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Be Your Best Self in 2016 by Selacia

Be Your Best Self in 2016
- Understanding the Year's Energies and Trends -
by Selacia 

Perhaps more than any other year to date, in 2016 you have an opportunity to be your best self. In this article, I will explain what this means and provide a snapshot of the year's energies and trends. Mentioning these is not random, but a purposeful exercise in helping you connect the dots of your personal life journey impacted by outside forces.

Right about now you are probably very ready for something new and to have a cosmic push that takes you beyond last year's challenges and into a more joyful experience. To be sure, 2015 was not an easy time. Uncertainty and complexity tended to surround goals and projects - even simple things in your everyday living may have been affected. 

The very long dance of society's radical transformation came to a boiling point on multiple occasions. A chief catalyst has been the harsh line up of Uranus and Pluto that impacts all life on Earth. While in some ways those planetary aspects are waning, the ripples of radical and revolutionary change are far from over.

Dance of Uranus and Pluto

Throughout history when Uranus and Pluto lined up as we've experienced in recent decades, huge shifts occurred at both personal levels and within society.

It's like humanity and the society it created is placed inside a giant blender and the switch turned on high, stirring up and putting attention on dysfunction. Nonworking elements of society - in fact pretty much everything - are rising to the top of the giant blender to be looked at and changed. It's messy, in part because lots is rising to the top at once.

Consciously Bearing Witness to Change

Because of our evolutionary juncture, we are consciously bearing witness to this process and what we see at the top of the blender. Our consciousness, in fact, prevents us from looking away!

If humanity was symbolized by a model wearing culturally-traditional attire, it would appear naked in this cycle of history. Stripped of identifying clothing and status symbols, it becomes clear that humans share basic intrinsic qualities and goals. All want love and to live in a peaceful world. All want justice and to know the truth.

So there we are, the big-picture backdrop that leaves us in the now. I recommend keeping this larger perspective in mind as you move through this year's ups-and-downs.

Positive Energy Cycles

Keep in mind, too, that alongside this bigger-than-life scenario that's unfolding in the background, there are energy cycles that help us stay sane and positive. At the start of 2016, for example, we have energies supportive of beginning the year with more inspiration and a sense of positive momentum. That can be very helpful.

Feeling more positive and enthusiastic raises your frequency and can connect you with more creativity. Applying a more creative approach can make a big difference in outcomes. Example: sometimes a person you didn't think to call about your idea last year pops into your mind. If you reach out and explore options with this person, your idea may come alive in a more tangible way.

Be Your Best Self

From a higher perspective, isn't your life really more about being your best self than about measuring up to a conventional standard of what you should be?

Conventional or linear standards do not take into account the quantum and vast nature of your being and what you incarnated to achieve this life. Those rigid standards do not factor in your past lives and eternal nature - they are static and unbending. They box you into a niche that does not allow for the limitless variations truly available to you.

You are a divine changemaker, after all, alive to make extraordinary progress in this lifetime. That progress is for you, of course, but it's also for humanity as a whole. Each time you progress and hold more light, your shift helps heal the world. The path you walk is more like a calling than a traditional purpose. As you walk this path, you have increasing potentials to be your best self.

Your best self is conscious and awake to its creations. Refusing to have its success defined by linear models, it strives to be the best it can be in each moment. Your best self factors in the big picture and trusts that sincere efforts over time do bear fruit. That inner trust is solid and in the background, even when things look totally upside down and goals seem out of reach.

Being your best self is an evolutionary process. This means the best you during another timeline was doing its best with things, based on its skills and energies back then. The best self you have evolved into now is not the same person. You have grown by leaps and bounds, doing inner work and letting go of much along the way.

Your best self today most likely has different interests than the you of before. It can feel gratitude for the little things in life. It is more open to change.

Your more evolved best self has an easier time responding to difficult cycles like retrogrades, and bouncing back from disappointment and loss. Your inner wisdom helps you to stay in balance with reminders of good things when life isn't running smoothly.

Retrograde planetary energies certainly can create a feeling of slow momentum - this year we have more than the usual share of retrograde energies.

Mercury retrograde is one example - the first of 2016 starts January 5 for three weeks. As usual, there are potentials for delays or upsets involving communications, technology, and timelines. Not usually the best time to start something brand new or sign an important contract - but of course there are exceptions. Remember the quantum element!

This year we'll have several cycles of other planets besides Mercury going retrograde, adding to the feeling of slowness - Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus.
This is no cause for alarm. There's no reason to close up shop, call off the wedding, or take other drastic measures.

The key about such cycles is the advantage of foresight and also understanding that with even the most intense phases, there are silver linings.

So what's good about having things slow and unpredictable? First positive: when things don't go as planned or are just taking longer than anticipated, you have more time to review things and perhaps come up with solutions even more grand and long lasting. Second positive: you have moments to reflect and regroup your energies. That may sound obvious, but consider how it might go if you were simply rocketing from project to project without the needed grounding to sustain what you were creating. Third positive: these retrograde cycles impact everyone, including those who are instrumental to your creations - imagine that sometimes when the universe slows things to a crawl, your partners become better equipped to work with you successfully.

These are just a few examples, but you get the idea. There really is no bad cycle and there's no such thing as bad luck or a person being a victim of a planet. How silly is that?! Similarly, it's no accident that all of us are here right now in 2016. That indeed was purposeful and a part of a larger spirit-orchestrated plan to shift this planet into light.

You Have an Abundance of Help - All the Time!

The you alive now is truly ready for the challenges and joys of life in these moments. Trust this. You are more resourced than you could possibly know! You have an abundance of help - all the time - from your own inner wisdom and from countless beings who interact with your life stream. There is so much help, in fact, that if you really could grasp the enormity of it, you would be in awe!

Imagine now as you read these words a sense of awe building in your energy field, filling all parts of you and then being anchored in your heart. When you have doubts or just want some encouragement, come back to this feeling of awe. 

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