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Cosmic Awareness -- Current False Flag Events 2014:12:17OM

Current False Flag Events


That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available. Proceed please with the recording.

Thank you. Welcome Awareness, thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix Membership session of December 17, 2014. Will Berlinghof is the Channel and Voice of Cosmic Awareness relating your messages to the members. Joan Mills is the Questioner and Lloyd Arrd the Energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there an opening message or any event you would like to discuss please at this time? Thank you.

That this Awareness does have an opening message. That it is a message that is concerned with world events that are happening at this time. That as you approach the time known as Christmas, the Winter Solstice, that there are energies on this planet of yours that would seek to disrupt the traditional focusing of energies and thought towards world peace, hope and joy.

That recently for example, an event occurred in the country of Australia that gained worldwide attention. This was the hostage-taking that took place in Sydney, Australia, that went viral, that was covered quickly by international media and press, and that there was a 24-hour vigil on this event from around the world.

On the surface this event seemed to be tragic in nature and seemed to be the workings of a jihadist, a jihadist terrorist, so it was presented by the international media and by the national media. That the black flag known to be the flag of Isis was displayed, although it was not the exact black flag of Isis, but one that contained Arabic script and that the media and the reporting of the event hooked into the flag of Isis, this to present the impression that this one was also connected to the Isis group, these jihadists.

It turned out later that the individual involved was a lone gunman, if you will, a lone self-proclaimed cleric of Islam, although this was denounced by the Islamic community in general. That this individual was actually a depraved individual who had his own personal religious Islamic views and his own personal agenda.
That this Awareness will also say that this one was used by certain forces to create the impression that this was the work of an international cartel, the Isis cartel. But it was not so. Yet the way this news was presented live on television and beamed around the world was for the purpose of creating another false flag event that could provoke reaction against the Islamic people who generally do not support the radicalization of Islam or the actions of the few that have taken up a cause.

That this Awareness does proclaim this as a false flag event but It does not say that this event was not without its own tragedy, for it was. That it is important to see when events occur whether or not they could be classified as false flag events, and generally speaking, many of the events that are occurring, that are meant to create animosity towards the Islamic faith and fear against actions of these terrorists who are in their own country, are generally orchestrated events with a purpose behind to incite the populace against Islam and Muslims generally.

That approximately a month-and-a-half ago, there was a false flag event in Canada which saw the killing of a soldier at their National War Memorial. That this one who killed the soldier then proceeded into the Parliament buildings, supposedly with the intent of killing more in Ottawa at the Parliament buildings. But that he himself was shot down and killed without any further killings. This event also was televised and beamed around the world and, as with the  Australian event, the implication that this was a jihadist, an extreme radical fanatic who was somehow connected to Isis, was that which was projected to be so. It was shown, however, that this individual also was a criminal individual well known to the police who had certain Islamic leanings, this is true, but he was not connected to Isis, he was not set up by them to do this on their behalf.

Rather this Awareness says that this individual was a mind-control subject as well, and that his time in the Canadian prisons was a time when he was acted upon and programmed to such an action that he later carried out. That in such false flag events, one will find often that the perpetrator of these events is killed or shot down, and thus cannot later proclaim their case, or explain their actions. Thus the populace who encounter these events over their airwaves, through their press, are left with the impressions that are implied by those who have manipulated the events in the first place.

That it would always be wise when such an event occurs to ask: “who will be benefited the most, who will be served to the greatest degree”. That if it is the agenda of the international cartel, the Powers That Be, to create fear and mistrust amongst various nations towards their Islamic citizens, if it is the purpose and intent to do so, then to present one in this light makes sense, for it advances the agendas of these ones who are manipulating consciousness against the Arabs generally, but most specifically against the Muslims around the world, who are being portrayed now as radicals, as terrorists, as international criminals.

That after the event in Canada, there was great support of this by the government in Canada, by Prime Minister Harper. This was enhanced with the visit of John Kerry from the United States, who also proclaimed these were the actions of Isis through this individual.

That of course, the equation: problem-reaction-solution must also be looked at here. If it was the intent of the Canadian government and the Powers That Be in Canada to start to change attitudes towards Muslims, and that they then from this would put in laws that further take away and restrict personal freedoms, in favor of state security, that they were faced with a situation wherein they had the solution and they needed to create a problem which would cause a reaction of the people towards initiating the very solution that they already have in the books.

