you have helped energize the process but it was a process that took time and it was a process that needed to wait to that optimal moment, that moment of alignment that is expressed through the energies of the Winter Solstice, the Summer Solstice. This has been reached and this seed has been put out and it is seen that it will grow and it will be shared and many who want to do something will finally feel here is something they can do that will not endanger them, but will add their voice, their energies, to the bringing back of the light of Divine Source and Spirit to illuminate the darkness once again, to live the truth of that which is the Divine Source message, that the light will always illuminate the darkness and the light will set free the many victims, the many slaves, that have been captured in this epochal time where the darkness has had the upper hand.

That the experiment has ended, it is over, the new light is dawning, the new world being birthed. That this is the purpose and the point of this declaration and this petition to the High Source Councils for assistance at this time. Be patient however, for even though it has been declared and even though many will add their voices, it is still that which is a process. Indeed, watch as more and more begin to ask questions, as more and more begin to steer themselves at this time as if they are beginning to awaken. Watch the world events around you, and in particular the many who are starting to speak out, who are starting to bring light to the lies and the deceptions and always add your energies of positivity and hope, the energies of Sagittarius at this incredible time of year, to the process and to that which is unfolding. Know that the seed of light and the seed of life, sacred life, have been planted, have been watered, and have been given the light.

That this Awareness wishes all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, a wonderful Hanukkah, a joyous Diwali. This Awareness wishes all the hope and the joy of Sagittarius, the return of the light that is the light that returns in the Winter Solstice and is in full measure in this Summer Solstice. That this Awareness wishes one and all a wonderful Happy Solstice, Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, a wonderful awakening into the light that has dawned. That this Awareness is complete Its opening message.

Thank you. That was very, very interesting, very, very appropriate. Thank you, Awareness.

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