Saturday, February 5, 2011

ENGLISH, Sananda through Mark Stearn, January 28 2011

Message from SANANDA
through Mark Stearn.

28th January, 2011

Greetings voyagers,

This is a time like no other that you now find yourselves in. The activations arriving from the higher dimensions right now are designed to fully open your light fields so that you can hold more of your divine potential. So many inhabitants are given the task of acting as bridges. This requires much personal self care such as appropriate diet so that the higher capacity energies can be grounded by you for the benefit of the Earth and one and all here. As you prepare yourself for great changes remember that there are constantly great changes that are occurring.

Humanity are opening very slowly to all that is happening from the lighted realms. The development is being overseen with tender loving care. The year you have just begun will bring some changes to your world that will alter this planet's course for all time to come. Be vigilant of your ascension process as you grow ever further into your self mastery. You are also mastering your world. Souls all over the earth are awakening now. Change is in the air and it is making itself known so strongly by one and all. The great instigator of this change is not only the higher energies that are steadily influxing your planet but also the influence that the new earth is having on your world.

The Earth is now beginning to touch the outer realms of the fifth dimension. Your growth is swift as the earth and so many hearts the world over that walk the path are reaching out now in silent ceremony and are making the incredible happen. The path you walk now is all about bridging with the new world. You have all the tools at hand. Some are new to the path while others find much of what they come across like 'old hat.' All are equal in the full light of the great one and all. You are all playing your part. Your world is coming apart at the seams and it is being recreated by us and you the sterling hearts that are making full use of your divinely gifted abilities.

The great changes that now sweep your world give all souls now the opportunity to let go of all that has gone before and step into the new. The new earth has entered your earth's gravitational field and is not out there somewhere floating aimlessly without a purpose. The great treasure of the new earth entering your planet's influence has been a careful and steady process made possible by the incredible influxes of light and love that are sweeping your world. You are all being prepared to step forward into your divinely given roles and many are already voicing their divine essence. They are voicing their given plan.

First contact is a subject that is reported on by many souls the world over. Sightings continue to make themselves known. Some are so obvious while others are subtle. It is a steady and beautiful movement of making ourselves known to you. We come only in peace and without the drama that so many forecast. The ones in the driver's seats are your hearts and we are your gentle guides. The influence of the new earth on your growing earth has much to do with the careful divine timing of first contact. We are already here and your coming year and even at this time herald incredible jumps forward in vibration. Oneness is making itself know now all throughout your world.

So rest in your heart. Connect with the silence that rests at your core and breathe and know that all is indeed very, very well. We guide you to follow your heart in all that you do now for you are all the master creators that are paving the way forward. Our hats are off to you and we bow down to you. We are aware full well of the challenges you all face. You are through your given power and potential completely deconstructing the old world so that the morning light of the new can clearly make itself known. We love you all, we are your friends.

On behalf of the Ashtar Command and all lighted hearts,
in radiant love, I AM your brother Sananda.

Blessings, Mark.

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