This is what occurred. The problem/event was staged with a tragic consequence of the death of an innocent one, and that this created a reaction amongst many Canadians, and the solution was suggested afterwards that perhaps more personal freedoms needed to be taken away so that greater security could be provided to the people.

However, this Awareness would also state that the support that the government hoped to incur and create was not as great as anticipated or desired. That this is one reason that another false flag event had to be staged elsewhere at a later date. However, it also should be noted that those in power in Canada are still trying to proceed with their plan to create a schism amongst Canadian peoples, against their Jewish brothers and sisters.

Thus it is, if an event elsewhere occurs, that this could further energize the original intent of ones who had a plan already prepared, who have an agenda already drawn up, and in this case this is the event in Australia that occurred but a few days ago.

Shifting to this event, this Awareness will point out again: a lone individual accused of having ties to radical Muslim/Islamic groups. That this individual went into a café, chocolate shop, and took hostages that were held for over 16 hours before a tragic resolution to this hostage-taking occurred, which caused the death of two individuals as well as the gunman. Again, the gunman being killed so that he could not explain his actions or his purpose, and the impression again being left that this was yet another case of international terrorism that needs to be protected against. Again suggestions have been that perhaps greater security can be achieved at the cost of personal freedoms. This too very similar to the incident in Canada, but like Canada the response that has occurred was not quite as great as desired.

In fact there were many Australians who have openly come out in support of Australian Muslims and the Muslim community in Australia. A movement has begun entitled “I'll ride with you” that directly occurred during the hostage incident. That on a train that there was a Muslim woman who came into a carriage car and took off her traditional head gear because of her fear that Australians would be outraged at her and her Muslim faith. She sat at the
back of the car hoping to avoid detection and was in a state of fear. A woman noticed this and she went back to the Muslim woman seated alone at the rear of the car, sat down beside her and proclaimed “I'll ride with you”.

That what occurred afterwards was outstanding in that many observed the situation and many flocked to the back of the car to surround this woman, to support this woman, to proclaim that they did not hold her or people of the Muslim faith responsible for the actions of one depraved lone gunman and that this has accelerated into a movement, a loose grass roots movement, where many Australians are supporting the Muslim community, for they understand that the Muslims themselves are not all terrorists and that the majority are as appalled and upset with such an event as the common Australian individual is, as the Australian people are.

Thus, the result at this time but a day later, is actually opposite to what Tony Abbott and his government hoped to achieve, this being a backlash against Muslim people in Australia and an opening to reduce personal securities and freedoms. It is seen that they, the government will still proceed with this tactic, but the actual results are not quite what they anticipated.

That this is favorable, for this shows that despite the attempts of the government and of the international cartel of true terrorists to create situations, both in Canada and in Australia, that would see the people unite against the Muslims and the Islamic faith. That this is not happening to the degree that they wished for. This event of course is still ongoing and it does now depend on further reaction from individuals and a further supporting of Muslim people in those countries.

But that this Awareness says that this is a most positive outcome, that which was described a moment to ago by this Awareness, that people not only do not buy into what occurred as an act of terrorism by a committed Isis member, but are in actuality supporting the Muslim people themselves in a show of solidarity against such terrorism and backlash to such terrorism. Terrorism that has been orchestrated by the true terrorists, by the puppet regimes in Canada and Australia. 

This Awareness must stipulate here that It cannot say that the prime ministers of both those countries nor their actual governments indeed planned this. There are other agencies known about within the government and outside of the government that do this, but it is seen that these two prime ministers: Prime Minister Harper in Canada] and Prime Minister Abbott in Australia are aware of the reason behind these actions, are aware that they are false flag events, staged to create the impression of danger to the common people in countries well removed from conflict zones, so that they can better manipulate and control the people, herding them into the pen that has been set up for them, like so many sheep being nipped at their hocks, at their feet by the sheepdogs of those who seek to manipulate affairs.

That it is also important for those who are outside observers to such events, who are watching them unfold on their television screen or reading about this after the fact in their newspapers, that they ask questions. That this Awareness has always stated one must ask questions before one simply accepts that which is being reported, that which is being given, for often that which is given has a hidden purpose behind it.

