Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”Where ever you look – you will see the things – whereon your inner focus lies.“

The Sirius Siblings of Light:Where ever you lookyou will see the thingswhereon your inner focus lies.

September the 19th, 2014

Beloved `Brothers and Sisters´ of the Earthwe welcome you in the love and light of the All-One-Being. We are the Sirius siblings. Today we are herenowto have a closer look at the development of your time-linesthat you are travelling onmind you, in your imagination. Gaia is constantly increasing her frequencies and all of you are feeling thisbecause you are connected to Gaia. Gaia still wants to ascend very gently together with all her childrenas gentle as possible. In this aspect your time lines and your idea of time as a chronological sequence comes into playthe more as Gaia´s frequency increases, the more the time-lines are coming into alignmentthe alignment to reality.

As a result more people are starting to experience themselves as interconnected beingsin shortthey begin to realise and live their soul quality. Many many years of your time you were conditionedthat you are not more than your physical beingyour physical bodybut nothing is further away from reality than this. All your sciences and achievements are based on this world view and they have tried to explain the world into matterto describe and to tie it up. Nowwhen the consciousness of realitythat comes from the heart through all that isfreely and continuously pouring out and awakening everythingthe things are becoming clear and obvious.

The old world view of separation is clearing away and this experience is for some people a pleasant relief and for some a dramatic waybecause matter and solid forms have provided security and hold. Realise, beloved Siblings of Earththat in this process nobody will lose anythingapart from the fear. Where ever you lookyou will see the thingswhereon your inner focus lies. This is a cosmical law and we all follow the law of reaction. Allow yourself to see and feelthat all is connected with one another with and in lovethat life is everywhere and allow your Higher Selfyour Soulto take the inner control.

You are in the middle of the process to perfect awakening and your consciousness will be aligned and adjusted at every moment. Everything is happening in accordance with the divine plan. Everything is happening in loveof whatever kind it shows up. Stay in trust and in confidence and enjoy your awakening. Consciousness is all that is. Love is all that is. We thank you and send you the love from our hearts. We are the Sirius Siblings of Light.

In Love, Joy and Unity........  Shogun Amona 

Translation German – English: Petra ST

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