Sunday, December 21, 2014

English -- The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”The Love for Yourselves and the Love to All.“ (17-12-2014)

The Sirius Siblings of Light:The Love for Yourselves and the Love to All.

Beloved `Brothers and Sisters´ of the Earthwe welcome you in the love and light of the All-One-Being - we are the Sirius Siblings and we are now presentthrough these wordsand the vibration within. When we look at you and see the many events and changesthat are manifesting on Gaiawe are full of sympathy for you and for allthat is happening here.

We are observinghow the matrixthat you have up to now accepted and internalized as realityis falling apart in single bricksno matter how you try it. This fact creates some discomfort to many of youthat are still deep-rooted in the 3 D-matrixbecause the familiar patterns can not fixed nowhere anymore. Yesthe time has truly comewhere all is deeply x-rayed and illuminated to the core and everythingthat is not of lovewill be newly sorted and brought back into love and will be transformed.

As soon as you begin to decide for the lovethe love for yourselves and the love for allfor all that isand when you are focusing from inside yourself on this loveyour live will start to flow in a mannerthat will thrive your imagination and in this way will perform magic into your live. This flow of life streamof abundanceof freedomis present everywhere in the universe. In reality you are embedded in unlimited lovein unlimited wealthonly your previous believe systems had separated you from it.

See that it was yourselvesthat have separated youfrom the sourcefrom the wealth - through the believe patterns. 

See the power that lies within the believe and believe in lovethe pure and unconditional love and soon you are connected with the stream of the universe. We love you as our Sisters and Brothers of light. We are the Sirius Siblings.

In Love, Joy and Unity........  Shogun Amona 

Translation German – English: Petra ST

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