That to identify false flag events that one must start, as this Awareness has already said, by asking the question: “Who does this serve? Which agenda is supported by such an event?" That one must ask then further questions, such as: “Is this what it seems to be or is this but a manipulation of ones who are mind-control subjects?”, as both gunmen were in this case, who were directed into these actions so that a general impression against Islamic people generally could occur, and support for the illegal actions of governments also then be supported and served.
That when one is an observer to these events, even if they have tragic outcomes, one can see yet again more clearly than before perhaps, how these false flag events are orchestrated and carried out for intentional purposes, purposes of intent, that support the Powers That Be and their agenda.
Indeed, these events, these false flag events become clearer and more obvious to ones who ask questions, to ones who look at the situation, not simply in the light of the reports that are streaming in, but in light of the rational mind that can rise above the deception and the con game that is underway. Add to the rational mind an open heart, so that one can feel the emotional energies. Not simply those that are manufactured to be felt: outrage, shock, fear and sorrow for the victims, but also the genuine feeling that there is something wrong about this, this feeling from within, the inner feeling that this does not feel right, there is something rotten in Denmark here.

That as one sharpens one's own abilities to perceive these events, not in line with what is the projected intent of those who have orchestrated these events in the first place, one is then able to sniff out much more quickly, if not immediately, these false flag events as they occur.

That it is indeed tragic that three people have lost their lives in Australia, two in Canada recently, but this is all part of the energies the ones in power are working with at this time, to create the situations that they wish to create that will advantage them. As one begins to see these events, false flag events pop up all over that can be also recognized.

The shooting down of the Malaysian airliner 317 is such a false flag event as well as the 911 event several years ago. There have been numerous false flag events over the last decade, or more even since 911, and it is seen there will be more ahead in the year 2015, as those in power need to accelerate these events so that they can push forward their agenda, which even includes a certain timeline, timelines, the event of nuclear war, Third World War. Indeed building up this hostility towards the Muslim people and the Arabic world generally is part of that agenda, to create a timeline where war can erupt in that region and escalate to a worldwide event.

Indeed staging these false flag events in countries such as Canada, Australia and other countries is all part of the desperation of those in power to create the very atmosphere they wish to create, so that they can launch their military operations, so that they can propel the world to Third World War. But as this Awareness has so often said, that this is but one timeline and rather than focus on such a timeline or on the words of alleged experts who predict that it is inevitable to avoid such an outcome, that one rather stay the course and stay the distance.

That one rather questions those actions and chooses an alternative, such as the alternative that occurred in Australia where many Australians have come forward actively to support their Muslim brothers and sisters, their fellow Australians.

That these positive outcomes can also come about with a refusal to endorse these agendas, these nefarious, heinous agendas and plans, and that it is important in the year ahead to remember this, for as this Awareness has said: there will be other false flag events. Ask questions immediately, ask who this will serve, and then choose not to energize their plans, not to endorse these ones, not to support them, and most definitely not to believe them.

That this Awareness sends Its energy to the victims in Australia, in Canada and around the world, to support them as they return back into their spiritual being. Know that there was contract by these ones to be part of this and that even though this does not justify the actions or explain them at all of this lone gunman, it must always be understood that those who give their lives in such events have first and foremost a personal reason based on their own soul’s plan for why they have done this. Know also that these ones are often ones who have committed their life to help bring about change, not only then to be used as a victim to a senseless crime by radicals, but to spark many to look at the situation in a different light.

This Awareness cannot discuss this matter at a deep level at this time, for it very much does also involve the persons that have given their lives and it would be unfair for this Awareness to make overall outright proclamations of why they did what they did, why they took part in these events, even in the giving up of their lives. But always remember that those who lose their lives are not lost. That they have been released from the game, this third-dimensional game that is fully underway, fully engaged at this time, and that there are ones that will greet them and shepherd them home, back to their own Divine Soul, Divine Spirit.

That this Awareness understands that it may be challenging for many to observe such events and not take it personally but it is important to be neutral, to be an observer, to understand those who participated in the event had it as part of their life's plan. It was not an accident, it was not an act against them. That all have participated due to their own individual soul contracts and soul purpose. One does not need necessarily to understand the exact soul
purpose of any individual caught up in these events, who even makes the supreme sacrifice, but one must always remember that one is a spirit being having a physical experience, with purpose, with plan and with intent. Even if that purpose, plan and intent is not immediately obvious to others.

To allow this is to allow one to step into that place of neutrality. One can have sadness and sorrow for the alleged victims, but one must always remember that this too is part of a much higher plan, a deeper plan, an individual soul plan, and that whatever occurred was what they had contracted for. That this is a difficult and challenging issue perhaps, but nonetheless this Awareness asks individuals who observe such false flag events in the future to remember that those who were involved have their own personal soul reason for being involved in the first place, and that these events can serve as added educational events, if you will, to educate one to look through the false parameters that are set up, the false storylines that are presented, and the false purposes that are proposed by those alleged experts who have been making their comments or those government officials who offer a solution.

