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English -- The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”The Light is finding its Way and the Way is Love“ (17-1-2015)

The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”The Light is finding its Way and the Way is Love“

Beloved `Brothers and Sisters´ of the Earth – beloved lights of this dimension - we welcome you in the love and light of the All-One-Being - We are the Sirius Siblings and we are happy – that we are able to send you the love and peace of our hearts through our words- now at this moment.

Love and Peace – these words are not only words in our dimension – it is living reality – that much alive and real – that we name it “reality”. And this reality is our supreme value – the most beautiful and most desirable - that exist and for which we act – here in our level of existence. When we look at you – and watching you in your development – we can see clearly your wish – your intense wish for peace and love -  even if earth is still entangled in disharmonious turmoil – as we would name it.

This is – with all the respect and sympathy  for this situation – the release time of a long phase of shadow – in which the people have just forgotten their true being – the pure Good essence – the light. We are observing you and Gaia – how everything is awakening now – and we see light everywhere – where ever we look – everywhere the light arises and brings everything at its predetermined position. The light is bringing back the divine order and this is happening with love.

And here we are back again – at the point where we started our message: Love and Peace. You can not push aside – the wish that is deeply rooted in your soul – can no longer suppressed – your soul – your true being - is too much connected – within the root of love – with peace and harmony. The light will find its way and the way is love – pure an unconditional love. We thank you – that you are here in this time – on your position and in this way acting as channels. Each of you is of unmeasurable value – beyond any imagination – that we could not express in words. We love you. We are the Sirius Siblings - your Sisters and Brothers from the stars.

In Love, Joy and Unity........  Shogun Amona 

Translated by PetraSt

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