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Kiron: Ascencion and Being in the Heart

Kiron: About "Ascension" and "Being in the Heart".
Friday, 28th of December 2012

P: Good morning Kiron. I am very happy to see you. Some days are gone by, it feels for me like weeks... but... it is as it is.

K: Good morning Petra. I am also happy to see you. Yes, the days, like you say, are flying along, the time do not allow to be "locked in" anymore, time is also freed and is more and more becoming what it is, a permanent moving Entity. You are certainly on the search of signs to prove the "ascension" and you do not find very much, some do not find any, other a few. But only a few, very few have found, what has been predicted from some directions about the ascension into 5th Dimension.
Whatever you see, whatever you have found, there were no "rules", or "features", that were given to you, there were no promises, all the reliable sources had said, that everybody will "experience his / her own ascension, when he / she is ready for it and it will be an individually experience and exactly this is the way how it is. Do not compare with others, do not look, what could have happened, what you would have like to expect. Look and bring yourself back into the here and now. And be in your heart. When you are in the here and now and as well in your heart, then look and feel again what is different to you. Yes, your thought this morning was right. It is not about to ascend into 5th dimension, it is about to leave the 3rd dimension behind! And exactly this is the way. As long as you grab hold of old pattern, you can not expect to experience the 5th dimension.
How would you intent to be at two places at the same time, and I mean at the same time. If you are able to cope with that and it is possible, then you are already in higher dimensions. And it is your consciousness, which is carrying you into other dimensions, it is first the consciousness and then your body. So be patient with yourself, be patient with others and strive further, endeavor to be in your heart and in the here and now and you will see, you will achieve the point of your alignment. It is you who is going through this process.

P: Thank you Kiron, this was a clear statement. Please explain now, what it does mean to be in your heart. Can you explain how we can do that?

K: Yes. It's actually pretty easy. You know in your heart center is the place of love energy, the chakra has specific characteristics, it has the vibration of love energy, the other chakras in turn have other "properties" and attract other vibrations, because they attract each other as a result of the similarity and opposites. But we stick to "be in the heart." Now think of the qualities that represent love. You might say, "No, everything is love, it is all that exist". Yes, and again No. Because exactly at this point there is a distinction between your "task" as human beeings that are here on earth. You have the mission to assimilate and filter in your heart only those energies that can be converted to pure love.

P: Kiron, this is not clear for me. If you say, everything is love, then we can assimilate everything, what is the sense to the other Chakras? And what is the meaning of that?

K: Now, let me explain. You are receiving through your heart the pure vibrational frequency of love, you could receive it in full strength but this is not the case. You have created so called filters, and dampers to hinder the full assimilation, for the reason, because this energy would be too strong and "would totally confuse" you, because then one chakra would swing in its full "bloom" and the other chakras would not. That can not go well.

P: No, I imagine this as very disharmonious, like a motor that would run on full speed in an old wreck. The car would not run for long.

K: That's right. In the course of your incarnations you had the task to elevate the other chakras as well to their "inflorescence". It is called "to be in flower" because it is the highest form of expression. And you have run through the cleanup of karma that way. And in recent years you had intensified to carry out the tasks more or less consciously. Through the release of your karma by the Creator the last aspects could clear away, but only if you have accepted this decree, so if you have been working deliberately against it, however, nothing has changed.

P: You are saying, that if somebody wanted to stay in an "issue", then the karma did not clear away.

K: Yes, this is how it is. Now let us talk about the heart. The human being did always "know" how to love, everybody brought this ability to earth. The love between mother and child, the love of the parents, with everybody this channel was open during the birth. And also later, you often had situations where you felt love. To be in your heart is nothing unknown to you. It is simply as if you would love something. For example, take a dog that you love, if you have one. Do you think of bad things at this moment, when you have these feelings of love? About bad qualities that the dog might have? First of all not, and if you do, do you not love the dog anymore? Normally not. Because the love is stronger, clearing it away.
And now, go into your heart and look at something with love. How does it feel? Look at yourself, because you should also feel love for yourself. Or look at an animal, a flower, a person, an object. Feel this love, feel how this love is moving towards the beloved target, maybe you are feeling a flow of love coming back to you. Feel it, let it flow into you. Let it totally fulfill you.... And... can you do something "evil" / negative in this state now? Would you think of problems now? And if you think about, do you have the feeling that they are irresolvable, or do they not feel lighter, as if you would be able to solve them.

P: I understand what you want to say. I am summarizing it that way. If we have more or less cleared our other chakras, then our heart chakra can "flower" in a much stronger way and we can transform "love". And in this state of love we are in another way of thinking. In another "dimension of thinking" in the dimension of thinking "everything is easier and manageable in LOVE". And in this state we have a much greater potential. Much more possibilities to find true solutions.

K: Exactly like that. But not only this. As well, many "problems" are losing their impact, because they have no place in this "dimension of thinking". Especially, if they are "problems" based on emotions and characteristics. Other problems, that are manifest, as you like to say, financial problems are not just easily clearing away through the energy of love, but they will be easier to solve with the aid of this energy of love. Just simply, because you have much more "power in yourself as a result of this love energy" and because you are in the position to "free yourself or open to accept help" or to realize approaches.

P: Thank you Kiron. I think this was very detailed. Thank you for your explanation.

K: With pleasure. As always at your service.

Received and translated  by Petra Samoiski-Tierney

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