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The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”The Gates of the New Earth are opened.“ November the 16th, 2014 by Shogun Amuna

The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”The Gates of the New Earth are opened.

November the 16th, 2014

Beloved `Brothers and Sisters´ of the Earthwe welcome you in the love and light of the All-One-Being. We are the Sirius Siblings and we are here and now in the vibrationthat are flowing through this words. The commodities here on Earth are moving forward nicely and at the moment a lot is going onon many levelswhich leads the dimensions and levels of being further into unitythat exist in the truth. The changes that are on the plateare touching and running through everything that exists and achieve now the visible surface.

The waves of truth and light are really that hugethat it is impossible to push them aside  in ease. If you concentrate your focus on love and truthyou will be able to see clearly the wealthin which the stream of the New earth is heading forward and unstoppable expanding. We are watching you and your energy bodies throughout this developments and we are learning a lot from your experiencesbecause we are connected with one another and this connection is becoming more important also for your awareness.

Along with thisyour way to manifest your lifeto realign and to bring it in harmony with the needs of your soul - becomes more important. We love the live and celebrate the beauty of creation at every momentand through this we are overwhelmed with joy and gracethat are transforming our live into a real celebration. 

The resonancethe echothat is send back to us from the universe is therefore love and love creates joy and as a result more love and light is coming to us fulfilling us with deep gratitude. If you are now awake further in these moments and rememberwho you truly and really areyou will be aware of your real dimension of gods nature and you will recognizethat peace and love starts within you. As a result of this you will expand your tensorsyour senses towards more love and joyand this is wonderfulbeloved Earthsisters and Earthbrothers.

All your experiences have led you to this pointwhere you are now and in which you are awake individually and collectively in the true being of your soul. All the experiences served youto recognizethat your way makes only sense in the light and love. So let us go the last steps together in dignityin peace and in the name of forgiveness and release. The gates of the New Earth are opened. You can now accept your heritage as guardian of the planetthe guards of mother Gaiaand love and respect live. We send you all our love and support and offer you our hands. We are the Sirius Siblingsyour sisters and brother from the stars.

In Love, Joy and Unity........  Shogun Amona 

Translation German – English: Petra ST

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