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English - What We Stand to Win by the Worldwide March of Millions, March 6, 2011‏

What We Stand to Win by the Worldwide March of Millions, March 6, 2011‏

The 2012 Scenario
One of the most useful aspects of calling for a worldwide expression of solidarity with the Light (a Worldwide March of Millions) is that it elevates the discussion we've been having.
The Worldwide March of Millions is a call for either a rally, march, or gathering, as the organizers choose, in major cities, state and provincial capitals, and national capitals for March 6, 2011, at 12:00 a.m. (that is, 12:00 noon) local time to express solidarity with the Light. It is a call for the people of the world to be on the march, on the move for freedom.
In countries that permit freedom of assembly and peaceful expression, it may be an organized march or rally; in countries that don't, it may be an ad hoc gathering or simply an expression of opinion via posters or the Internet, as the situation requires. We are asking people to do whatever they can while preserving their safety and security. In all circumstances, we call for the peaceful, non-violent expression of the people's wishes. Violence in any form is not encouraged or condoned. 
It encourages the citizens of each country to gather and express themselves on political issues of freedom and democracy, human-rights issues of persecution, and issues of criminality which stand in the way of the population realizing a global end to despotism, repression, inequality, poverty, and other intolerable conditions of life.
We've created a bigger problem than we had a week ago and it calls on us to reach more deeply within ourselves and come up with larger answers and more extensive solutions. The discussion that this involves is itself a vital part of the overall event.

For example, we may have remained on the fringes of the discussion of the Light and the dark, say, two weeks ago. But now we are obliged to really dig in, think for ourselves and arrive at deeper distinctions. What do we mean by forces that serve the Light and forces that serve the dark? What issues are we referring to?
In the West, we face issues like the erosion of constitutional rights, the transfer of wealth from the many to the few, the launch of pandemics on the population, the use of tainted vaccines producing conditions like autism, control of the media, the spread of censorship of the Internet, poisoning of the water supply with fluorides, poisoning of the air with chemtrails, the spread of genetically-modified grains and foods, the rigging of elections, warmongering, the transfer of wealth through increased military spending, weather warfare using HAARP and scalar weapons, false-flag or state terrorism, and so on.
In other parts of the world, issues may be different. They may focus more on the inequality of women, state torture, dictatorial regimes and the denial of democracy, child labor, sexual slavery, honor killings, dowry deaths, mandatory abortions for more than one child, compulsory sterilization, a lack of basic civil rights like freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, the occupation of one state by another, lack of access to the Internet, lack of educational facilities, lack of medical care, artificially-high food prices, etc.
Our view of what separates the Light and the dark may have been not well-developed. We may have held it to be service or no service to self. End of question. Easy answer.
But now, by creating a bigger problem through calling for worldwide marches and rallies,  we force ourselves to get more detailed and specific. We have to dig deeper and that's what creating a bigger problem does.
Let's ask ourselves: What does distinguish the Light from the dark? Well, in my view, a number of things.
The Light is committed to personal freedom for all; the dark is committed to personal freedom for some at the expense of others. So for instance the regimes of Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Ghaddafi and the mullahs of Iran allow for the freedom of the ruling elite but deny freedom to the people. Because they deny freedom to the masses, these regimes come to be seen by us as dark.
The Light will not violate freedom of choice, except under certain circumstances prescribed by the Divine for the service of all. Thus the Light will interfere with the freedom to explode a nuclear bomb or freedom to stage another 9/11. But the dark regularly violates freedom of choice by exploding bombs, engineering false-flag terrorist incidents, controlling minds, dumbing people down, and a wide range of other actions. To them freedom of choice is not something to be honored but in fact something to be curtailed and this difference in commitment separates the Light from the dark.
The Light is committed to abundance for all; the dark is committed to a transfer of wealth from the many to the few. We see this over and over again all over the world. Conservatives in developed countries speak of entrenchment and austerity but what they really mean is that they don't want to spend tax dollars on social-welfare - on education, medicare, unemployment insurance. In fact they want to spend tax dollars on munitions, which means that those tax dollars will end up in their pockets and not be spent on the welfare of the masses.