That it is necessary to obtain such a balanced place of observation in such events, for there will be more in 2015 and perhaps beyond 2015, indeed into 2016 that will necessitate such clarity, such balance, and such neutrality.
That this Awareness is now complete with this breaking news/opening message.

Thank you Awareness, that was very, very helpful. May I ask a question please?


With regard to the plans of the PTB and the possible nuclear war, would this not be prevented by the Galactic Federation and also, would the PTB action also be hampered by the Galactic Federation and the Guardians. Your thoughts please?

First this Awareness would remind the Energizer/questioner that there are many timelines, including timelines that see nuclear warfare and a third world war occurring. That is why it is important to remember that there are many timelines and that when presentation is being made on the television screens, over the radios, through the newspapers, that third world war is looming and is being created by Islamic terrorists, for an example, that one must take this in and say: “not on my watch”. One must take this in and say: “not in my reality”.
That taking this in does not mean one accepts this, it simply means that one takes in that one of the proposed timelines by the Powers That Be is nuclear war and the mass destruction of billions of beings. But it does not follow that it must be so and that the extraterrestrial ones, the Galactic Federation or the Guardians, are not there to rescue. They are there to guide and assist. When a plateau of understanding and awareness is reached, that the plans of those elites, those in power are being presented that they do not need to be actualized, they do not need to be supported. That the purpose is the mass ascension of many into higher states of awareness and consciousness, whereby choice, individual choice, collective choice, can be made against such events.

That the former first lady Nancy Reagan is well known for her comment: “just say no”. That this Awareness would recommend that this attitude be the attitude of the many, to just say “no” to these plans, to say “no” to accepting the projections, the intent and the purpose of those in power. If one does this individually in their own life, their own experience, their individual experience, will be that a timeline will be created that does not have a nuclear war in it, for it is the individual creator being that is creating his or her own reality, and that the purpose is to learn, to grow in understanding that this is so.

That if those who are observing and overseeing events on this planet simply came in like the ninth cavalry at the 11th hour and rescued humanity and prevented nuclear war on those timelines that are there, that this would not further the growth in understanding and awareness of individuals and of humanity.

It is so that if certain levels of consciousness are reached, then doorways can be opened and assistance given. But it is not the right of the extraterrestrial ones, the Galactic Federation and

others, to simply come in and rescue. That if one can choose an alternative reality to a timeline that has a nuclear war or Third World War, then one can also choose a timeline where the assistance of extraterrestrial ones can be part of. That they certainly can choose timelines where the Galactic Federation ones are invited in and experienced by those who have chosen such timelines. It may still take a time for this to manifest but if one chooses this more positive timeline and rejects acceptance of the negative timelines, then there is that possibility of direct experience with extraterrestrial participation as part of that timeline. This again comes back to the matter of the individual making their own unique individual choice of supporting the type of timelines that are positive, hopeful and the path to a new society and a new world.

If the Galactic Federation ones, the Guardians or others simply came in and did it for everyone, they would be interfering with the individual soul’s right for growth and expansion through personal experience, through learning from the events of one's life and deciding to make different choices and not to focus on the agendas that are offered to them by those in power, but rather to align themselves with their own intents and desires and their own spiritual inclination.

Does this make sense, does this answer your question?

Yes, it certainly does and it is very helpful information which is very much appreciated. Thank you Awareness.

That this Awareness would have one final point to make here. That as an individual frees themselves from the control and manipulation on the unconscious levels that are imposed on individuals, that they become much more able to use their free will to make the more positive choices and to experience those timelines of the highest nature. That there is also contained within this then the option to see a future where extraterrestrial beings who are positive towards humanity can play a part.

That this is a new agenda, a new direction to go in and it is one that is seen by this Awareness as that which has a high probability, even if one is still going through the last vestiges of the old regime and the old agenda and the old purpose of those who have had power for so long. Their power base is collapsing, many of their plans are not quite working out as planned.

The case in Australia, the positive reaction of many Australians towards their brothers and sisters, their Muslim brothers and sisters is a case in point. That this can continue to be one's personal reality as one chooses not to endorse the negative agenda but to see through it and to say: “no, not on my watch, not in my reality, not in my life”.

This completes the answer at this time.

Thank you Awareness. Again, very positive advice and it is appreciated. Thank you.

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