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Adamu: Each of You Determines What Your Future Reality Will Be

Adamu: Each of You Determines What Your Future Reality Will Be

2011 February 11
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Zingdad, Adamu's channeler

Now this is a very welcome development.  Zingdad, who I believe lives in South Africa, has agreed to ask Adamu of the Pleiades some questions on my behalf. Adamu, whose acquaintance I first made in 2008, is one of the most original speakers I have ever heard. I was quite sad when I could not find messages from him after 2008.

I hope that his providing answers here means that he’ll be taking up again his regular messages to us. If you enter “Adamu” in the search box, you’ll find more from him. I give the same credence to him that I do to SaLuSa, Hatton (through Suzy Ward), Matthew and Saul. Which means, for me at least, that we have just been immeasurably enriched in our range of reliable voices.

I asked Adamu a number of questions and he’s answered the first one – on the notion of divine deadlines. My question comes first and his answer follows. Thank you, Adamu. I’m so glad to hear from you again. And thank you, Zingdad, for volunteering your time and energy as intermediary.

Notice that Adamu refers to his own ongoing evolution: he has returned to unity with the Pleiadian soul-collective.  (1) In the same way that Adamu speaks on behalf of a large number of souls, so Matthew also speaks for more than just Matthew and SaLuSa for more than just SaLuSa.

Our evolution never stops until we merge again with God, very, very far down the road from here. SaLuSa, Adamu and everyone else we listen to are all still evolving, just as we are.

Notice as well the high standards of conduct he follows. He will not speak on something SaLuSa said. To do so would invite the appearance of validating or invalidating what another’s truth is and he won’t do that. These are ways of being that we will be following soon as well.

Adamu has said that “there is a specific date to that splitting of the time-line and it is not a date that can be altered.” By extension, there will also be a specific date to other events such as disclosure, First Contact, etc.; in fact, to all elements of the Divine Plan. And that is the answer to my specific question, but Adamu gives us much more.

Steve B: Cdr. Adamu, can you give us some insight into the matter of divine deadlines and freewill.  SaLuSa of Sirius says that:

“We will confirm that in the whole context of your Ascension, there is an ultimate date given us by which we must be able to commence our activities. We may find it necessary to make the first move, and remove those who are holding us up in our mission to Earth and all life upon it. (SaLuSa, March 22, 2010.)”

My understanding is that before this “ultimate date” the galactics must respect freewill, but after they do not need to do so to the same degree.

However I also surmise that an “ultimate date” is not a monolithic thing, but has gradations and specificity. Can you give us some insight into the matter and its relationship to the Law of Free Will that will help us to understand how the Light can and cannot conduct itself with regard to the dark ones at this time?

Adamu speaking through Zingdad: My dear Steve. What a pleasure it is to be speaking to you again. We are going to have a number of discussions and so I feel it is important to take a small step back and provide you with a little context. If you understand my perspective a little then my words will be easier to understand too.

To begin with, my friend, I do not have a military rank. I am simply Adamu. The back story is that the name “Adamu” is an ancient one. It dates back to the first human civilisations in Lyra. The word means something like “first man” and can be used to refer to a revered grandfather or possibly the wise-man of a tribe. Something like that. As such it is a common enough name in the Lyran and Pleiadian civilisations.

My young friend, Zingdad, remembers me by this name. His first incarnation into this galactic system was with me there in Lyra. I was his … mentor and teacher.

Since then the personality construct he knew and loved attained a return to unity with the Pleiadian soul-collective. I am now One with all that we are. So, in reality you are now in discussion with the monadic entity of that which is known to you as the Pleiadian civilisation. But it would be very difficult indeed for my young friend to have a conversation with the whole gestalt mind of all that we are and I present myself as an interface.

I hope this makes sense. With that context in place I shall proceed to answer your questions.

Let me state that I do not make a practice of commenting on others’ thoughts and expressions. To do so would imply that their perspective might not be valid or might be validated by me. This is not my view. Each holds their own truth as is their divine right and duty. And one being’s truth cannot invalidate another’s. So I shall take the liberty of reframing your questions. Please address them to me again if I have misunderstood your query.

