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Cosmic Awareness -- Paris was a False Flag Event -- 2015:01: 09


That which is Cosmic Awareness is available. Please proceed.

Thank you. Welcome Cosmic Awareness. Thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership session of January 9, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness responding to the questions presented by the Energizer-Joan Mills. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there any event you would like to discuss at this time please?

That there is indeed an event that this Awareness would discuss at this time. This being the event that recently occurred in Paris, France: the shooting and killing of 12 innocent ones. That this Awareness would point out that this is yet another false flag event that is in alignment with previous events such as the hostage-taking and killings in Sydney and the event in Ottawa, Canada that saw an innocent soldier killed at the cenotaph, at the War Memorial. That there is something of a similarity in these three events that this Awareness would point out. That in all three cases, it has emerged that the police had previous knowledge of these ones who went on to commit these atrocious acts. That the police knew of the man in Canada and he had been taken in several times. This was also the case in Australia where the individual who carried out the hostage taking had also been in police cells, had also encountered the police, and now it turns out that this is also so with at least one of the two brothers that is allegedly the perpetrator, who are allegedly the perpetrator, who are allegedly the perpetrators of that shooting, the terrorist activity.

That this Awareness would say that this is not by accident and that for ones who hear of such events that they need to always be open to finding the connecting factors that show that these events are not random events, even though they are presented as such, but part of a series of planned events at different levels in different countries, that show that those who perpetrated these crimes perhaps were mind-control subjects who were then triggered to commit their acts of atrocity .

That the brothers in Paris who allegedly carried out the execution-style murders had indeed been known to the police and one in particular, but it is seen by this Awareness that in actuality both of these brothers had been gotten at by certain ones who were aware. That they were to use these brothers to create this event that the people of France would be shocked by, psychically hit between the eyes by. But in actuality this Awareness sees this as part of an orchestrated series of events of encounters with ones who could later be used to create such pandemonium, such shock, such fear, in a whole nation justifying yet again calls for greater security and greater vigilance with a willingness to give up more personal rights so that the state can assume greater authority and power in protecting the people or allegedly protecting the people, for it is seen that there is a deeper reason, a deeper motive behind such events: the spurring on of high anxiety with a willingness to give up personal rights so that the state can seem to be a protector of the people even though it comes at great cost.

That this event in Paris as tragic as it was is yet another orchestrated event by those in power with an agenda to create this level of fear and anxiety in the different nations of the world, because it is so and this is part of the plan. This Awareness would say there will be more such events in other countries for the same reason and the same purpose to create this level of fear, anxiety and terror to the point where when the government suggests they need to up their vigilance, up their actions against such terrorists that the people will agree because of what has happened.

That this is yet another false flag and that this Awareness does say: stay vigilant on a personal level, be aware that these ones will be doing such actions for that purpose of creating high levels of anxiety, fear and confusion. That it is regrettable that these actions take place, that innocent ones are killed. But at the same time, remember always that there were soul agreements made by those participants in such shocking crimes, and that if one can remember this is so and can understand that it is the intent and purpose of the Powers That Be to create such anxiety and fear, that one can then see through these events and see them for what they are: false flag events with purpose, with intent to create general anxiety, fear
and mistrust.
Mistrust of others who are different, mistrust of Muslims, who are being singled out here, who are being scapegoated here, so that when there are calls to round up such individuals, such people of the Muslim faith, that many will agree to this. Yet it is also seen that it is not quite producing the total effect that is desired and even though the attempt is to single out the Muslims to make them truly a scapegoat, that many are realizing that you cannot condemn a whole people and their religious faith due to the actions of a few. Thus it is not quite working out as they, the Powers That Be intended, and this is a positive outcome of these events.

On an individual level, remember this so that when you look at such an event you can indeed have sympathy for those who were executed, but also have understanding both as to the higher purpose of such random events, as well as a sympathy for those who have given themselves to be sacrificed for purposes greater than simply serving the agenda of the elites and the purpose of those who are in power.
That this completes this opening message about this recent event.

Thank you Awareness. May I ask a question please?


It seems, or maybe I am mistaken, that brothers seem to be picked to do these horrific things. Is that the norm for the Powers That Be that they pick those who are brothers?

This is not necessarily the case, for you look at the events in Canada and in Australia, both of these events had a single perpetrator of those events, and they were not brothers. But in this case these two brothers were singled out, chosen to cause this. The other reference you are thinking of, of course is that which was the Boston bombing event where two brothers allegedly committed the atrocity but again, they were scapegoated, they were chosen to represent the terrorist element.

There was and is much more to the bombing in Boston that will not be exposed publicly and it is also therefore an event that people who are following this must look deeper, must realize that these two brothers in Boston were also picked/chosen to be scapegoats. It is the classic example yet again of the left hand being used to distract so that which is being performed by the right hand cannot be observed, cannot be picked up on. That there is much evidence in the Boston bombing that the two brothers that were accused, one of whom was shot down and killed by the police, were set up to be the scapegoats, to be the ones who were accused of the atrocity and it will proceed in this light: that the one remaining brother is indeed the one who did it with his brother who was killed. But it is not the truth of the situation. Therefore, look beyond that which is presented on the public screens in the media and see deeper into this so that you will be able to know the truth of that matter and of other events such as the execution murders in Paris.

Channeller: Will Berlinghof


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