Monday, February 28, 2011

ENGLISH: St. Germain, February 21, 2011

The Freedom Fighters – Hold on to Your Hats!

St Germain through Zilanthrah
21st February, 3011

We are the Sons of Freedom. We greet you at the behest of St Germain. We are his legions of Freedom Fighters of the etheric realms. We salute you who are at the forefront, you who have proclaimed your divine right to liberation, to sovereignty and to peace!

Be prepared, for the flood gates have opened. The forces that have initiated the changes are unstoppable. We are multitude upon multitude of peacemakers, as you are becoming. We are scientists, we are teachers, we are saints of old who walked the earth, we are past citizens of Earth. And we are of the etheric realms, with an energy pure and radiant. We are as varied as you, but always we strived for freedom. Together, we are an unstoppable force for peace and for freedom! Hold on to your hats!

It is the time for all races, all peoples of the world to be heard. And this is what is happening. There will be more to come. You will be hearing from people unknown to you at this time. There will be yet more cries for freedom, however it will be more than cries; it will be action – unstoppable action, just as the actions of Earth are unstoppable. There is no doubt that the seeming turmoil of the body of Earth continues as she shakes and rattles, as she feels the deluge of unimaginable and unstoppable energy changes

There will be events that carry the possibility of more brutality and perhaps sacrifice, however there will be events that will surprise you with peacefulness. You are bearing witness to the tenacity of peace, a coming together of different peoples who are really no different than you. Their intention is the same and the focus is the same. The energy of peace has swept the earth. It is unstoppable! Hold on to your hats!

It is time to be heard. It is time for an expression of the longings and the deepest desires of humankind which have been percolating long enough and have come to the surface. It cannot and shall not be stopped. There will be no curtailling, there will be no going back. It is full steam ahead. Bravo!

The forces of old now understand without a doubt that the people are no longer a fearful civilization of sheep! And what can they do? They are rounded up and corralled and must pay the piper.

We salute as we stand victorious with all who have proclaimed their right to freedom. There is a tag team for peace throughout the world. The cries of oppression have faded. You have come full circle and are moving full speed ahead on the unstoppable train on the track of freedom. Freedom continues to be fuelled by the victory simmering in the collective heart of man.

Our Freedom Fighters in past times fought for freedom; freedom of a people, freedom from hypocrisy, from intolerance; freedoms small and freedoms great. Your freedom represents one of cosmic proportions. Freedom is of a high vibratory nature, therefore it cannot be stopped. Incoming energies feed the flame of freedom. These energies are unstoppable – hold on to your hats! Welcome them, embrace them, allow them to integrate.

These youngsters who have taken it upon themselves to jump into the fray and become the voice for freedom have begun the unstoppable events that continue.

What exciting times these are! What victories these are! What truly brave humans these are! What a glorious kingdom you are creating on this dear planet! Know that she too has declared freedom; freedom in her own right from the oppression of old. Is it not time!

This is passed to you, dear brave humans. To stand up for your right to be free is your god given right and it is given! The end of oppression is here. The end to racism, to stagnation as a species, to having not what you deserve is ended.

These are the times of empowerment. What joy this brings to the civilization of humanity. What joy this brings to all sentient beings in your universe. There is much celebration, much encouragement and support from all who love you, dear humans of Earth.

We are rooting for you. We are by your side, carrying the flag of freedom, the flag of peace. The energy of freedom blazes forth in radiance. It is time, you have earned it.

This step will lead to the next and the next and each one will be even more glorious than the last. Onward, brilliant ones! Hold true to your hearts. Hold true to the Light. We hold the light of truth for you. Victory is yours. A proclamation reverberates through the heavens, one of grandeur, of brilliance, of true liberation of the soul, of the heart and of the mind.

You can expect wonderful changes with your liberation. All things new and wondrous will occur. You can look forward to energetic changes in your lives that will make you feel like you are ready for blast off – into a new era of joy; one that you are creating for yourselves. Hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride, for the new energies will carry you far beyond what you know.

Liberation of your emotions, of your thoughts, of your physical is at hand. Liberation of your spirit is at hand. Your spirits, dear ones, are ready to soar and to expand along with you. You do not need anyone to hold you up. You are dong a splendid job on your own.

See what you can do, what you have done? Carry on, true warriors, true believers, true peace makers. Carry your light proudly and peaceably. Within your peace is carried such a high energy that allows you to accept the truth of who you are becoming within your journey on this grand planet called Earth.

Hold on to your hats!

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