It appears you wish to know if there is a final date by which intervention with your planetary society will and must happen by extra-terrestrial agencies. And as a subordinate thought you wish to know how such extra-terrestrials will go about abrogating your free will.

My friend, there are so many levels to this question it is going to be hard to find one clear answer for you. Do you understand about dimensional levels? That your world exists at the consciousness level of the 3rd dimension? And that there are finer and subtler levels of existence at other dimensions? And that each dimensional level is a step up back to true unity… oneness of all?

If you understand this then it will assist you to comprehend the answer to your questions. For indeed there is not simply one outcome for your planet. There are a great many different outcomes and each of them will be enacted. Each will be real. Your one time-line is about to be split into many. And yes, there is a specific date to that splitting of the time-line and it is not a date that can be altered.

Let me address that first. No planet or star in the whole universe ever stands still. Everything is in a constant state of motion. And as these bodies hurtle though space in their intricately interwoven spiral dances around each other so the great universal clock turns. Indeed, here in the 3rd dimension this movement though space IS time. These two things are one and the same.

And so it is that your planet is traversing an area of increased energy at this time. Your whole solar system is. And as energy is increased so your planet is preparing to alter its vibrational frequency. There is a moment when the energy input is absolutely optimal and, at that moment, an instantaneous step-wise transformation will occur.

How will you experience that? And what will come after it? These are questions that are too vast in scope to address here. The simple answer is that all this will depend entirely on your own consciousness level. Indeed there are those who are fixated upon violent planetary conflagration. There are those that wish conflict. There are those that cannot move forward without destruction. These ones cannot be denied their creations.

Fortunately there are other happier circumstances available to those that wish to create them. If you are ready for a new reality of global harmony then that, too, is a future reality that you may enact.

You see, Steve, I am telling you that you, each of you, are the fundamental ingredient in determining what your own future will hold. You decide.

Will there be interaction with extra-terrestrial beings? Why, yes, this is certain. At every dimensional level above your own there are whole armadas of ships awaiting your attention. At the moment of transition you will suddenly become aware of them as if they had always been there. They will suddenly be as much a part of your reality as the passing traffic in a busy street.

But what will their intent be? And how will they interact with you? Again, this depends entirely on you. Steve. In reading so-called channellings of extra-terrestrial beings, have you ever wondered why some speak of nothing but peace and love and light whilst others speak of nothing but violence and domination and abuse?

Perhaps you thought some were wrong and others were right? Well, I shall tell you that none are wrong and all are right. But your internal guidance in your heart tells you what you yourself resonate with and what you yourself feel to be true. This is a good indicator of what you are going to experience.

But you are not a victim to that. You certainly can change what lies ahead of you. You can change it by awakening to your own inherent creator nature and by enacting powerful control over your own destiny. By doing so you change your own energetic resonance and bring to yourself a new and different outcome at the moment of transition.
To finish this question then: Yes, Steve, there will be a particular moment at which the great changes will be apparent – a divine deadline, as you put it. And yes, in some realities there will be conflict. In some realities there are many that desire this in the furtherance of their own soul-progression. Both parties desire this conflict and it is their right to have it.

There are, however, other levels of reality in which beings have evolved more towards the creative and away from the destructive. You will get what you create and so, you see, no matter what you choose, your free will is always paramount.

The point here, of course, is that you have always had the option to create the illusion that you do not have free will. You have always been able to create that you are not a creator. And this is why it is possible for you to perceive that you do not have free will under some circumstances. But this is an illusion that you can see though if you are willing.

I do hope I have answered your query in a satisfactory manner. We shall give my young friend a break and continue with your other  questions in due course.
I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation.
Thank you, Adamu. That was a rich feast and I and probably others will ponder it. I certainly hope to hear a great deal more from you. We need to know about these matters and the reliable voices are all too few. Please speak to us again.

Please feel free to repost this and make Adamu better known.
Tomorrow I will post an article from Zingdad on Ascension.


(1) I cannot offer you readings on returning to unity with the monadic soul-collective. That is an event too far down the road for me to have studied. The best I can do is offer you readings on the soul group, at the Fifth-Dimensional level of Mental Plane. For those readings, see here: “Reuniting with the Soul Group,” at

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