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ENGLISH - Sananda - December 2nd, 2011

Sananda 2nd of December

Channel: Angelica

My Dear Sister of the Light, I can see that you have listened to the idea that we gave you. Search further on this and follow you instinct and intuition. You will find more patterns in this book. My suggestion is that you do not wait too long to contact the person that has this book. Do not get afraid and suspicious. Remember the enormous illusion you on Earth has lived in during so many years. Consider the treason and the manipulations and the blasphemy that you are fed to believe in and to consider as the Truth. Many of you are now starting to wake up and how incredible, paradoxical and difficult it may feel to remember what the Truth is. You know. For you have started to listen inside you, within your Core of Light. You are pure souls conceived in the Source’s pure and Divine Light. You have it coded within you to feel the Truth. When you are held in the dark, figuratively and literally, your inner core of Light, which holds the pure simple truth, has then yelled out in despair and tried to get you to listen. This manifests as discomfort, searching, lack, a thirsting need for something that you cannot identify, pain, emptiness, confusion and a thirst for Love. Since you have lived in a third dimension illusion you seek to satisfy and remedy all of these feelings with that which you find in your close vicinity, such as relationships, which not too seldom fall into destructiveness, food, drugs, alcohol, material safety, decadence, self-centeredness, and I think that you all can understand the picture that I am trying to paint here.

There is of course no blame or shame in this, none of us in the higher dimensions look down on you because of this. We love you and we want you to know that we also have been there once upon a time. We have more or less battled these enormously difficult and powerful feelings. The feelings tend to be taken over too much on a destructive path directed by Ego in your third dimensional reality. You have lost your inner Light, your beacon, your Love. This love concerns all and everybody, the love that simplifies the whole existence that you presently are in. You then react with your dormant senses as a cornered animal. You search desperately for the closest relief from this lack that you feel within. What is beneficial and represent wonderful news is that as you now slowly are waking up, some are waking up fast, you begin to feel more and more this warm and tender Love for yourself and further towards the next one, and next and next out into Oneness - where you all realize your worth and the fantastic worth of each one of you for Mother Earth. You were all, we were all, meant to be One.

This is now in place and I, Sananda, wish to say that you should be forgiving and understanding towards yourself. This voyage to your true origin is full of challenges. This consumes your energy and you can feel enormously tired and a void. So be it. There will be a lighter day full of your true energy, once again. But in order for this to happen IT IS necessary for you to hold on to your trust and let this run its course. This cleansing of lower energies, that does not belong to the Golden Age, it is history, and it must be cleansed. Naturally, it consumes your energies, naturally you feel doubts, hopelessness and lack of energy and you are in a state of confusion you ask how this will happen? How can you conquer the strong illusion that exists? This can seem hopeless certain days. We are all aware of it, but we know that you brave souls have much to do to be able to turn this around. You cannot pretend about this fact. However, I Sananda, wish to tell you with Love in my heart that this is written. This path IS written, with this I mean that it IS written that Mother Earth will enter the Golden Age. The Ascension will be a fact. The purpose is written yes, but how you get there is much up to you humans and beautiful souls on Mother Earth. We do all in our power to guide you and we almost stretch what is Divinely written, which we also much keep within. But, our love is infinite for you, Brothers and Sisters, and we wish for you to know that we are as eager as you are. We burn with the same longing as you to see this necessary transformation back to the ways of Light and Love, where we again can walk together in unity and joy. We long, Dear Ones. Never believe otherwise, and we and I, Sananda, ask you to keep remembering this when you meet all of these challenges that come as part of the process of Ascension.

In Truth this is a process. We can not talk about the linear time, that you like to occupy your minds with and which lets you fall into doubt much too easily. We want to once more submit and lovingly remind you that this is a process. Ascension is a process within, it starts within, and then it spreads outwards. You will therefore surely understand how difficult it is for us your Ascended Masters and Heaven’s and the Universe’s Hierarchy to directly give you an exact point in time according to your linear time of counting. As you already know, time does not exist in our dimensions as it does in your third dimensional frame. For us it more like low tide and high tide, breathing in and breathing out. However, we want to point out that low tide and high tide comes with ever more frequencies than before. The pulse is high. For the time is in Truth NOW to work with this Ascension process. Each one of you has his own process and each one of you has his own path to walk, which leads to Ascension. Each one has his or her challenges and fears to master on the way towards Ascension.

This is a grandiose time you are in. Look around you my Dears, you must see that something has changed? I am sure that you feel how a new tone and a new vibration surround you. It is the vibration of Love. Love and Light in so much more than your little third dimensional box of reality has come to know, Dear children of the Light. You are now ready to discover all of these components that Love and Light actually entail, and the whole it creates. Love and Light is so much more than you can understand. You have forgotten this truth in your present reincarnations. That is however as it should be. You will not again find this Truth within you again. I ask of you who have found it – SPREAD IT! Spread this Love in an unassuming and natural way. No gesture, no approach or thought is too small or big. As long as it takes place in the Light of the Truth without interference of the ego it is in the purest of Truth and can never be wrong.

As inside, so on the outside. As on the outside, so also inside.

It is not more difficult than this, in Truth. It is time that you again start to find this Truth within. We are here to guide and support you, throughout this whole process, until the day we again walk side by side, with Love bursting in our chests for ourselves and for each other. We are One. Love unites. It is simple and it is solid in the sense that Love within Truth cannot be moved, dislocated or stifled. Fantastic!


Thank you Sananda,


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