Monday, June 16, 2014

The summer solstice in 2014, The Dynamic Breathing and Meditation

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The summer solstice in 2014, The Dynamic Breathing and Meditation 

After ascension of the Earth, many lives have become more alive by new breathing. This is because the Earth and the Inner Earth become nested, which all the structures of former space are inverted. The New Earth has been placed at the center of the outer core which is a parent body as the former Earth. A space area in the parent body will evolve into multidimensional space as an unified world beyond three dimensions of dualism. Outside of the outer core is a zeropoint energy, which is also energy field of infinite love, that hasn't been paid attention for long time. This area is a spiritual area often defined as “enlightenment”, “nothing” or “void” from oriental perspective. From now on, human being will evolve into light living with an universal dynamic breathing by exhalation and inhalation, interacting “Zeropoint Area = “Hyper-dimensional Area” and “Inner Earth = Multidimensional Space”. 
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From 3:00pm to 3:30pm JST on 21st of June 2014, calling for Global meditation by using the dynamic breathing instructed below. In the same time, “Let's make great energy by Zeropoint Energy of human beings!” as a local meditation (also using the dynamic breathing) event in Japan will be held at the Expo Commemoration Park in Osaka. 

Sponsored by PFC Universal enterprise - AENA Project

Auther : Saeko Morishiro
 Design / Translation : Keisuke Tanaka 

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