Mohamed Bouazizi of Tunisia
The Light says, no, we have a plan that will see abundance spread over all the population. You and I know that plan as NESARA (National Economic and Social Reformation Act), the "wisdom economy," or the “abundance program” and we hear that it is divine in nature. The Light is differentiated from the dark by being committed to abundance for all rather than abundance for the few.
The Light is committed to nonviolence and world peace. The dark is committed to violence and warfare. We hear that the dark are busy trying to start World War III to depopulate the globe. Depopulating the globe in itself, or “culling the useless eaters,” means murder. Murder through war, murder through chemtrails, murder through pandemics, etc. The dark is committed to harming other people, to violence of all kinds – sexual slavery, child labor, racial discrimination, religious intolerance, the list could go on and on.
The Light is committed to harmlessness, nonviolence and peace. We've heard the galactics like Hatonn and SaLuSa say that the Light would not kill the dark, even though the dark kills others. God would never sanction killing and the Light serves God. The Light obeys the universal laws. To be sure, the law of karma sees that one who lives by the sword dies by the sword but it isn't violent itself; it is neutral and leaves the determination of result to the cause. The Light says they will see that no nculear weapons work on Earth and that peace comes to reign globally. The dark's commitment to harm and the Light's commitment to harmlessness is therefore another basic difference.
And we could look at all the major freedoms and virtues and see the divide between Light and dark replicated throughout. The Light is for harmony; the dark for conflict. The Light is for security; the dark is for insecurity. The Light is for truth; the dark is for disinformation and fabrication.

Bibi Aisha,Afghani victim of spousal abuse
Because the dark fabricates, it will confuse the matter by saying it is in fact for freedom and democracy. How often did George Bush say that while blowing up the World Trade Center and declaring illegal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq? How often did he say it while curtailing constitutional rights through the Patriot Act and other measures? Regularly Bush, his administration, and the "national-security state," told us they were the guardians of values which they equally-regularly contravened. They had no respect for the truth and this again differentiated them from the Light.
By their commitments shall ye know them. Not by their expressions of commitment, because the dark will lie, but by their actual commitments.
In the West, we see around us FEMA camps, deep underground military bunkers, body scanners, closed-circuit TV, intrusive and invasive nanotechnology, chemtrail aircraft, crowd-control weapons – all the paraphernalia of social control and harmfulness. No matter what the dark says, their commitments show up in their equipment and technologies and the plans for their use.
The military when serving the dark employs tear gas, beats protesters, or shoots at crowds with rubber or real bullets. The military while serving the Light does none of these, but faces outwards and protects the crowd from all forms of attack.
The people cannot be fooled unless they close their eyes or want to be fooled. Until now they have simply felt powerless to effect change and so have declined to consider these matters.

Wael Ghonim, Facebook leader of Egyptian protest
But now we are no longer powerless. A conscious convergence is forming in people around the globe that we no longer need to remain subject to dictatorship, repression, torture, international crime, etc. Together we are far stronger than those who are against us. It is time to take back our countries, take back the streets, take back the night, take back our freedom and peace.
But not until we create for ourselves a really big problem, like taking upon ourselves wordlwide the task of throwing off the chains of the dark, do we begin to see the total picture. Our continued growth and learning depends on being willing to take on more and more, being willing to rest in not knowing and still take action, being willing to challenge a "greater" power than us who never until now did we think we could overcome.
These times may be challenging and yield anxious moments. But they are also yielding tremendous growth and greater comprehension. We will not be the same at the end of them, no matter what way things develop. We will be greater, braver, and wiser for the experience.  But more to the point we may win back the freedom, peace and harmony of the people in a world that works for everyone.

Steve Beckow  

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