Monday, September 15, 2014

Mother Mary: `Trust in the Love of your Heart´ By Shogun Amona

Mother Mary: `Trust in the Love of your Heart´ (2-9-2014)

Beloved Heartsbeloved Soul-lights that are wandering on earthwelcome. I AM Mother Marythe Divine Mother of GraceMercy and Compassion. With my Lovethe Love of the Gods-Presence I AMI AM here now. At this time on Earthwhere so many things are happening and where peace seems to hang by a thread and so many people are searching for orientationstarting to search for new waysit is quite a challenge for the way-showersfor the light-workers to stay in a balance and to rest in the middle of their heart. Call on mebeloved hearts and in a blink of an eye I AM here to calm down you and your bodies and to bring it into a deep harmony and healing.

Breath inwhenever you find a moment in your daily liveconsciously into your heartalso nowand allow the Love of the sourcethe Love on the Universethriving in yourself. Trust the Love in yourself and trustthat the Love inside is touching everythingalso in the outside. Trust the Love of your hearts. I hold you in the Love and the Light I Am and I bless you. I Am Mother Mary and I am always with you.

In Love, Joy and Solidarity ......Shogun Amona

Translation German – English: Petra ST 

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