Thursday, February 10, 2011

ENGLISH: St. Clare: The Tipping of the Scales, February 2, 2011

St. Clare: The Tipping of the Scales
through Zilanthrah

2nd February, 2011

Dear family and friends, there is what feels like an overload occurring for many of you. You are experiencing thoughts and emotions and you need to know that some of them are not your own. They are the accumulation of the collective consciousness. Let the feelings come and let them go.

Imagine the scales of justice and liberty. One side is overloaded with emotions and thoughts that have accumulated throughout history. You have the innate ability and power to change what does not serve; it is who you are. This is a unified effort as you collectively move unwanted energies through that have become an obvious burden to the evolution of society.

Know that this is a required stage in your collective journey. It is a lightening up process; one of purification. Your burden is being relieved through your own natural processes by your encoded DNA, your spiritual self, your emotional self, your physical self, your mental self. Trust the process. Trust your self. The greatest gift that you can give your human family is to be your self.

Throughout the world there is much happening. Your Egyptian brothers who yearn for democracy are striving for their God-given freedom, for they have been pushed to their limit and simply will not take the old ways any more. They know that it no longer serves and they demand change. The pressure that they are feeling propels them into action. You are assisting in their quest for freedom. You are transcending the anger, confusion and intolerance that weigh down the scales with heaviness. This location is under great pressure from oppressive energies that have accumulated for millennia. It is through the people that these powerful energies are being released. The world is watching while humanity takes back their power and awakenings occur on a mass level. A precedent has been set.

Relax and be patient. The energy of peace is required in that location. With the veil being as thin as it is, higher energies are being directed with strength and ease to further the process of pushing out the old to usher in the new.

As the overburden of emotions and thoughts lessen through transmutation, the scales are tipping. The chaos of the millennia is transcending into a higher order. Do what you feel you must.

If you feel the need to scream, do it! If you feel like dancing for joy – allelluyah! As you direct peaceful energy to Egypt, remember that you are co-creators as you rearrange that old energy into what serves the higher good!

As Earth shifts into a different paradigm, all is well. Dearly beloved workers, great and wondrous strides occur. You are leveling the field, preparing a new way of being; working together as a community toward the same goal. As you progress through the different stages you adjust accordingly. It is encoded within your cells, therefore you cannot go wrong.

Keep a level head and once again, be kind to yourselves and to one another. For in the grand tipping of the scales, there is freedom and justice for all.

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