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Message from St. Germain, February 18, 2011

144,000 Rainbow Emissaries of Peace
Saint Germain speaks .......
through Fredericka at

Beloveds of the One Heart, I bring forth to each one of you understanding of the sacred alchemy of the collective heart of humanity. Within the star seeding of humanity in the original journey of creation prior to all civilisations on the Earth, an encodement was laid into the Earth. This sacred tablet, known as The Sacred Keys, was offered from All That Is to all within the Earth realm and to all that were to birth through the Earth realm. These sacred keys, held in geometries and letters of light, form a signature of alchemy for all beings on the Earth. Once this signature is ignited by the alchemy of the hearts of Earth beings, it holds the power of All That Is to realign all energies into a resonance of Oneness again.

Know that you are one of these keys, birthed again into the human body for the purpose of the restoration of all on Earth. Know that together with all who form the 144,000 star seeded beings, you hold ancient wisdom and great love within you. Know that this divine energy may be released from within your heart through merely recognising it exists within you. Know that over part of your journey as a being in human form, you are exploring this ancient wisdom that states that all is within you, and the divine aspect of all rests within your heart.

Know that as 144,000 awaken to complete recognition of their divinity together, it is Divine Plan, through the manifestation of all sacred keys releasing through all realms and dimensions of the Earth, for all beings to awaken to their divinity. Know that this has been written in light in the heavens above and in the centre of the Earth, and you are a part of this Divine Plan. Know that as you recognise your divine nature and the divine in all in your life, the sacred key you are radiates all alchemical elixirs of light and love to all beings on the Earth.

Beloveds, do not allow yourself to fall into separation from this, for this is the truth of your heart. Continue to seek within yourself your divine nature and to experience the divine in all. Do not allow the illusions of what occurs through the karmic plane to effect you. Teach yourselves to hold the light and love and to see the divine in all situations. Know that all that is releasing on the Earth is for the highest good of all, and that many journey through their ascension process through this.

Know that all that leave the planet at this time are moving into a higher platform of their being as they resolve their memories that offer them the illusion of separation. Know that only your divine experience will free you from all that you believe or choose to know in relationship to this. Know that it is your Divine Presence that is the key and that this Presence you are, will emanate through you without struggle or dissonance in your life if you allow this to be.

Know that also all others are on this path with you, and that this path is shared by all as a collective upon the Earth plane. Know that even those who do not recognise this are also journeying through this process of embodiment as the divine being they are. Know that some have chosen to accomplish this elsewhere and to complete their ascension in other dimensions, in other star systems in the heavens above. Know that all this is in divine order and all that is brought forth through you, is for you to embrace with your love and light and accept as divine in its own birthright. Know that all other judgments, thoughts and feelings are illusion and are merely the memories of your own separation from Source.

Know that this is your ascension into the light of God/dess, and all beings ascend with you into a higher platform of consciousness through the Earth Mother offering the pathway for this to each one of you. Know it is your time to explore within yourself the divinity of your Presence and to truly meet this within yourself. Know that if this is your prayer, this will come to you in divine order for your being. Know that if this is your focus, this journey and experience will come closer to you. Know that if this is your passion, this will manifest easily and gracefully in divine timing for your being to experience All That Is.

I bless each one of you and thank you for your sacred gifts through this ascension process, and ask each of you to receive from me divine assistance each day if you wish this to be. Give your permission for this and I will come to you and I will assist you to actualise your experience as a divine being on Earth. Know that upon this path there is cleansing and clearing to manifest. Each one of you must choose to clear the veils of illusion from your presence of mind, heart and soul; and as this occurs, all in your reality outside of you will begin to clear, just as within you this occurs. Know that all of your reality is a reflection of your inner reality, just as all of humanity's collective reality is a reflection of humanity's inner collective consciousness.

Know that all that occurs in the world that affects all beings globally is co-created by all beings on Earth through the inner experience of their being. Know that as all beings choose to open to the peace within themselves, world peace will manifest on the Earth. Know that only 144,000 need to choose this at this time for this to manifest instantly. Know this is divine law and can be created by all.

It is time for all Earth beings to gather together and to offer their self-realisation, their gifts and their passion towards the creation of an enlightened Earth plane. Know that not one can create this to be and that only a group who are connected deeply to their spirit and souls and the power that lies within them, can create this. Know that this is you and all that you know, and you may be the one that holds the sacred key of connecting all others to this. Know that it may be you that is the one who holds the ability to network this. We are asking each one of you to create a living light network that extends through all 144,000 for this purpose.

We are asking each one of you to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual links with each other through this sacred process and form a collective of light and anchor the Family of Light on Earth. We place the clarion call out to all beings to anchor the Family of Light on Earth for the absolution of all karma of all Earth beings, and for the dissolution of all negative creations of humanity and for the restoration of the Earth grids through all dimensions of the Earth. We call to each one of you to create networks of light with each other and to network these with each other. We ask each one of you to open your hearts to each other and to know that it is not what you do, but it is what you resonate to, that creates change in life on Earth.

We are asking each one of you to break the barriers between each of you in your areas of life. We are asking each one of you to open your hearts to those other organizations of different focuses to you that work with the light. We are asking each one of you to join in heart space and to truly open and to recognise that only through this, will you create a global connection of sacred power, love and light that can instantly create all to be restored on Earth.

Know that it is important for each of you to recognise that even through all that you do, say, feel and think towards the living light manifesting through all beings, that you are able to extend yourself beyond this and beyond all living barriers of your mind and ideas of others. We are asking you to go beyond any inner fears that others are not of the light or are not of the light you are resonating at. We are asking you to truly let go of your judgments and to recognise the divine in all and to connect and create a network of 144,000 rainbow emissaries of love and peace.

We call for this now, and ask that through your soul signatures, you offer yourself to this sacred process through agreeing to this and you will allow the Family of Light to anchor through you as a group consciousness, and through this, the force of light on Earth will be permanent through the physical and etheric planes simultaneously, our Beloveds.

Know that in coming times, this collective will be needed to manifest projects and new forms of government. Know that 144,000 are the beginning to this, and we call for this now and ask if you will be one of these. If you agree to this, we ask you to say the following decree to allow yourself to participate in this living light love collective of rainbow warriors of peace and love.

"Beloved of the One Heart, I offer my divine gifts of love and light for the highest good of all through all manifestations of the Divine Plan on Earth. I accept and truly recognise myself to be one of the living light emissaries of the rainbow, and I now join with my brothers and sisters of the rainbow love and light to form a new form of group consciousness on Earth. I accept my role as a rainbow emissary of peace and love, and choose now to merge with all others who agree to this. I recognise the divinity in all others who commune in this way equally, as I recognise the divinity of all others who do not choose this.

I am one of the divine race of humanity, a caretaker of the Earth spirit, and I now give thanks for all that comes my way for the assistance of the manifestation of a new living light race on Earth. I offer myself to be one of the emissaries to be a way shower for this new expression of the human race, and I give thanks to All That Is for all the divine assistance.

As you say this our Beloveds, recognise that a Presence of divine consciousness begins to merge with you, through you, and from within you. Know that this is your Divine Presence that many call the Higher Self, and your role is to embody and become this on the Earth plane through the divine assistance of the greater Family of Light that supports you from the heavens. Know that the Family of Light is growing on the Earth, and through this sacred decree, you have created a living energetic link to all other Lightworkers and emissaries that choose to participate in this manifestation. We give thanks to you for this and support you in all ways, our Beloved.

Saint Germain

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