Thursday, November 24, 2011

ENGLISH - Sananda and Saint Germain, 19 November, 2011


Sananda and Saint Germain 19.11.2011

Dear children of the Light. It is not our wish for you to make this any more difficult than it already is. It does not matter if you are in your head, in your intellectual place of yours in which you know all the facts and all the scientific “might-be-answers”, it does not make any difference to know all of these facts and speculations and maybe a little more if you do not integrate with the true message of love and Unity. That is one message that no scientific code can enter and guide you into, that is the part that has to take place within your heart and soul. That has to do with your own soul-searching and your own development. And it is I Sananda, who speaks to everyone when I say that there is no shortcut to Ascension in which you can take a course outside your beautiful Hearts. It is my deepest wish for you all to stop searching outside more than you search from within. Within is where the answer lies, within is where the true foundation of Love, joy and respect are built. Respect and Love for Mother Earth, respect and Love for every living soul on her surface. That is the most beautiful, developing and forceful tool to Ascension. Of course there are processes that can be explained in a more scientific way, and it might be calming to understand certain processes your physical bodies are going through at this very moment. But it does not hold any key for your progress within, it is but only an explanation for what might be going on in a physical way. We like for all of you to focus within, to work with your human aspects in order for you to drop weight, figuratively speaking, in order to rise.

It is not our wish and recommendation to anyone to focus around the facts of physical effects of Ascension, it is enough for you to share that information with each other and to raise your glance to your group’s higher purpose, which is to lead others into the road that leads to Ascension. You cannot lead people from a scientific point of view. That was what built a failing society and therefore we now have to focus on our new reality which is built from within. From within you Hearts dear ones. Focus on Love, Unity, respect, trust and patience. That is some of the important keys that will help you fulfill your Soul Purposes and Mission. Be in Peace. Walk in Love. Breath Love. Manifest Love. No action in Love and Truth is too small, no action in Love and Truth is too grand. Love and Light is the answer and stand for you to find in your within your own beautiful Hearts. Don´t rush in a forceful way, follow the flow we are presenting you.

Let these inner progresses run its course with the understanding that lies in a Heart that feels no fear and no doubt. Let trust guide your way. Trust in us your loving Ascended Masters, trust in us that we do know what we are leading you into. Our Love for you is great and pure. Fill yourself with our Love and direction from the Source and let the peace it holds caress your very core of Light. Let it rock you to sleep at night like a mother rocks her infant to sleep in her arms. You are loved and you are taken care of, and in the same way you will Love thy neighbor and caress their souls to Peace.

Sananda and Saint Germain

Channel: Angelica

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