Thursday, May 7, 2015


Commander Sohin: The energy my channel and I have, both of us, is compatible because we worked together many times in the past. I am Sohin, Commander of Alpha Spaceship.

Debora: Hello!

Commander Sohin: You know me too, through his writings. I am also in contact with your guides. They told me the other day that you have spoken with a being who came to see you, and it was told that soon I would be connecting with Kris-Won.

Debora: Yes!

Commander Sohin: Well, it's true. We will initiate communications soon because there are things to be said to convey to the people of your planet.

Serious things are going to happen; they are already happening. The ones who are hidden in power hold the economic, political and social power of most of the countries in the world, and they are doing everything possible to continue dominating the rest of the population. Nevertheless, we will not allow this anymore.

We will not let Lightworkers continue to work alone without having the support of the Galactic Federation. We are here to prevent that situation from continuing.

This unfair situation has lasted too long on the planet.

We are going to start acting more strongly so their time for leaving power will be shortened.

We will not continue to allow people who are valuable to us and to the Divine Plan throw in the towel because they are tired of waiting. This will not be so anymore!

However, everything has always happened accordingly to God's plans, and so far it has not been possible for us to intervene in a more drastic way. But He has already determined that these powerful individuals, who are acting behind His back for their own selfish benefit, are in the plan to disappear from the Earth.

Some beings have been warned about this approaching change, and we have contacted all of these beings in order to inform them what is going to happen in a very short time.

We will not disappoint those who are waiting for this change. We are not going to disappoint them. We will act with all our strength.

Their time is over. They refused to leave their positions of power and we will not allow them to continue anymore. It is over.

What I mean and wish to explain to all of you, to all who are listening to and watching this video is: be calm because the Galactic Federation will intervene now.

You are not going to receive this information only by me, but ... it will be given to all mankind through several different channels who are already trusted by many of you.

Debora: Thank you, thank you very much.

Commander Sohin: Many of you were waiting for this change, and this change will be happening now. So, do not worry as the waiting is over.

Debora: Oh, that is good.

Commander Sohin: The moment for Disclosure has arrived. Until our next communication...

Debora: We are ready to hear more. Thank you.

Source: Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship

Channel: Kris-Won

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